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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ports Open Due To Payoffs To Red Dragon Operatives

What you are reading in the Main Stream Media about the ports is one huge lie.

For the last 9 months the Longshoreman across the nation at the ports have had a huge "Work Slow Down," which is hard to do if you work 2 hours a day. You should listen to these Affirmative Action Hirees when they get drunk or complain at a party.

Over the last several years China has been quietly buying the ports all across the world and now owns most of the 29 Ports on the US West Coast. What this means is that China now controls the Western US ports and what you see on the shelves of Walmart.

On Friday All Mainstream Press outlets ran an identical story: Labor Secretary Thomas E Perez came in  and saved the day with his master negotiating skills. He single handedly came to the rescue and solved the Longshoreman's Dispute.

Think again - you are being lied to.

Think about it.

The Longshoreman's HQ is in North Bergen, New Jersey. So how can the US Corporate Secretary Of Labor fly to Southern California and solve a labor dispute with the Longshoerman and why does someone named Craig Merriles of the International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union (Does ot exist) state the Labor Secretary solved the problem in San Francisco?

Here is what really happened:

The Work slowdown is nothing new. With the US importing very little today the Longshoreman demand NO  layoffs and HUGE pay raises. This is very unrealistic as imports have drastically fallen and most of htese workers are no longer needed.  So - the Longshoreman work slower and slower and slower. A two hour  day becomes 15 minutes a day for their $150,000 -$200,000 per year salary plus full benefits.

The Chinese Port Owners - Subsidized by the Chinese Government (OK - Obama refuses to stop this Monopoly and thus violates US Laws again) - refuse to pay these rediculous salaries and so they decided to collectively shut down the ports on the West Coast.

They, in essences, fired everone who refused to work.

In comes Superman Thomas E. Perez with two options the US Corporation  always uses: Pay offs or Murder.

Perez  went to Los Angeles to meet with a representative of the Chinese Port Interests and offered them  two choices: Accept the Payoffs or Die. They should have killed him on the spot but the Chinese representatives were scared and capitulated.

In this case the US Tax Payer has agreed to subsidize the ports for a period of 6 months - you, You the Tax Payer will pay the Longshoreman, not the port owners. A very sweet deal indeed. Paid off, fat and happy - everyone wins - right?

Again - to sweeten the pot the Labor Secretary came bearing $5 Billion Dollars and began handing out money to these Port Owners.

Here is the problem: Not only will hte Red Dragon Family not put up with this type of Treason but the US Corporate Secretary of Labor has plans to  to terminate several Port Executives in CHina over the next 4 months.

A Double Down And Dirty from a well trained Lucifarian.

Yup - the  US Corporate Secretary of Labor has already thrown $5 Billion at the Port Owners to get them to back off and open the ports those who ordered the ports closed will be  terminate before 1 July 2015 and then "Seize Their Wealth" due to "Tax Evasion."

Red Dragons:


For The American People:

If it is a main headline in the Walstreet Journal it is a lie. This is why the paper is free - just go to - the paper is free propaganda by Reuters, which is subsidized by  US  Corporate Grants.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Obama - you never should have told the Chinese it was OK to close the ports and then send out the US Corporate Secretary of Labor to threaten them. Beware of the "Ides of March" on 16 March. Do not stand under open doorways that lead outside on that day. The "Black Out" goes badly for your side.

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