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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

And So The Red Dragons Fund The Start of WW3

As you sit there watching CNN and FOX News and some reality TV program trhe Ground War for WW3 begins.

For 8 years we have stopped this coming war - and during this time America has turned form GOD to worship the evils of TV. Now is GOD's day, now is GOD's time.

((Please pray (Visualize) that those ordering the killing become violently sick while ordering this))

So here is what is happening:

1) The Ground Troops surrounding Syria and Libya and Iraq are sent in again for the purpose of killing - snipers paid for by the US DOD, Turkey and Egypt are killing people of both sides to enflame them. All f this funding comes from the IMF, which the Red Dragons now control.

2) Millions die as a result of US/UK/IMF funding.

Which again is controlled by the Red Dragon Family.

3) After enough people have died the Map for the middle East will be Redrawn and in clude a New Land for the Kurds.

4) While the war is raging the Obama Administration will:

a) Create new plagues and order mandatory vaccinations.

b) Plan to begin rounding up "American Citizens" for "Retraining" in the gas chambers. Initial Round Up Date was to be 27 March 2015.  Initial Round Up by Homeland Security (SS) is to be 10 Million Gun Owners who go to church. A List f all church members is given to the Homeland Security NAZIs  every year.

c) Operation Choke Point is currently being used by the Obama Administration to destroy ALL small businesses and terminate any ability for you to resist. You will comply or be terminated.
You think this is a joke?

I am an Ambassador - an Acting President.

The Democrats (Democratic Socialist Party - their IRS Name) want you dead if you oppose National Socialism - NAZIs just like Hitler killed those who opposed him.

5) Forcing GMAO food on you - despite the fact that McDonalds and Monsanto are now loosing money the Obama Administration will increase their efforts to force you to accept poisonous food and water and love it.

Your Money - as allowed by the IMF and Red Dragon Family - will be given to these institutions that provide you will killer food and water.

6) This June the additives to your water will be changed to a highly toxic form of Chlorine. Be prepared to become a Very Sick Zombie. They got away with the New Toxic Additives 3 years ago and no one even complained. Wait until this change.

7)  The Train Wrecks all over the country all have one thing in common: They are all leaking huge amounts of Toxic Waste into the Ground Water - Just like fracking does.

Even though you live in the country you will either die form this or get Poisoned City  Water.

Inside the EPA - which is owned by the IMF and controlled by the Red Dragon Family -- is a map of the Polluted Ground Water. Their goal is to pollute ALL ground water within the United States Proper.

8) In a few days the FCC will vote against Free Internet Traffic - they call it NET NEUTRALITY.

Siince this is a Fascist Pig Nation - who do you think the FCC will vote for - you or the corporations?

The Federal Communications Commission Corporation is owned by the IMF and wholly controlled by the Red Dragon Family.

9) Do not expect any help form the Red Dragon Family - they sold out to IMF Owned Corporations like Monsanto years ago despite the fact that we can increase cotton and wheat productions by 30% world wide and eliminate pests and fertilizer use by 90% and cost the farmer about $2/Ac/Mo.

Furthermore we can put much of the marginal farmland into production using the same hydroponic formulas and surfactants as we use to cure cancer and heart disease.



More than 90% of all Cotton grown in China is now GMO and as we speak Monsanto is planting Killer Rice and Corn in the lowlands of China to kill and sicken their people.

Over 80% of all imported Soybean Oil is Monsanto GMO Killer Crops.

The Sick Rate and Death Rate is about to skyrocket in China and Tibet.

Money under the table is just as tempting to a Chinaman as an Irishman.

Money talks - BS walks.

If the Red Dragon Family was serious about stopping the march towards WW3 they would have done as GOD asked - but they did not, did they?

GOD will now back off and let the terror reign, so HE has said it sand so it shall be. Russia and those in Moscow and St Petersburg - be afraid - be very afraid. Your "Mantle Feo" is 9,000 away and GOD will now act. You have been foolish in HIS eyes and HE must now humble you. Your people will continue to be humbled until you wake from your slumber. So HE has said it, so it shall be.



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Dr WIlliam b. Mount

Respectable men and women content with the good and easy living are missing some of the most important things in life. Unless you give your self to some great cause you haven't even begun to live.

New Middle East Map:

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