Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Obama Missed The Tomato

Several weeks ago we stated that if Obama #2 stayed in the White House for the 4th of July he would more than likely get hit with a Tomato in the face.

((Pray that those trying to destroy Freedom and America are themselves immediately and completely immobilized for life))

Well - Obama #2 Ran from the White House to the Underground Command Center in the Pentagon on the 4th after the Russian Defense Department issued a War Order that if the attack in South Western Russia (Chechnya) as planned (And Funded) by the United States Corporation occurred then Russia would respond by sinking the USS Porter - DDG 78.

Russia further not only put it's Black Sea Fleet on High Alert but placed their base near Gyumri Armenia on High Alert - the same base that cripple a US Destroyer not to long ago - the 102nd military base.

Russia us further taking action in Greece as the US States Department Corporation just send Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs for the US Corporation, to Greece with a limited Budget to kill the Greek Leaders starting with PM Alexis Tsipras and then institute a Coup and a revolution - as she did in the Ukraine. With over 300 CIA operatives now in Greece  being paid by either the US Embassy in Greece or Macedonia in Euroes this should be an easy kill, right?

The riots and killings in Greece should be kicked off within 3 weeks and follow the format used in the Ukraine -killing, destruction, riots - all paid in local dollars.

In Comparison the US Funded Coup in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) despite warning the world here on this media outlet was a breeze a few weeks ago ---- an easy take down..

Victoria Nuland has a Nick Name: "The Killer Angel" because she brings death to any one who stands in her way. She is Evil to the core.

Set aside for this operation is around $500 Million Euros in Cash (200 in Greece, 150 in Macedonia and 150 hidden in US Embassies in Albania, and various places throughout cities to the north of Greece - especially Mosques) with a top out of about around $3 Billion.

If successful the Entire Monetary system will be reset in accordance with US Protocols 14 September 2015 and the people of the world will become slaves to the Rothchilds.

If unsuccessful the UN Protocols go into effect and the Rothchilds loose their Debt Control over the world.

It is likely that the US will resist and like the Giant Bahemoth will need to be killed to end the evil reign of the United States Corporation. If they go down - like the Giant Bahemoth - they intend to take as many people with them as they can.

In the mean time we see the next expected hit on Obama #2 will be 17 June 2015 ( +- 3 days)  by CIA paid "Shooters." It would be best it he hid underground like a rat in a cave or took a trip to --- say --- Boston or some other really liberal gay city on that day. Unfortunately few citizens are armed there and if shots were fired no one is left to defend the President so maybe he does need to go underground.

If the US does not bow to international pressures then the combined forces of Russia and China, and all their allies above our heads we never see, plan on taking out the United States Corporation 12 October 2015 with Nuclear Weapons - starting with DC, NYC, Atlanta Underground, Under Denver, Seattle and under South Central Nebraska. If this coordination fails and the US Corporation (Rothchilds, Rockefellars) the next Nuclear Strike date is set for 17 November 2015.

The Rothchilds and Rockefellar's Underground Bases will also be detonated.

The actual Nuclear Strike Map is the same as what we showed a few days ago.

The Jewish High Command believes the White Race is from Lucifer and Adom in the book of Joel is North America and Europe and it will be completely destroyed in this coming Nuclear War - which is why they feel OK about plundering these areas and than when THEIR Messiah returns 14 September he will make the Jews the Master Race. I just got a briefing and I am sick about it.

Much to their surprise the land of Adom refers to the land where Adam was born - Iraq and Quiwait. This is consistent with other prophesies claiming the Nile and Euphrates will dry up in the last days as we see them today.

Either way - it should prove to be a very eventful year.
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Dr William B. Mount

Stunned Obama Flees To Pentagon After Receiving Putin “War Order

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The Giant Behemoth Trailer - YouTube

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