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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A World Wide Call For Prayer

We are calling for a World Wide Day for Prayer. Things are unwinding very quickly and unless the world Leaders turn back to the Living GOD there will be War War 3. exactly as Albert Pke stated there woudl be so many years ago.

Please Pray - Visualize world peace.

As you recall:

1) A few short days ago the US Torched off a High Tech Nuke in the Ukraine and sent in 4 more to be used there to start WW3.

Yea, yea, yea - it was a missile hitting a Che,mical Factory aof Ammo Dump.

Horse Puckey.

If a missile hit an Ammo Dump there would be all sorts of pieces of metal flying through the air.

If it hit a Chemical Plant it woudl kill many people from the chemicals.

If it hit a fertilizer plant it woudl sound lie a Thump, not a Crack.
2) A few hours ago President Puitn met with the leaders of Germany, France and the Ukraine to solve this Crisis and after the meeting ordered hundreds of Armored Vehicles into the Ukraine.
3) In response to the meeting Russia sent in large numbers of Armored Vehicles in the Donetsk Region of what the UN and the US COrporation are now legally required to call Russia after the vote there in accordance worth the Russian Federation/Ukraine Treaty of 1991 stored in the Treaty Vaults of  Russia and the UN.

Unfortunately the US Corporation has been ordered to go to war by the Rothchilds.
4) As ordered by the Obama Administration (Per our earlier discussions 6 months and 3 months ago)
     a) US West Coast Ports are now closed, thus killing a huge part of the US Economy, which means War.

     b) The Dollar is cracking, by order of the Obama Administration - which means War.

5) In a private conversation - I believe the Red Dragons are coming apart. They did what they wanted,not what GOD wanted. Their Blood is on their own heads, I am sorry. I am only a messenger.

My goal is to deliver these messages and simply stop this insane march towards war, but is this is what people want then so be it.

I am asking us to  Visualize - pray for - Peace.

We have been given two very distinct Timelines. One involves Peace and the world Leaders doing as GOD has directed them and the other is a Nuclear World War.

Which one do you want?

Just remember: Adama, Marduk, Mars, Earth.
One last need for us all: The New VA Secretary appointed by Obama is one arrogant jerk who cares nothing about veterans - he ridiculed a 23 year Marine Veteran Congressman yesterday by stating: "I ran a company, what have you ever done?"

Please pray that this New VA Secretary goes down immediately.

The VA needs to go away permanently. It was never designed to help veterans - only as a guise to test DOD drugs on them. It was corrupt from its beginning, the first two directors being arrested for stealing from the VA.
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Dr William B. Mount

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