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Friday, July 10, 2015

Greece To Leave Eurozone, Already Billing In Drachmas

Coming form Bloomberg (New World Order) Greece has decided to leave the Euro Zone.

(((Please pray that those trying to stop the Greek People from freeing themselves from this Slavery are completely and immediately immobilized for life)))

Apparently Bloomberg states it verified this fact as a Hotel (Athens Hilton)  is already billing customers in the Drachma.

With the arrival of the "US Killer Angel" Victoria Nuland (Sherwin Nuland) form the US state Department Corporation the entire process has been sped up in order to avoid the assassinations of Greek Leaders.

 Under the original Maasticht Treaty forming the Euro Zone the United States Corporation illegally used it's 300 tons of stolen gold to back both the Euro and tied it to the US Treasury Note - the "US Dollar" and the Japanese Yen.

Over the last few years the White Dragon Society has taken China's 300 tons of gold back and now the Euro and Dollar and Yen as so tied together and they are backed by nothing but thin air.

If the US really showed the gold they have in reserves they would have to admit that Senator Jack Metcalf showed the US Corporation how to grow it and they now have huge supplies in reserve and to do that they would have to reveal their hand -- so they would rather trash the economy and destroy millionsof lives than admit the truth. Sound Familiar?

(((If you think this false - way back in 1997 I watched Iron being grown in a metalergy class at US Berkeley as we sat in class over a working Nuclear Reactor - which is under Evans Hall at the University. It is grown at 10 to the 14th hertz, the exact frequency I do not know.)))

So under the UCC and International Contract Law if Greece has a beef with the Maasticht Contract (Treaty) they have the right to write off their debt every 7 years and pull out of this contract ---- a little thing they left out of the treaty - Oops. Apparently the US Treaty Writes are 3 bricks shy of a full load?

What this also means is that this New Drachma does not belong to the Rothchilds. This will be the first currency in decades that does not belong to the Rothchilds and they are going to be plenty angry. You can bet they are going to try and change this with either Hit Men or War. That's all they know.

If the Greeks, supported by Russia and China, are successful in freeing Greece form Rothchild's Slavery then more than likely Portugal, Spain and Italy will follow in that order. Then we shall see France, Germany and the US and Japan follow in that order.

Wait until it is revealed that JP Morgan sold twice as many US Treasury Bonds as were issued - they double sold each bond and got away with it. It will not be too awful long until we see the US Treasury Dollar collapse and the New World Order Currency follow.

The two videos that follow will show the New World Currency.

Medvedev Shows Off Sample Coin of New World Currency At G8 - YouTube

Global Economic Crisis New World Order Currency Announced by Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev - YouTube

The Article showing the Hotel Receipt using the new Drachma in Greece.

NO DEAL; NO BAILOUT! Greece to Exit EURO on Sunday, banks & Businesses already told SWITCH TO DRACHMA; CDS Unwind imminent

The News You Need Today

Dr William B. Mount

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