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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bankstas - You Were Warned 8 Years Ago

Bankstas - you were warned 8 years ago what was coming and you took no actions to avoid this calmaty that we all must face now.

(((Please pray that those destroying America are immediately and completely flattened)))

I was yelled at by the FBI, US Marshals and Secret Service for interfering with your Nuclear War and attempts at assassination presidents around the world. Your response was to allow some Freaks in the FBI to steal my money and make this Ambassador Homeless --- so I used the back of my Pick Up Truck and a portable computer to find out exactly why.

Eight years is a time of Completion for GOD. You had 8 years to make it right and you have used every excuse to come against me.

It's GOD's turn now.

I have been told by two different  sources that it is getting very lonely up top with the lead Bankstas - it will get worse every day until you do as GOD has directed. So here is how it began:

1) A few week ago your Red Dragon Ambassador was called out in a conference in Virginia about these promised Prosperity Funds and he backed down, stating he would use the funds to invest in solid business deals - the idea of Prosperity Funds was a lie. His Family Members lied about the St Germain (Marco Polo) Funds.

2) I warned the Red Chinese here in this media that their markets would fall unless they called. Do not give me an excuse and a Chinese Consulate Lap Dog lives 30 miles north of this Ambassador.

3) Voila - just like they were told their markets are falling and will continue to fall hard --- they still need to call me yet they ignore me --- their excuse: Their Is No God, the hundreds of Presidential Assassinations and Nuclear False flags stopped was all a ---- Coincidence.

Well - GOD was not impressed with their excuse as their markets fell again today

4) In retaliation for their markets crashing they took down the New York Stock Exchange today - so it was shut down until the Chinese Hackers were shut out of the NYSE. The rest of the World Markets will now follow.

5) What do you  think the Rothchilds will now do to the Chinese Markets - considering their Yuan belongs to them - as do all currencies world wide?

Yeah - it has begun - the Financial War - and the heat will be turned up by the Living GOD as they attack each other relentlessly.

The White Dragons will now have a hard time keeping the members of the Chinese Bankstas alive until they do as GOD has directed them to do.

(((Wait until the Rothchilds figure out the FBI lost them Trillions today)))

In the mean time the CIA and FBI seem awful busy as they have been attacking the US Infrastructure.

There were 11 attacks on the US Electrical Infrastructure last month by these FBI paid Mercenaries and they also have been destroying one train a week in the US carrying chemicals they are exploding in America and destroying America's Ground Water and killing hundreds of Americans.

Than you FBI for randomly killing more Americans for fun.

Further - the Ukraine has mover 2,500 National Guard Troops from their "NAZI Battalion" to Fort Collins to begin training on how to detonate Nuclear Weapons and Chemical Weapons using time delayed fuses. They answer to the US State Department Corporation not the Department of Defense Corporation, they have been regulated to a secondary role.

These are the troops they will use to set of Nukes around the world.

Finally - it appears that the US SS - Homeland Security - has killed 5 doctors that practice Alternate Medicine here in America. It's Called Murder directed form the White House.

Doctors - Arm Yourselves and please remember - the local Cops are filled with these  "SS" Hit Men so always call in a routine stop to find out if you are being stopped by real cops and NEVER travel alone. Never.

And please do not forget to Zeig Heil.

One Last Note Bankstas - You Cannot Hide. There is no place on Earth that is safe until you do as GOD has directed you to do.

Just as surely as Obama ran form the White House 4 July on a warning from GOD - so to YOU have been warned by the Living GOD and please remember - Hell (and Dimension, 10th Harmonics) is forever.

Please also keep in mind Bankstas - when the Nukes Fly YOU will be first - GOD does NOT lie. may i suggest you do as GOD has asked to you to?

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Hipknowsys: Benjamin Fulford - July 6, 2015: Top secret negotiations continue as Greek “No” vote pressures Western oligarchy to surrender

China shares: Regulator takes action after slide - BBC News

Dow ends down 261 as NYSE shutdown stuns markets

All spelling errors brought to you by the Rainbow Boys of US Army Cyber Command.

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