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Monday, February 9, 2015

Bankstas: Red Dragons Are Not Playing Any More, many Bankstas Are Dead

The red Dragons Are not playing any more.

1) In an apparent "Suicide" yet another banker dies. Michael and Iran Pars Tabacci were found dead in their little house in Bergen County New Jersey.

According to a Bergan County Prosecutor, John Molinelli, Mike stabbed his wife in the chest and then strangled her and then afterwards stabbed himself in the chest and died.

Of course - they did all of this in front of their 15 month old New Born Baby. 

The Father found their dead bodies after he went to their house at 595 High Street after receiving a text from his son. He just walkied into the house and found their fresh dead bodies.

The contents of the Text were not divulged but apparently sent after both were dead so apparently the New Born did some pretty sophisitcated texting.

Michael was working with J Morgan's GLOBAL CUSTODY BUSINESS.

We all know that the hiring of Former Prime Minister Tony Blair as an advisor to the CEO of JP Morgan to help "Clean Up Loose Ends" had nothing to do with this killing.

2) In a totally unrelated "Accident" a senior banker named Eric Vandercar was killed in a train crash a few days ago in New York. Eric spent 27 years working for Morgan Stanley.

JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley - absolutely no connection there.

3) In yet another "Suicide" Thomas Gilbert Jr, a Hedge Fund Manager, was shot to death 4 January and was shot dead with a single shot to the head. Within 30 days his son was charged with Murder and he pleaded Not Guilty. Of course we know that the Prosecutor states the case revolves around the fact that he killed his father because he would not raise his allowance by $200 a month ----- yet when he killed his father he lost his entire monthly allowance.

We all know that when you are a Hedge Fund Manager you do not have security cameras in your apartment.

4) In yet another "Murder Suicide"  (Murder) two more people were killed in the Medical School at the University of South Carolina. We all know this had nothing to do with Banking, don't we.

All of the dead had access to the Master Matrix - Underground Master Computer.

They were warned.

"You No Play And Pay And You Go Away." So says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

It has only just begun. May I suggest you do as GOD has directed US/UK/Chinese/Russian Bankstas - GOD is not impressed with your actions and has already begun to act. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

Is that perfectly clear World Leaders ad your Handlers?

Two dead in apparent murder-suicide at University of South Carolina's public health school - Business Insider

Michael and Denise Tabacchi dead - Business Insider

Got a call this morning. Syrius A fleet and B fleets are in and hiding like Rats underground and way over our heads.. The Blackout (Integalactic-Interdimensional War is about to get very hot.

Pray - Visualize - those who wish to do Humans and the Earth Harm become violently sick when within 1 Million Miles of Earth.
Also pray that those who took down WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM are utterly destroyed immediately.
PS - Obama - watch the South West Corner of DC near a Dumpster near the White House on, or around, 17 Feb 2015 and please convince the Chinese not to weaponize Detroit --- they will have a Big Boo Boo and make this city go away permanently.  They will blame it on you  and retaliate. This will not end well for you so please take pre-emptive action. You have to look that up WHite House Employees.

President Obama: The Onus is on you directly and your handlers.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Spelling Errors and Grammatical Errors brought to you by US Army Cyber Command. 

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