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Sunday, February 8, 2015

88% Of All Vets Want Health Care Outside The VA

In a recent Military Times a pole indicated that o 88% of all US Veterans want Health Care outside of the VA Health Care System.

(((Please pray - Visualize hard - those hurting Veterans and Planet Earth become violently sick while within 1 million miles of Earth.)))

A pole from Concerned Veteran's Of America (CVA) clearly shows the discontentment the US veterans have towards the VA Hospitals nationwide.

The Survey was conducted nation wide and involved interviewing 1,000 veterans. The Poll has a margin of error of 3.5%.

When a veteran is discharged from the military for being sick all they want is to be fixed and put back to work. The VA WILL NOT do this.

In my case the VA refuses to treat me for any condition unless I participate in  Studies that pads the doctor's pockets AND the degrees of these "Doctors" cannot be verified by the patients. This means that my records are shipped all over the world to farm out grants to test things on me.

When was in Kiev a high ranking Government Official asked me to verify 2 Medical Degrees issued by Bolgamosta Medical College in Kiev. Booth medical degrees turned out to be forgeries and both doctors still work for the VA as Doctors. There concern was if the Forgery was done correctly and how to improve on the next forgery.

So we have Foreign Trained Doctors serving our veterans without medical degrees. They just push drugs and get all kinds of Kick Backs - like cruises, conventions, money to conduct studies, etc.

So to passify the VA has issued a New Card called the CHOICE CARD was issued but every procedure and every move must be pre-approved by the VA and - in my case - one of these questionable doctors must make the decisions about my health care.... a Ukrainian "Doctor."

What I have learned at the VA is any excuse not to give health care they use over and over and over.

Veterans are demanding the VA hospitals be shut down and they be allowed to go to Private Doctors for their Service Incurred Disabilities and let the Private Doctor make the decisions about their health care.

I still have a case where the VA offered Breast Reduction Surgery to cure Malaria - and the veteran went through with the procedure because he felt is he did not his Disability would be cancelled. The VA Endochronologist made a fortune on this for removing 1/2 ounce of fat from each breast. They did the procedure, pushed the Gurney he was on after the operation out into an unused portion of the Hospital, and went home. When he awoke he found himself in a Dark Hallway bleeding.

All of the Washington State Federal and State Senators and Congressman in my district proved absolutely worthless in helping this Veteran obtain treatment for his Service Connected Malaria Infection. Even Senator John McCain proved worthless despite the fact that this veteran hosted him in Humboldt County back in the late 1980's as a young Lieutenant.

In my opinion most of the Doctors and Dentist currently working at the VA are both Liars and Morons and many I have encountered are fakes.

For example: When I began eating a Surfactant called Immusist it shorted out their testing machines, giving a False SUgar Reading over 350 points.

Anyone who works in a Laboratory understands that Surfactants contaminate any testing procedures - any Doctor of Dentist with a Real Medical Degree understands this. It is part of their training, yet the VA Doctors and Dentist are literally either too stupid to understand this basic concept or not real doctors and Dentists.

The VA therefor hires either Morons or those without Medical Degrees as Medical Care providers.

My personal care has been haulted because I refuse to participate in any more studies. 

Further - my Military Records are in Moscow, Istanbul, Paris --- "The Launch Codes for our ICBM Fleets are sequenced in a series of three sequences. Each series begins with 4 letters followed by 4 numbers. There is a final sequencing code at the end that corresponds to Roman lettering that is initiated through an Algorythm connected to the First Letter, which is - I believe  - the third letter in each address for the ICBM. Shall I continue?"

Congressman - do you really think that selling my Military Records across the world is a good thing?

Do you really think treating Officers at the VA who have knowledge of US Nuclear Launch Codes is a great idea?

There are two sets of Nuclear Submarines - those on Wikipedia, those not listed in Wikipedia. The Launch Codes for the first set is controlled out of the 56th level underground of the Pentagon, the second set (Destinations, Firing Sequences, etc) is controlled by the NAZI city closest to the tip of Chile. They use an 8 Bit Numbering System and the sequence can be intercepted through the Low Frequency Messages currently being sent out by bases using cables running out into the ocean 200+ Miles and these abases are not guarded. 

Senator's and Congressman - do you really think that keeping the VA around to sell military records around the world is a good thing?

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Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

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