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Monday, February 9, 2015

Tonight Everyone In The Grocery Store Looked Dead

Tonight as we was coming home we stopped at the local Grocery Store for some Ice Cream.

As I walked into the store it felt strange,. Eerie in fact.

As I walked down the isles of this Mega Grocery Store there were allot of customers - but they were different.

The Customers appeared to be the Walking Dead - they had No Auras.

All of the people in the store acted in a robotic manner - as if they were all ... dead.

All of them had been handed life to them on a platter --- The clerks were all handed jobs because of Affirmative Action and the customers were all on some type of welfare.

They all ate the poisoned food and drank the poisoned water - they were all mental morons, IQs below 60.

As I walked through the Grocery Store I looked at each and every customer - No Auras.

Edgar Casey once had an elevator open in front of him and he began to step in and realized no one had an Aura and stepped back. When the Elevator doors closed he heard a loud snap - the Elevator Cable Broke and everyone in the elevator was killed.

Now I know how he felt.

This nation, the Once Great United States,  is ripe now for destruction.

It breaks my heart to see but after the Nuke went off in the Ukraine today I am heart broken.

These nukes were described in detail here on my Blogspot and on APFN and Facebook, Twitter.......

I went into great detail about their delivery - yet one of them was detonated today in Russia Proper - the DOnetsk region voted in accordance with the 1991 Treaty and this region is now part of Russia.

The US just detonated a Nuke in Russia.......

There are 4 more that may also be detonated IN RUSSIA.One is moving south - Way south of DOnetsk, one is moving towards Stalingrad, one North and East and one is just sitting there. I could describe the vehicles ... if the Russians would only listen.

The press will state that the Ukraine is Nuking Russia - the stories are ready to print.

There may be two Nuclear Conference in DC, one 17-18 Feb and one more at the end of the month where world leaders come and get turned into Wiffle Dust.

17-18 Feb: 11th Annual Nuclear Conference

Top Anti-Nuclear Authorities To COnvene in New York CIty 28 Feb top 1 March

Top Anti-Nuclear Authorities to Convene in New York City – theme for February 2015 « nuclear-news

23-24 March: Carnegie International Nuclear Conference DC

There was a reason the head of the Russian CHurch gave me the Organic Transfer as the Manllte Feoo - we can yet stop these Nukes Russia.

I am sick.
The News You Need

Honorable Grace
Dr WIlliam B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian
Cpt (Ret) USA

One last note - all of those I see who do Civil War Reenacting have strong, good auras. They are excited about what they do. I play with people who are incredible. To see a store filled with No Auras is really strange.

A note about the Nukes in the

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