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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Red Dragons Doubled Crossed In The The Greek Bailout

In the last few days you have heard allot about how the European Bankers are dancing with joy because they have reached a Milestone Agreement with the Greek Government on how they have bailed out these poor people with their horrible loans. The German and French Negotiators are hailed as Supermen of the Markets!

Nothing could be further from the truth. ((Please pray that those who are hurting people or Planet Earth become violently sick as long as they persist))

The truth is that nothing has changed.

Lets go back a few years to right after WW2. The US Corporation became under redevelopment by the IMF (Bretton Woods Agreement tax payers were then forced to rebuild both Europe and Japan through the Marshall Plan - a plan US Corporate Secretary of State John Kerry stated last year is still going on today.

Way back in 1947 the NATO Treaty was formed and written up by people like Colonel Terry Swan - which we showed on TV many years ago. The NATO Treaty is not a defense treaty but an Arms Selling Treaty forcing members of Western Europe to buy weapons from the US Corporation, which then sends these profits to the English Bankers, IE, David Rothchild.

Fast forward to 1958 and the Treaty of Rome was signed and then in 1993 the Treaty of Maastritch which then formed this Corporation. --- The "European Union Corporation."

Greece joined the European Union (EU) in  1981.

At the time the individual nations could elect their leaders and the entire role was only to deteming monetary issues. For example: How many Euroes Germany can print this year or shat the interest rates on Euro Bonds can be.

Something has gone terrible wrong. The EU Board is now appointed and they have begun to micro-manage every european nation out of Geramany and England. The have done such thing as ordered individual nation to outlaw firearms, bring in millions of Black Immigrants and pay them welfare at a very high rate, etc. They have broken the economy of Europe purposely to drive it to WW3.

((The Real Madonna painting housed in the Hermatage in Russia shows the Original Madonna Painting  to have 10 stars - but the current UE FLag has 12 --- something has gone terribly wrong.))

Greece has had enough and elected a New Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who opposes paying the European Bankers a dime and is about to take the nation back to the Drachma and kick the Euro in the rear and the people and the parlaimant are behinfd him.

Recently the Greek Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis met with some pretty powerful EU Bankstas and was threatened and told what the NEW DEAL would be.

Yanis did not back down and told them he would present it to the Greek Parliament for approval.

The Wall Street Journal, the Stock Markets, USA today all went mad stating a New Agreement had been reached.

Greece will see none of this "Bail Out" money. The EU and Wall Street Bankers simply created $79 Billion out of this air and paid themselves stating: Yahoo, Greece made a deal.

They merely kicked the can down the road 4 months.

It seems like they are waiting for something: Wither WW3 or, according to the UN Teachers, the Astral Plane to crash down upon this plane.

Either way - you have been lied to again.

More importantly - the red Dragon Family has been lied to about the reality of this Bailout and they are none to happy about the lies. Time will tell what they will do at this point.

Since the Red Dragon Family now runs the IMF, and I believe the IMF controls the EU cOrporation, we shall see what they do to stabilize the situation.

Russia has promised the Greek People that they will trade with Greece using the Ruble and Greece has agreed now to leave the European Union Corporation - to mutually dissolve the contract, which is allowed in this particular situation since Pure Debt has NO MONETARY VALUE legally. This is in  their contract clear as the Full Moon on a clear summers evening from  the top of Mount Shasta.

No misreading this one - Greece has the right to mutually terminate their contract and since the EU forced the debt upon Greece under the legal principles of  "Cautio Fidejussoria" - Greece does not owe the EU one thin dime.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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