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Monday, February 2, 2015

Operation Morning Star - The Final Push For WW3

The DOD has on record Operation Morning Star - the Final Push for World War 3.

Concocted several years ago at the Army War college and being implemented as we speak, this is the Last Ditch (Final) attempt to start an outright Limited Nuclear War with the goal of killing 4-5 Billion People and exhausting the entire worlds economy per Albert Pikes's Predictions concerning WW1, 2 and 3.

As we speak there are weapons of Mass Destruction (Nukes, Sonolumunescence Bombs, Compressed Titanium Rods and other such weapons) being placed in many foreign sites around the world.

The implementation of this plan is as follows:

1) The 3 Nukes headed for 3 US cities already discussed here will be detonated 15-17 Feb (+- 3 Days) followed by the Open Assassination of a Presidential Clone in, or near, Washington DC. This may include London as well, but is up to the ranking officer if the opportunity exists. All weapons will exceed 25Kt and be surface detonated. Those Russian "Spies" arrested by the FBI in NYC recently were trying to stop the CI Detonation of these 3 Nukes --- so --- we shall see what we see.

2) These Detonations will be followed by a series of events to point the fingers at "Terrorists" funded by the Russian Federation in league with the nations of China and Brazil, perhaps even Argentina if the opportunity exists.

3) If these detonations fail then an event similar to what started the Vietnam War will be "Initiated" between a Chinese Destroyed and an American Cruiser where the Chinese open fire on the American Ship in the Indian Ocean. This will draw India out of the BRIC nations and support the American Efforts and join the Allies.

4) The US Corporation will then ally itself with most of Western Europe, to include England, Ireland, France, Italy, German, Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania, Spain and what is left of Yugoslavia and Egypt and declare a "State of War" exists between the BRIC Nations that funded the Terrorist Attack and the "Allies."

5) All Debts owed by the Allies to the BRICS will be automatically ands permanently cancelled. Divestation of the Federal Reserve System will cease and the destruction of all issued US Treasury Dollars will be seized.

6) The Joint Invasion of the following nations will occur 3 April 2015 to seize the Oil Wells currently held by "Terrorists" to "Save The Free World Form These Evil Terrorist:" Libya, Nigeria, and one as of yet undecided but may include Indonesia.

7) All internet communications will be shut down and re-tooled to push this war and monitored by US Cyber Command. Those in the US who oppose this war in any way will be permanently detained in existing facilities and "re-educated."

8) US "Representatives" sent the UN will continually call for peace talks while waging war.

9) Unconventional warfare will then accompany conventional warfare in the destruction of those nations that were found to support these terrorist. The biggest weapon is to spread the New GMO DNA over the entire globe to Dumb Down the opposition and it's leaders.

10) Operation Devolution will be fully implemented.

11) Those opposed to this Permanent State of War will be terminated.

As long as the Red Dragon Family refuses to do as GOD has asked they will be prone to such wars, so HE has said it, so it shall be. I am only a messenger.

OK - Enough. You get the picture World Leaders. Bow down or Die.
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Dr William B. Mount

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