Thursday, July 30, 2015

Emergency Alert From Chaplin Lindsey Williams

I received an Emergency Alert from Pastor Lindsey Williams about upcoming events.

(((Please Pray (Visualize) that those destroying America are immediately and completely destroyed)))

Here is the Time Frame he gave for upcoming events. If you would like to know more about how to stay alive you must buy his video?

(From GOD: Fun Begins 14 September, for me in August)

from Lindsey Williams:

1) 25 Sep the New World Order is implemented. On that day the Jesuit Scum Pope will address the United Nations and order an ENCYCLICAL: Every catholic must obey and accept the Mark of the Beast - the Chip.

2) 20 October the IMF will announce the replacement for the US Dollar as the world currency and the New World Order currency will begin to circulate.

He goes on to say:

  • Euro-Zone Financial Armageddon: The combined Greek, Italian, Portugal and Spain euro debt represents $120 trillion of derivative debt aka I.O.U.s between banks and the ECB has no cash or liquidity in the system only derivative debt that compounds every day.
  • The BIS Nightmare That Will Send The World Into Panic: The derivative position of US banks for Q1 2015 has just been published and the reading is more frightening than ever. The top 5 US banks have total a derivative exposure of $247 trillion. This is 3.5 times world GDP. Total derivatives for all banks in the world are just over $600 trillion. But these figures are less than half of the real exposure. A few years ago the BIS in Basel changed the basis of valuation of derivatives to “Value to Maturity.” This basically halved the value of outstanding derivatives overnight. Based on the old and proper valuation, the total outstanding today would probably be at least $1.5 quadrillion. And remember, when a counter party fails, notional value is the real value that will be lost. It is absolutely guaranteed that this $1.5 quadrillion will implode in the next few years and drag the whole financial system with it. But before that process has finished, central banks worldwide will print a few quadrillion dollars, euros and yen in their desperate attempt. Pastor Williams Wall Street Insider friend said the following about this article “Thanks—good update. You’ve warned about this for years. This is why a “little” event like Greece, or another, could unravel the system.”
  • China Stocks Suffer Sharpest Daily Fall Since 2007 as worries mount that athorities are pulling back on measures to prop up the market. Just as Pastor Williams' Elite friend said to watch China. China is the Big One! 
  • Citigroup Just Cornered The “Precious Metals” Derivatives Market: Citigroup's Precious Metals (mostly silver now that gold is lumped in with FX), exposure over the past 4 years. Of note: the 1260% increase in Precious Metals derivative holdings in the past quarter, from just $3.9 billion to $53 billion! Soaring from just 17.4% to over 70%, there is just one word for what Citigroup has done to what the Precious Metals (excluding gold) – Cornering! Pastor Williams said We live in a strange world of rapidly developing events. They are preparing for something big.”
  • News is coming in constantly from around the world as this newsletter was being prepared, check out these headlines: China is banning major pension fund shareholders from selling for six months. 54% of the entire Chinese stock market is frozen. Trading on the NYSE was suspended for a technical glitch with all open orders cancelled. Microsoft fires 7,800 employees. The Australian Dollar has hit a new low. Every day there is more news about the implosion of the global economy. You have to TakeAction Now!
 Since the world is about to be given over to Lucifer and get the Mark of the Beast you must give him money for his disc to learn how to live - pay the Pastor.

Since the New World Order begins in 60 days and Billions will die he could not put out the information free of charge to save Billions of lives - right?

Instead he makes you  pay for these life saving steps.

The cost is $48 to buy his book and live September through December.

Pastor Lindsey Williams has been wrong many times in the past but I believe he is pretty Spot On this time - but as a Pastor since we are so close to The End - why does he not give out the information for free?

Freely I get, freely I receive.

Oh - maybe he never read the Bible?

Please see the video: BE READY - it is free.

BE READY - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mind Control And You

We all know about the pictures of Popcorn and Coke used in theaters to stimulate the purchase of these items during the movies but let's get a little more sophisticated. Yes - these techniques are still used today - why else would someone consider Margarine and White Bread good for your health.

(((Please pray (Visualize) your mind is opened to the truth)))

Let's get a little more advanced - Cognative Disidence. This theory is where the mind becomes confused when it hears two different theories about the same thing. For example:

President Obama make s a speach where he clearly states that the US Created and funds ISIL/ISIS and then states we are bombing our enemy ISIL/ISIS.

So in your mind you get confused - is ISIL/ISIS our enemy if we created it - did we create ISIS/ISIL to destroy?

Freudian slip? Obama vows to speed up ‘training ISIL’, WH edit adds confusion (VIDEO) — RT USA

You see Obama's Lips moving - you hear the words - but you cannot believe it because you are pummeled with news about the US hating ISIL/ISIS.

Now you even read that ISIL will bomb the US?

Is it ISIS or is it ISIL?

The confusion allows people like those in Congressman and the Obama Regime  to go behind your back and do anything it wants to simply because you are too confused to figure this out.

For Example: The real John Kerry is in a Coma after being shot. I told him that since he put his wife in a Coma and then killed her to get the Heinze Catsup fortune GOD would do the same thing to him - well - htere he lies in a Coma.

The New John Kerry - Deep Eyebrows, wide chin - just got a huge sum of cash (See Jim Willie's Last Interview) and is now transferring 20 very high tech Nukes on 3 US Air Force Jets to Iran right under the nose of Putin.

Russia will be targeted with these nukes - 5 cites to be exact for each nuke comes with it''s own transponder tied into the USAF through Satellites and it's own US Trained technition.

Tom Lehere

Since John Kerry and Hillary gave Vietnam 12 Nukes, North Korea 128 Long Range Nukes, and Saudi Arabia 50 Nukes the idea is to give Iran 20 Nukes that are very high tech  (Back Pack 25-35KT) weapons in about 2 weeks. These new weapons are almost undetectable to with satellites.

A Limited Nuclear War means Israel will launch a whole lot of missiles at anything with in 2,500 miles - the Samson Doctrine.

Samson Option - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The intent here is to have a limited Nuclear War in the Middle East and then drill side wells to suck out the last of the Oil after most people are dead.

According to the United Natiosn the war on Earth represents the War in the Heavens as this solar system is called the Prison System and Planet Earth hte Planet of Death.

There are - according to the United Nations - about 70 total planets in hte Physical Plane here in our Solar Syatem - many are in the IR spectrum that can only be seen with special telescopes but all seem to be warring for the Soul of Planet Earth and the battle is almost over as the Rothchilds and their allies the Bankstas are loosing miserably.

So all the US has is Planetary Destruction: Spetnatz being paid by Northcom to blow Oil and Chemical Trains off the tracks, US Nukes transferred to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Egypt, North Korea, Vietnam to create limited Nuclear Wars, Creation of Earthquakes, Fukushima, etc.

Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go - YouTube

So while you are still wondering about ISIL vs ISIS in  comes a limited Nuclear War.

Russia - Coming in on a train and disembarking in a Green Car - small - inconspicuous - in the Southern Train Station of the city just south of Moscow - try possible dates 12 August, 17 September more likely. Could use some help here SVR ----Are you awake yet?

Too many possibilities - too tired to find the exact train station. I was right on the Nuke 8 Feb, hte 6 attempts on Putin, and many other things do you think GOD is wrong on this one?

Time will tell.

More to follow - you missed the one on the way to Murmansk and the one that detonated 8 Feb 2015 north of Donestks. The one with the broken Fuse was abandoned and buried near a particular home.

I would be a little worried about the Palestinians buying a Nuke form a CIA agent last week in Upstate New York.


At least now I can get some sleep.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

US Mind Control Patents

For years many have known that their minds are controlled by some idiot in a US ABC Agency but no one would listen.

Well - we are listening now.

(((Pray, Visualize, that those who are trying to control people are themselves immediately and totally immobilized)))

The best way to protect yourself from these Mind Control Weapons (SCALER Weapons) is to either wear an Aluminum Foil Hat or wear a magnet.

Magnets vary your frequency ever so slightly and you must vary what you wear - two magnets today, 4 tomorrow. Put a couple in your pocket then the next day wear a bracelet as placement also varies your personal frequency.

A few of the patents:

REMOTE MK ULTRA - Human Handlers & Drugs NOT Required!
Patent # 003951134 Distant Brain Reading & Brain Wave Manipulation 4.10.1976
Patent # 6011991 Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity 01.04.2000
Patent # 6470214 USAF RF Hearing Effect for skull/tissue penetrating sound
Patent # 6587729 Similar to Patent # 6470214
These psychopaths pushing for global governance using a global neural net to Master the Human Domain have been working on this tech for a long time. This report outlines patents set aside for government, the military & DoD. This tech wasn't tested and patented to sit on a shelf collecting dust.
The Video on You Tube: US Mind Control Patents

US Mind Control Patents - YouTube

The News You Need

 Dr William B. Mount

Monday, July 27, 2015

How To Clean Up Fukushima

Following are effective methods to clean up Fukushima and the cost would be minimal and it would take only several weeks to complete.

Please pray (Visualize) that those standing in the way of the Immediate Clean Up are themselves immediately and completely immobilized.

The Video:


The News We All Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS: A Man who called and said he eats with the President asked me to post this - so here it is President Obama --- what all your advisers could not produce.

All credit to the Living GOD.

VA Medications Are Bad

Do to certain telephone calls received I have been compelled by our Intel Agencies to file the following form and follow up with a Treasury 211 form.

Thank You

Your form has been submitted to the OIG Hotline. You may wish to print a copy of this page for your records.
Release and Identity Preference: Standard

First Name: William

Last Name: Mount

Title: Captain

Address: 8864 South D Street

City: Tacoma

State: WA

Zip: 98444

Telephone: 2536866290


VA facility or office involved:
As a former Ambassador I have been asked by someone who sits at the dinner table with the US President to file one last complaint with the VA. All previous 14 Complaint Forms were trashed and no action was taken to correct the issues and no reward was received.

Names of wrongdoers:
VA Medication Procurement Office

Names of victims:
Every one who uses an Inhaler for Athesma

Alleged legal or policy violation(s) or other misconduct:
The medications you dispense are sub-grade, bad quality and often do not contain the medications you claim are in the containers.

Effect of the wrongdoing, such as dollars lost, delay produced, etc.:
Take Proventil - for example - for athesma. Every third one goes bad after normal use --- leaving 1/2 still in the inhaler. Thus the VA over spend by 1/6th because the medication is bad.

Date(s) when the event(s) occurred:

Names of witnesses:
Every Proventil User

Has this allegation been previously reviewed?: Yes

If yes, please provide the dates and who did the review:
By the local VA Pharmacy in Tacoma and Seattle.

Have you contacted the VA OIG about this issue before?: No

If yes, please provide date contact was made and to whom:

Additional Comments:
Your budget just got hacked by $2 Billion. Expect this to increase as the China begins to dump the US Dollar in a few months. In 30 days the one who "Sits With The President At Dinner" will more than likely get a full report on this complaint filed.

My guess is that if all 14 previous reports are not acted on and a 15% ongoing Reward on a month to month basis is not given out in perpetuity for the money saved at the VA Hospitals Nation Wide then this person will be somewhat upset.

I do not know what their actions will be but more than likely - not good for the VA Hospital System. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Statue Of Satan To Be Unveiled In Detroit

The  Detroit Church of Satan is about  to unveil an 8 foot Bronze Statue of Satan in Detroit in a few days.

(((Please pray that those doing this immediately become violently sick for life)))

The event will be attended by all who pay $25 and they should be ready for a night of: "Chaos, Noise and Debauchery as they Dance With The Devil."

The statue was planned for the Oklahoma City but after the Oklahoma Supreme Court banned the Ten Commandments from being displayed on their Capitol Grounds they changed the location fto Detroit - Governor Perv Snyder's State of Michigan.

The Governor Perv Snyder of Michigan has no comment.

Is is any wonder America is about to be destroyed?

The Satanic Temple is set to unveil its Baphomet monument in Detroit. (Credit: The Satanic Temple/Facebook)

Group To Unveil Satan Statue In Detroit During ‘Largest Public Satanic Ceremony In History’ « CBS Detroit
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

John McCain's True Military History

Following is a true history of John McCain's Military History.

(((Please pray that those plotting to destroy America are destroyed themselves immediately)))

Before I take a shot over the bow please not that Senator McCain does as he is told, his staff is very helpful, and after the Supposed Currency Exchange he may be the one responsible for allowing Seniors and Retired Soldier to keep some semblance of Pension.

So in light of the recent comments by "Your Fired" Trump - who gave $100,000 to the Hilary Foundation last year. Here is the story written by an Active Duty Marine:

McCain has never really earned anything. He is from a wealth pampered background and not fit to lead this nation.

A “war hero” doesn’t finished 894th out of 899 and still get stationed at a Navy champagne unit and promoted ahead of all but two of his 898 other classmates.

A “war hero” doesn’t crash three U.S. Navy jets out of sheer incompetence and ineptitude, including two during non-combat training sessions.

A “war hero” doesn’t get written up on drunk-and-disorderly, fraternization, disobeying orders, and insubordination charges more than two dozen times in less than three years.
A “war hero” doesn’t get promoted to squadron commander of the air field named after his own grandfather immediately after crashing his third airplane. A “war hero” doesn’t have all the military records that cover his time in Vietnam and all disciplinary actions against him censored and sealed “as a matte r of national security.” A “war hero” doesn’t get 28 medals awarded all after-the-fact “for bravery” for no other reason than being shot down and captured and then go on a celebrity public relations tour because he’s the son of two acclaimed Navy admirals. A “war hero” doesn’t repeatedly cheat on the wife who’s back in the states waiting for him, and then cheat on her more when he returns to the states, and then divorce and abandon her.
A “war hero” doesn’t systematically vote against every single pay and benefit increase for military and veterans throughout his entire political career, all the while claiming to be “the soldier’s Congressman,” and then take credit for the passage of a G.I. benefits bill he that voted AGAINST. A “war hero” McCain III lost jet number one in 1958 when he plunged into Corpus Christi Bay while practicing landings. He was knocked unconscious by the impact coming to as the plane settled to the bottom. McCain’s second crash occurred while he was deployed in the Mediterranean. “Flying too low over the Iberian Peninsula,” Timberg wrote, “he took out some power lines [reminiscent of the 1998 incident in which a Marine Corps jet sliced through the cables of a gondola at an Italian ski resort, killing 20] which led to a spate of newspaper stories in which he was predictably identified as the son of an admiral.”
McCain’s third crash three occurred when he was returning from flying a Navy trainer solo to Philadelphia for an Army-Navy football game. Timberg reported that McCain radioed, “I’ve got a flameout” and went through standard relight procedures three times before ejecting at one thousand feet. McCain landed on a deserted beach moments before the plane slammed into a clump of trees. McCain’s fifth loss happened during his 23rd mission over North Vietnam on Oct. 26, 1967, when McCain’s A-4 Skyhawk was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. McCain ejected from the plane breaking both arms an d a leg in the process and subsequently parachuted into Truc Bach Lake near Hanoi. For 23 combat missions (an estimated 20 hours over enemy territory), the U.S. Navy awarded McCain a Silver Star, a Legion of Merit for Valor, a Distinguished Flying Cross, three Bronze Stars, two Commendation medals plus two Purple Hearts and a dozen service medals. “McCain had roughly 20 hours in combat,” explains Bill Bell, a veteran of Vietnam and former chief of the U.S. Office for POW/MIA Affairs — the first official U.S. representative in Vietnam since the 1973 fall of Saigon. “Since McCain got 28 medals,” Bell continues, “that equals out to about a medal-and-a-half for each hour he spent in combat. There were infantry guys — grunts on the ground — who had more than 7,000 hours in combat and I can tell you that there were times and situations where I’m sure a prison cell would have looked pretty good to them by comparison
The question really is how many guys got that number of medals for not being shot down.” For years, McCain has been an unchecked master at manipulating an overly friendly and biased news media. The former POW turned Congressman, turned U.S. Senator, has managed to gloss over his failures as a pilot by exaggerating his military service and lying about his feats of heroism. McCain has sprouted a halo and wings to become America’s POW-hero presidential candidate.
This article was written by an active, unnamed Marine. It was published by Gale Toensing founder of the Corner and she sent it to me. It is a true account of McCain’s real war record and evidence of his lack of fitness for the office of President.

Senator John McCain at least did serve and spent an eternity in the Hanoi Hilton.

Did I mention President Obama gave Vietnam 12 Nuclear Weapons several years ago.....................
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, July 24, 2015

Queen Elizabeth Is Dead?

I have been hearing reports from England that Queen Elizabeth - the real one not the doubles - is dead. and that Lord Lyons of Scotland cannot Certify Prince William Mount as "King" because the Windsor Family is made up of Pretenders.

(Please pray that those who wish to destroy America and Freedom are themselves destroyed)))

If this is true the United Kingdom is dead unless Lord Lyons can come up with another man to fill the spot and if this is true the United States Corporation must go away and return as a Republic by Law and by Treaty and the Money (Stuart Trust) of the crown must be redistributed to the people of America and England. Further - the Rothchilds may now be arrested and tried for treason and their assets seized by the English Government.

The violation of these treaties is punishable by death by the English Parliament.

Here is a portion of an Email I received:

From: Sir David Andrew <>
Date: July 18, 2015 at 10:39:31 AM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: An Introduction to the Geneva Bible
However, King James was not the son of Queen Mary.  His name was James Erskine, a Knight of Templar, who murder Jacob VI, the son of Mary, some time between 1585 and 1587.  This murder was documented in 1987 during the renovation of Edinburgh Castle when the body of Jacob VI was discovered.  however, if Jacob VI was a bastard child he would not have been allowed to succeed to the Throne, since illegitimate children do not have the right of inheritance.

Another Knight of Templar, Sir Francis Bacon, convinced Queen Elizabeth to behead Mary in 1587, thereby, completing the coupe d'etat of Scotland without firing a shot.  Mary died with her Rosary in her hands.  It was then just a matter of time (16 years) before the death of Queen Elizabeth and the coupe d'etat of England was also complete, without firing a shot.  Because of these facts and others, Lord Lyons has disqualified all of the present Queen Elizabeth's children and grand children from inheriting the the English Throne.

When Queen Elizabeth II dies it is the end of the British Empire as we know it.  I have reason to believe that Queen Elizabeth died in June 2015, and her family is concealing her death in order to remain in power.  Just as I have reason to believe that the deaths of Henry Kissinger (December 7, 2010), Hillary Clinton (May 2011) and George Bush (January 2014) are being concealed in the United States, at least until Jeb Bush, a slave trader and an absolute tyrant, becomes president in 2017.

Queen Elizabeth II was forced to abdicate the Throne of Scotland in fall of 1996, and she return King David's Throne Chair to Edinburgh Castle in May 1997.  The Throne of Scotland has been vacant ever since.  I have every reason to believe that that Throne will again be filled in 2017, if not, it most likely will be filled, come October 2027, in the year of Jubilee by a mighty King, who will destroy the NWO and its minions.

It should be noted that Michael Brown wrote this Introduction 1988, at that time there were very few people, who knew about the murder of Jacob VI; and even now, nearly thirty years later, very few people are aware of Jacob VI murder by James Erskine.  The government public fool indoctrination centers have done a great job in brainwashing the sheople into near total stupidity.

This might explain why Queen Elizabeth has been in seclusion - she is dead.

TV News Broadcaster Kieth Ljunghammer and Call For Investigation TV Producer Pat Schupe - Good Luck in England. I hope Lord Lyons entertains you and your thoughts.
The News You Need

Dr. William B. Mount

Just a note: Somebody is working really hard to prevent YOU from reading this story - so it appears to be true.

Long live my fathers' 15th Cousin Queen Elizabeth. May she rest in peace.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Social Security Disability To Be Cut 19% In 2016

The Trustees of the Social Security Corporation have just stated in the New York Times that the 11 Million people on Social Security Disability will have their benefits cut by 19% next year unless Congress raises taxes.

This means that since the average Disability Income is $1,017/Mo their incomes will be cut by $193/Mo to a total of $820/Mo.

(((Please pray that (Visualize) those trying to destroy America are destroyed themselves in their folly)))

This article in the New York Times is a complete lie by the CIA (Langley Fudge Boys) and is meant to scare you into submission. This article  is the  kind of article Adolf Hitler had his Fascists publish way back in 1938.

First of all - there is NO social Security "Trust Fund" - this is a complete lie and therefor the "Trustees" do not exist.

Social Security takes in the funds form you and transfers them to the English Royalty in accordance with the 1793 treaty between the "united states of America"... which was changed to the "United States Corporation" in 1871. Thus this type of fund transfer was made illegal by the transfer - but it was too lucrative to stop. A little money here, a little money there - and voila - the money keeps rolling in.

After the English royalty receives the money it then turns around and creates the Social Security Funds on a Computer - "Computer Money."

This is why 65 Million Non-American's receive $4,000/mo as Social Security Refugee Pay plus Welfare plus Free Housing plus Free Home Improvements, Plus Free Dental and Full Medical for them and their children and only half live in the United States.

Th non-Americans these $65,000,000  thus receive around $650,000,000,000/Mo or around $8 Trillion Dollars a year. These funds run many world economies and when the US Dollar stops funding these programs - World Wide Economic Collapse.

Liberalism At It's Best. Go Obama!

The actual numbers that have been given to me are much higher and may account for around 10% of the entire globe's GNP.

The 11 Million (Number ifs now 15 Million, mostly Mental) costs the economy around $11,000,000,000/mo or around 170 Billion Per Year.

You do the math.

That is not to say the Obama Administration will not cut Social Security Disability by 19% and then give you a .000001%  raise to shut you up, but it is unlikely Social Security Physical Disability will be cut.

So the next time you see a Main Stream Media story - think it through - it is likely to be a lie.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Social Security Disability Benefits Face Cuts in 2016, Trustees Say - The New York Times

PS: Thank You For The Spelling errors US Army Cyber Command.

HR 1599, Frankin Food Bill

As you read this the US Congress is about to bypass the 2nd Court of Appeals and pass the Safe Food Act.

(((Please Pray (Visualize) that those who are about to vote for this bill are severely disciplined for their actions against American's.)))

The Safe Food Act is written in such a way that if you sell Genetically Modified Foods to the public you do not have to disclose this fact. It is the largest Full Scale Attack on Americans in history. Congress and the President are sold out and apparently want you dead.

When I called several Congressman and Senators I made their aid aware of the fact that:

1) Frankinfoods (GMO Foods) shut down their liver and kidneys causing them to get fat and become Diabetic.

2) You have the right to know what is in your foods.

3) If the Dollar Revaluation occurs this year I was promised by Chinese Intel that their would be an 80% layoff of Congressional Staff - no money in the coffers.

4) In the past in America when the industry has shut down the Federal Government  could always bring money into the Federal Coffers by selling agricultural products (Food, Fish and Timber) around the world - not so today. No one wants America's Killer Wheat, Killer Corn, Killer Canola Oil, Killer Soy Beans and Killer Beat Sugars. So the coffers are empty.

6) Fukushima has killed the Pacific Ocean and the Fishing Industry so no money coming into the coffers there.

7) The Conscent Decree 1 March 1980 by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals killed small towns and the Timber Industry forever and it will remain locked up until this is overturned - not likely with a "Liberal" Fascist in office. This means no revenue for Congress from this avenue.

8) This assures that when the Lay-offs occur those answering the phone will loose their jobs - an who wants to hire an E--Government Worker, right?

9) Finally - if this leads to war the Underground Bases meant for Congress and their staffs are built as Tombs - Graves. In a dictatorship Congress is not needed - study the history of Germany under Adolf Hitler.

The Congressional Staff under Congressman Mike Pompea, Adam Smith and Derek Kilmer, and Senator's Murray and Cantwell were stunned when I put the pieces together for them, and grateful. This bill passes hte last source of revenue to Congress goes away and when the Dollar exchange occurs - they get their walking papers in a few months.

What really bothers me is the Bill's Sponsor is a Republican (Mike Pompea) who immediately turned into a Fascist Pig after being elected - a Turn Coat For Money.....A Traitor. There goes his bid for the President in 2020.

(As it stands Jeb Bush is scheduled to be appointed US Corporate President in 2016 as Hillary looses her money flow several months before the election. Donald Trump will be destroyed by the Fascist US Corporate Press.)

So how did the "Frankin Food Bill" get to Congress and get put on the floor for a vote so quickly?

About $150 Million Dollars In Grant Moneys traced to the US Corporation funneled to Monsanto to "Study Foods" that has been used to payoff Congress.

Money Talks, BS walks.

Please keep in mind that there are over 12 companies that work what Monsanto to do the same thing - Poison people around the world and under the Bretton Woods Agreement this is the job of the US Corporation under the IMF: Maintain a sustainable population by and and all means. IE: Homeland Security, CIA, NOAH Hit Men - Yes - NOAH is a Hit Man Corporation. It is all in the original agreement signed 14 July 1944.

Victoria Nuland from the US State Department did not become known as the KILLER ANGEL without reason and John Kerry (The Thin Chinned Kerry) was not shot a few weeks ago and is still on Ventilators without reason. He was warned not long ago, just like we warned President Lulu, The PM of Greece, Putin, before they got shot.)
For You Intel Geeks

Kudos to the Secret Service for getting Obama out of the White House 4 July and keeping him away form a Golf engagement in New York 17 May ---- the Shooters were very disappointed though.

On 17 August we see this all over again - except please keep in mind that:

1) There are 2 loose chairs on Air Force One - they rattled loose a it. Use finger nail polish GEL instead of "US Air Force Lock Tite" when you tighten the bolts- it does a better job.

2) The guy who is supposed to torch off the nuke on that day in Chicago on the water front directly East of the Chicago Mercantile may just drive to Time Square and do his dirty work. You see -all the Hit Men who do Big Jobs for the CIA/FBI/DHS/NOAH/Etc seem to end up dead and word is out you kill your Hit Men.

3) The Bankstas are "desperate" to get a Race Riot started an destroy America, beginning in Chicago or Cincinnati - so they need a Dead Obama Double to be posted all over the Main Stream Media.

Despite the Ungodly amount f money offered to blow up a city or kill the President on that day with three Sniper Rifles (Triangulated) - no one trusts these Corporations any more. No one.

So you offer $80 Million to blow Chicago - after the "JOB" is done he gets paid, moves to Granada or the Grand Caynmans  and ends up dead. It is not worth it. It is better to sell  the nuke to - say - Poland or Nigeria for cash and become a citizen of another country --- you will live, and live well.

When I was in the Ukraine 2 Stolen US made Nuclear Rods sold to Iran for  $65 Million - 80 pounds of Raw Nuclear Material.

Imagine what a 25KT Nuke would sell for to - say - the state of Palestine?

Wake Up Israel - Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and DC are the primary Targets and these Palestinians are insane, utterly out of their minds with hate. There is a reason I recommended a Nuclear Desalinization Plant to create farms in the Sinai Peninsula to move the Palestinians to ..... but no - YOU new better than GOD Israel.

Let us see what happens now Israel Defense Force.

This time FBI/CIA - you have stepped over the line.

OK - Too Much Info.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Please keep in mind that my articles are meant for the World Leaders and intended to stop the coming Nuclear War - so far so good, 8 years and counting.

I very much appreciate the public staying informed.

You have a right to know.

PS - Thank You US Cyber Command for the 15 Spelling Errors after shutting my computer down. GOD will now deal with your perverts, and yes - most of them are perverts if you ever met them.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts - Again

And you wonder why America is going down?

(((Pray (Visualize) these evil people bringing America down are immediately and completely immobilized)))

Second Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Haggles Over Baby Parts Prices, Changes Abortion Methods - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

For those who are awake: Be Ready: BE READY - YouTube

Monday, July 20, 2015

UN States It Will Turn Up The Heat

Over the last two weeks the United Nations has had a series of Very Private Meetings to which I have had the opportunity to listen to at in the comfort of my own home.

As one following the Living GOD I find myself in a very unique position of being able to listen to and, to some small point, participate in meetings held by those who work directly for Lucifer and his bunch and as such am able to transfer that information to those who are actually following the Living GOD - a position similar to a Messenger and as such I will be very respectful to those who have allowed me to listen to their meetings.

During their latest meeting they echoed what their plans are for Humanity in the next few months and they stated that they will now "Turn Up The Heat" --- More murders, famine, diseases, false flags, environmental disasters, financial disasters like Greece.......until Humanity wakes up.

If you are a world leader - what this means is you either do exactly what the US Corporate Leaders State or you will die because you are too cowardly to fight for your people and kill all Jesuits - as their leader Hanz Kovlenback said you need to do 4/14/2000. You are spineless little slaves following your master Lucifer.

For the poor schmucks (Jewish for Sh.. Head)  like you and me that means watch the video BE READY on You Tube and prepare.

BE READY - YouTube

So now the US Corporation will "Turn Up The Heat" in a big way.

They do not fear us anymore. Over 95% of the people in America eat GMO foods, bring murderers and Child Rapists into our home every night on out TVs. They are Brain Dead.

So they no longer fear exposing the truth like:

BUSH SLIPS UP - Bush Admits to Explosives Used at World Trade Center 9/11 (Long Version) - YouTube

Obama Admits US is Training ISIL (ISIS) - YouTube

Pentagon Missile Strike 911: Plane Crash or Pentagon Missile? US people Fooled on 911! - YouTube

The Lucifarians Do Not Fear Us - America Is Brain Dead and Ready For The Harvest, so says the I AM That I Am, who was and is and is to come and those who destroy America, or could have stopped it and did not,  will spend an eternity in Hell. So HE has said it, so it shall be.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Speech That Got Judge Nepalitano Fired

Following is a 5 minute speech that got Judge Nepalitano fired form FOX News.

5 Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

5 Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News - YouTube

Can We Zeig Hiel yet

Sunday, July 19, 2015

HOW TO: Extend The Life Of Your Roof

The following shows you how to extend the life of your roof. With the coming dollar devaluation this technique will become more important than ever for home owners.

My House Roof is 15 Year Tab and the back roof is over 30 years old and the front roof about 25 years old.

Every year I spray my roof with Polyacrylic.

Polyacrylic comes in a Blue Can and it is water soluble.

It works OK on Metal and very well on Tile and Cedar Shake roofs - although the Cedar Shakes require allot more Polyacrylic.

Watch the Video:

How To Extend Your Roof Life - YouTube

The News YOU need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, July 17, 2015

Benjamin Fulford Speaks

For those of you who do not know Benjamin Fulford he is a guy who is trying his best to help stabilize this planet so we do not have a Nuclear WW3. He is in the arena fighting for a Free America and a stabilized world economy.

(((Please pray that those who stole Benjamin's money are immediately and completely immobilized for life until they return it to him with interest seven times pressed down and over flowing)))

Following is their latest article. If you are a reporter it is paramount you read his newsletters to help get a feel of what is going on around the world - perhaps even subscribe to his news service.

Benjamin Fulford - July 13, 2015: Full scale cyber war erupts in wake of Greek default, Pentagon takes on Khazarian mafia

The Greek default has triggered major cyber and information warfare that raged across the world last week. The warfare involved banks, defense firms, major stock markets, telecommunications firms and more. 

For example, the July 8th cyber-attack that shut down the New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Journal, United Airlines and several mobile phone companies was retaliation for an American attack on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, according to Chinese and Pentagon sources. “This was just a dry run,” the Pentagon sources said.

The Greek default essentially bankrupted the IMF, the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Board, even though the officials of these agencies are still ignoring this elephant in their room and pretending it is not so. However, the reason they are ignoring a Greek No vote and threatening the Greek government with violence unless they loot Greece to save them is because they simply do not have the money needed to keep Greece or themselves going. As we will discuss further later down, the Greek situation is rapidly morphing into full scale revolution.

In any case, the bankruptcy of these institutions was followed by the formal $200 billion start of the BRICS bank and BRICS financial stabilization fund. The BRICS invited Greece to join them but, of course, the BRICS bank is not about to bail out the criminal Western banks that looted Greece, it will only help the Greek people.

The Khazarian controllers of the Federal Reserve Board, angered by the BRICS bank, were the instigators of the attack on the Chinese stock markets, pentagon sources say. This burst a bubble, leading to a 40% decline in Chinese stocks before the government intervened and suspended most stock trading. The Chinese counter-attack shut down the New York Stock Exchange etc. This was then, according to pentagon sources, followed by weather warfare as a major typhoon was sent crashing directly into Shanghai, forcing the evacuation of a million people. 

The Pentagon summoned Khazarian house slave acting-president Obama on Monday to tell him they have just upped upgraded their military relations with Vietnam “to a strategic level.” In other words, the Vietnamese will work with the Americans to hold back the Chinese. Despite rhetoric against Russia, the Pentagon is already working with the Russians to make sure China keeps in line, the sources said. Obama was told in no uncertain terms that he was to stop “poking the bear” and to concentrate on the main enemy, which is the Khazarian mafia, and the potential enemy, which is China.

There is now an informal truce between the Pentagon and the Chinese because the Chinese stopped building up military facilities in the South China Sea. The Pentagon and the Chinese are now concentrating on the real enemy which is the Khazarian mob. As a part of a campaign to discredit the Khazarians, Obama was forced to admit publicly that his government (the Khazarian controlled state department faction) was “training ISIL (ISIS).” Obama Slips Up: “We’re Training ISIL” 

This was part of the major ongoing Pentagon campaign against Israel and the Khazarian mob. In another part of this, Pentagon and agency hackers released a video, that has gone viral, showing the filming of a fake ISIS beheading.

Khazarian war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu of Israel also had his private phones hacked to release information he was directly involved in the ISIS terror campaign. Even more deadly for Netanyahu’s criminal regime was a hacking of Israeli military systems that disabled Israeli patriot missile defenses. News stories have talked about German patriot missile batteries being hacked.

However, it is the hacking of the Israeli systems that left that country completely exposed to Iranian and other missiles. The message is very clear: “stop your regional trouble-making or else be destroyed.”

In addition to this, the Saudi Arabian regime is, with Pentagon arm twisting, continuing to purge all Bush and Israeli agents out of power. Long term foreign minister Saud Al Faisal, his brother Tikri, Intelligence Chief Bandar Bush and many more are being cut as that frantic regime tries to change its stripes in order to survive. They are trying desperately to prevent a complete American alignment with Iran that would leave them without any real protector in the Middle East. In other words, they fear bloody revolution which is why so many Saudi princes have already abandoned that country. The Saudis and other Gulf monarchies have been buying and stashing away all the silver they can get their hands on so that they can keep some of their fortunes in the event of a regime change and subsequent freeze of their bank accounts. Here you can see a chart showing how oil is being converted into silver. 

Also, JP Morgan and Citibank have engaged in a massive selling of silver futures (ie paper silver) in order to drive down the price. The result has been that the paper price of silver has plunged even as the US mint has run out of silver coins. 

In other words, these mega-banks are losing the ability to use their super-computers to control the price of real world goods like silver.

This move into commodities by the big Rockefeller and Bush banks comes as the Khazarian banking system faces unprecedented attack. Goldman Sachs, for example, has been exposed as a criminal organization by the Greek Debt Truth Commission.

This group has shown that Goldman Sachs and other banks fraudulently inflated Greek government debt numbers by doing such things as creating fake losses by hospitals. The fraudulent Greek debt is now being used as a tool to loot real Greek assets like islands, ports, utilities etc. According to British MI5 intelligence, former Goldman Sachs employee and now European Central Bank Governor Mario Draghi was the mastermind behind this Greek looting plan. We can thus understand why former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis would publicly refer to Goldman Sachs as a life-sucking vampire. Yanis Varoufakis on Rothschild’s Goldman Sachs. 

The situation has become such that even if the entire Greek parliament and their families are threatened with death by the Khazarians, the latest opinion polls show close to 80% of the Greek people will not accept any failure by the Greek parliament to respect their No vote to the EU gangsters.

The Pentagon sources say the Greek drachmas are already in use and that a Greek exit from the Euro was inevitable. What is now coming is bank failures caused by credit default swaps (ie guarantees that Greece would not default), the sources say.

There is also more big trouble coming for JP Morgan, according to the Pentagon sources. They say JP Morgan has sold twice as many US government bonds as were actually issued. In other words, they sold fraudulent US government bonds in order to keep themselves afloat, the sources say. 

There is further trouble brewing for the Bush/Rockefeller Japanese slave government. Last week a secret ruling committee of the Japanese government rejected a White Dragon Society proposal to set up a future planning agency with a budget of $7 trillion. They could not start the new agency because of “Freemason and illuminati interference,” according to a Japanese royal family source.

However, the Japanese government is being presented with water-proof documentation that it owes 30 trillion of dollars for looted Manchu gold, according to Chinese sources. The Japanese tried to postpone settling its gold debt until the autumn but they are being pressed to act before then, the sources said. Forcing the Japanese to pay this debt would bankrupt the Rockefeller, Bush secret controllers of the Japanese slave regime. That is why slave Prime Minister Abe is being sent on an emergency begging mission to China in September.

On a final note, a Russian agent contacted with WDS last week and provided detailed information about exactly how the Ukrainian “Maidan” revolution really took place. The agent infiltrated the Maidan revolt by showing up pretending to be a student. He was told to go to a US State Department run front organization where young protesters were given free food and shelter and paid 25 euros per day. In addition to this, according to the agent, “we were given all the free drugs we wanted.” He said the Maidan protesters consisted almost entirely of stoned youth between the ages of 17 and 25. So there you have it, the US State Department handing out drugs and money to overthrow a democratically elected regime.

This same Khazarian rogue Washington DC regime has been found to be hacking into computers and planting kiddie porn. This explains why so many whistleblowers and other “trouble makers” have been fraudulently arrested for having child pornography.

What do you do about a government that pushes illegal drugs, finances terrorism, uses kiddie porn and other tricks to arrest innocent people and steals money from 99% of the population? The answer is clear, we need a revolution. The revolution may have already started in Greece, the cradle of democracy. We need to make sure it spreads until the heart of world darkness, Washington DC, is cleansed and the Republic of the United States of America is restored. This will remove the world’s leading cause of terrorism, war and mayhem. 

Jim Willie - Fall Of The Dollar

If you are not familiar with Jim Willie and the Golden Jackass and you are a news reporter or have any money invested perhaps you should become familiar with him - in fact - perhaps you should subscribe to his newsletter.

(((Pray that those destroying america are immediately and completely immobilized starting at the top)))

GOLDEN JACKASS.COM - The Golden Jackass Knows Gold, Currencies & Bonds&quot;

Jim Willie - 3 July 2015:

The US Dollar is on a collision course with imminent death. It is utterly amazing that so many supposedly smart analysts and highly paid wealth managers cannot see the obvious path on which the USDollar treads, limps, and struts proudly, dangerously, and abusively, suspended by numerous false cables and tethers. The USDollar cannot be sustained in its current form or on its present course. The abuse of its management and stewardship will be told in history books (possibly with certain chapters scribed by the Jackass). The aggressive defense of the USDollar includes criminal activity on a widespread scale never witnessed before. It is a veritable global money war, not so much a global financial crisis. The system, centered upon the USDollar, is collapsing under its own insolvency and corrupt underpinnings amidst the din of war. The truth is almost nowhere to be seen. The USGovt is demanding that allies support the global currency reserve, even though doing so guarantees a financial structure collapse and an economic breakdown. The safe haven is Gold & Silver, in the form of bars & coins, kept secure outside all nations that speak English, and outside nations that are closely allied with the USFed and USDept Treasury which operate like a vast crime syndicate.

The current system is destined to failure. Time is running out. The only assets to thrive in the coming climax will be precious metals, property containing commodity resources, and certain commercial property, surely farmlands, maybe some collectibles. The year 2015 will not end with any basic resemblance to the beginning of 2015. The interior structures are fracturing, seizing, cracking, rupturing, and convulsing. The banking masters are having an increasingly difficult time to conceal the damage, corrosion, ruin, and breakdown. Meanwhile the Chinese are wresting control of the Gold market. They will liberate when they feel like it and not a moment before. That will happen when they are unable to garner more gold with the heavy discount that Wall Street must provide in order to keep the system appear to run smoothly. That will happen when grow tired of tolerating the insufferable arrogance of the West, and its corruption with enormous abuse. That will happen with the fading of the Empire of Lies, their Kingdom of Chaos, and the Endless Wars. The system under the USD canopy cannot continue too many more months. It is an absolute miracle that the King Dollar has survived to 2015 since the extreme events required to secure its perch.

To the Jackass, QE and War guarantee the USDollar imminent death. But the death warrant factors have grown, while the dynamics of the pathogenesis have amplified. A grand isolation will result, like a quarantine, followed by liquidation, identification of the grand rogue nations, clarification of the terrorism source, finally marked by removal of the USDollar as global reserve. In its place will come the Chinese RMB currency as caretaker reserve currency, followed in time by the return to the Gold Standard. Several nations will issue sovereign debt in RMB terms, much like the many Western corporations. Extensive trade settlement in the RMB will be seen, alongside Gold Trade Notes used as letters of credit in trade. The Gold Standard will arrive on the trade corridors, followed by the banking reserve management, and finally in the currency arena. The USDollar has been served notice of its removal, replacement, and demise.

  • The events of late 2001 with the inside job and staged planned 9/11 attacks opened the gates for a US Fascist State. The Patriot Act solidified the Gestapo Manifesto on usurped power. The Fascist Business Model unfolded, complete with permitted corruption, the Too Big To Fail Banks, the legislation written by big banks, the massive bond fraud, the narcotics money laundering dependence, followed by the rancid bitter fruit from the model. The USEconomy and US financial system would never recover from the bank heist at the World Trade Center. Most Americans were not even aware that WTCenter housed the largest private bank in the world. The USDollar was given a delayed death sentence.

  • The events of late 2008 with the killjob execution of Lehman Brothers revealed both the US banking system insolvency and the motive to kill a fellow Wall Street bank in order to preserve Goldman Sachs. The venerable crime syndicate HQ in GoldSax managed to receive 100 cents per dollar insured, after cutting off Lehman with collusion by JPMorgan. If truth be known, GSax was even more vulnerable to mortgage bond losses than Lehman. The Wall Street banks were seen as insolvent crime centers. The USDollar was given a delayed death sentence.

  • The Events of 2012 with the permanent installation of Quantitative Easing (QE) was made in order to cover the nearly infinite USGovt debt, which foreign investors were no longer showing in purchase demand. The USFed put QE in place to create a backdoor bailout for Wall Street banks, which held inordinate volume of the toxic paper in USTBond and USAgency Mortgage securities. Their counterfeit had been rampant. The QE enabled coverage of hidden derivative losses. The QE enabled coverage of foreign dumping of massive amounts of USTreasury Bonds. The permanent QE assures the USDollar will be torn apart at its foundations, and laid bare to be seen as a Third world currency. The USTreasury Bond was given a near-term death sentence.

  • The events of 2014 with the Ukraine War was the most starkly ugly demonstration of war to defend the USDollar. Not one in ten Americans regards the war as a defensive desperate defensive measure to defend an increasingly rejected USDollar on a global scale. Russia no longer wishes to use the USDollar, just like Iran. The Kremlin booted out the Rothschild bankers two years ago. The war sanctions against Russia assure the ruin of the European Economy. The nations of the EU will splinter off, first at the periphery like in Greece, later at the core like in Germany. The Athens crew is feisty and wish to build a future. The Berlin tribe is feisty and wish to preserve their world. The USDollar is on death row.
  • Hyper monetary inflation wrecks capital, always has, always will
  • Destructive forces of QE work in United States, just like in Africa
  • The US Federal Reserve is undermining all foreign reserve savings
  • Official and private hedging forces higher cost structure
  • Lost profitability in global economy ruins businesses and corporate segments
  • QE results in capital destruction and retirement, complete with job losses
  • As long as huge QE bond purchases occur, the USDollar is destined to die
  • War is being openly used to defend the USDollar
  • War is being forced on nations, which harms their economies and standard of living
  • War is used by the Langley gangsters to steal gold and to sell US-made weapons
  • United States uses war on terrorism as smokescreen to conduct narcotics operations
  • Al Qaeda has always been a Langley asset for producing terror
  • ISIS/ISIL is the new terror group on the block, also a Langley asset for terror
  • The USGovt requires boogeymen enemies and uses hidden terror devices
  • Langley has long used a strategy to disrupt nations, to destabilize enemy nations
  • In the last decade, disruption, destabilization, and ruin has extended to allied nations
  • Numerous terror events have a Langley MO and signature, usually tied to motive
  • See Oslo bombing, Madrid train bombing, Fukushima earthquake, Bremen fire
  • Texas should beware of refinery explosions, after New York Fed gold request
  • As long as war remains a USGovt foreign policy, the USDollar will die
  • Abuse of SWIFT bank transaction procedures has been over-used
  • Sanctions against Russia are deeply harmful to Europe, but not at all to United States
  • USEconomy abuses USDollar reserve privilege, by paying bills with printed output
  • USMilitary abuses USDollar privilege, by waging war on a credit card
  • US system lives off the USFed printing press, an inflation based scheme
  • Entire US system has become a well recognized Ponzi Scheme
  • Debt rating agencies like S&P, Moodys, Fitch play supporting role
  • US & Western press networks fill the air and cables with political propaganda
  • As long as sanctions and abused privilege occur, the USDollar will die
  • Proliferation of US-led bank rules in the 10 years
  • Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering rules have spread worldwide
  • Climax is the FATCA rules for compliance
  • Violations of FATCA permit USGovt to confiscate 35% on USD transactions
  • USGovt feels entitled to make rules, since custodian to USDollar reserve currency
  • The USGovt makes bends and fashions rules for US benefit
  • Animosity across the entire world has mushroomed
  • The world recognizes the financial abuse, calling it hegemony, even by allies
  • The list of enemy states is growing to include the entire non-English speaking world
  • USGovt treats Germany like an enemy with espionage and stolen gold reserves
  • As long as abusive rule persist with stiff penalties, the USDollar will die
  • The USFed has become the USTreasury Bond market
  • Buyer of last resort has gradually become only buyer of significant activity
  • Very long list of legitimate investors has abandoned, selling bonds to USFed
  • REPO and Dollar Swap have been touching negative rate ground
  • Negative rates in over 20 nations and their banking systems
  • Lost liquidity (60% in two years) has resulted in instability and high volatility
  • Huge debt, ongoing huge deficits, no buyers, yet extraordinary low bond yield
  • All long-term USGovt debt should be over 10% bond yield
  • Supported by Interest Rate Swap derivative contract with fabricated demand
  • Banker murders (mostly at JPMorgan) hide the extent of derivative losses
  • As long as USTreasurys are a vastly rigged market, the USDollar will die
  • European sovereign debt is a laughing stock, a rigged bond market
  • PIGS nations (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) have huge relative debt
  • PIGS nations have absurdly low bond yields, despite broken finances
  • Widely applied Austerity Budget Programs have exacerbated the wreckage
  • All long-term PIGS sovereign debt should be over 10% bond yield
  • Euro Central Bank has abused the sovereign debt market with its own QE
  • The EuroCB has become the sovereign bond market, with Bundesbank aid
  • As long as European PIGS debt is a rigged market, the USDollar will die
  • USGovt and USFed and USMilitary together force allies into strict obedience
  • Europe has morphed into a NATO war zone, not for security
  • To be US ally means the nation must commit economic and financial suicide
  • Foreign nations feel like subjects and vassals within King Dollar imperial court
  • European national leaders are subjugated under NATO Supreme Commander
  • The US Sphere resembles a crime syndicate led by tyrants in imperial manner
  • As long as the US attempts to run a global dictatorship, the USDollar will die