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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Its Been A Long Road

It has been a long road. Eight years ago yesterday I stepped into a world I knew nothing about but knew that if I were going to continue to fight for veterans it was absolutely necessary to go down this road.

On 2 January 2007 I purposely withdrew a Law Suit against the US Corporation for selling US Military Records around the world for profit - in violation of the Espionage Act. USC 8, Sec 793, 794 and 796.

The withdrawing of my case meant that the Federal Judge would send out a couple of US Marshals to "Beat Me Up."

These Federal Marshals came, presented me with the letter, I asked them to read it, and then I explained to them that the senior Enlisted folks form the U1st US Special Forces had informed me that the US President was to be assassinated 4 April and a Nuke placed a few blocks south of the Salt Lake Convention Center to be detonated 6 April 2007. SInce they stepped on my property as an Active Ambassador this was an Act of  War but more importantly please sav eth President's Life.

These Marshals read the letter and went back and read the judge the riot act, withdrew my case, and years later I learned that Bill Kirkpatrick (Chief US Marshall for the area, knighted by the Queen of England) had to inform Bush Jr personally of the attempt on his life and on Salt Lake City. despite the threats om me personally - we owe them our lives for their quick and corageous actions.

After 14 October when the US Special Forces General found the Nuke headed for the Next False Flag I outlined) and Russia confirmed the $750 Million in Fake Bonds the FBI tried to sell Putin (Using money they stole from me) and then further confirmed the 350 Nuke the US Corporation gave Iran and Putin read my letter on international TV the criticism began to calm down.

Of course - the FBI refused to return my stolen money claiming (In a face to face) they were broke. If the two were not Nam Vets I would have flattened them.  

Then when a car form the Iranian Embassy, License Number 987-JFK,  pulled up to the Lincoln Memorial on 21 April 2008 and left a Russian Nuclear Briefcase on the Memorial set to go off to kill Bush Jr that I had described in detail on TV 6 months earlier (Including hte Briefcase Serial Number) - the criticism really calmed down.

I suppose the Nuke the NCIS found 21 September 2014  in DC exactly where I told them it would in DC in June (the NCIS  published the results in their own documents)  be set to go off this year - well, things really calmed down for me then. 

So eight years later I am broke (Thanks to the FBI/CIA) and hold allot of titles - including Mantle Feoo - a title ALL Masons should respect given their teachings ----- but most Masonic Leaders now follow Lucifer not GOD. Apparently not even the Russian Leadership respects this position they gave me - a position critical to  their economic survival according to both Masonic Writings and to of GOD

Eight years is GOD's number for completion and those of you who know me know I often times give messages for the Living GOD. SO after 8 years of calling assassination attempt on politicians (Bush Jr 4, Obama Over 80, Putin about 7 or 8, Etc) and stopping over 50 Nuclear False Flags and other shootings in America one must wonder what comes next?

(((((Pray - Visualkize - that the Evil (Those wishing us harm) beings that are within 1 million miles of Earth get violently sick))))

Recognition and assistance by any Foreign Intel would be nice - but that would mean they would have to admit there is a GOD, right?

Guess that ain't happening in this life time, or will it?

Maybe - just maybe - some world leader like Putin will get some Guts and to as GOD has directed him to do - maybe?

So here is what I was given several days ago, all glory goes to the Living GOD:

1) If you have been following the earthquakes in the Central Atlantic you realize they are moving South. This is caused by US Drilling Rigs trying to create a major earthquake along the Atlantic Ridge useing Nuclear Drilling Rigs. No one is Man enough to stop them.

Similar to what Senator Nelson revealed about a year ago - the FBI/CIA is planning to move another 12 Nukes into the Atlantic Volcano Chain no later than 3 June, but this may be moved up to 15 March. The Syncapetic Detonation would cause a huge Earthquake and Title Wave, killing millions along the coast lines of Brazil and Africa.  
2) The 17 February assassination on Obama (Maybe 17 January depending on how long this current double lasts) will be accompanied by 3 Nuclear Brief Case Blasts - Cincinatti, Atlanta, and perhaps Richmond(?).

In Sorcha the  last story was about a  Dirty Bomb factory that was uncovered in relation to this plot. We shall see how successful the Russian and Red Dragon Intel Boys and Girls are in stopping this plot. 
3) Bird flu in China and Hong Kong is coming from Poultry infected in the United States. This is purposely being done to force foreign nations to stop purchasing food from America - a way to destroy this nation.

Poultry Production Facilities need to kill US Agents or go broke as their overseas markets dry up.
4) Governors like Rick Scott of Florida need to be arrested for displaying in their foyers Satanic Displays or this economy will continue to fall drastically, so says the I AM that I AM.
5) It has been reported conclusively that Cell Phones cook you brains and give you cancer. Their wavelengths are almost equal to that of your Microwave Oven.This cancer will accelerate as frequencies are added to your cell phone conversations to fry your brain - a gift from your local CIA/FBI Boys and Girls.

They are your friends.

So - either use headphones or use Speaker Phones and please read: APFN THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 4.
6) Cuba is being brought into the US Corporate influence because the US Corporation wants to convert their $4 Trillion Dollars of Government and Personal Savings into US Treasury Bonds - a robbery so to speak.

Further - it is now set for the US to sell cheap food to Cuba and put the farmers out of Business and large US Corporations take control of the Bankrupt Cuban Farm Land so in the end Castro gained nothing from the revolution.His people will have their wealth stolen and their farmers destroyed.

If you go to Cargill's Website they state the opening of Cuba is to: "It Will Give Us A new Market For US Farmers, Ranchers and Food Companies, and Give the Cuban People Access To Affordable Food."

Imagine: The US Seizes ALL Cuban Wealth, takes over their farmland, forces GMO Foods onto the people and thus can create a Welfare Panacea where drugs will be fed to the people to counter the effects of Poisoned Food grown by US Companies.

Over 12 Million new people to steal from and then make permanently sick.The US Corporation will then blame it of Russian Chemicals and Viruses left behind during 60 years of occupation. by the evil Communists in Moscow. A New Cold War. 
7) Over $63.5 Billion for war in Afghanistan and Iraq and thus Khazakstan. A new Kurdistan will also be created - making Turkey shrink to almost nothing.

Permanent War - a Fascist Pig's Dream. Lead on Rothchilds - lead on.
8) What we are looking at is a the US with over 65,000 Active Nukes:

January: Weird News about every thing.
February: US $ beginning to hit the fan
March: US $ beginning to be not accepted world wide. War or $ crash.
April: US Corporation begins to purposely break down supply chains in certain areas. Remember - Janet Nepalatano is the Chancelor of US Berkeley - you know who planned this and where she lives.
9) The goal is for the SS (Homeland Security) to begin filling FEMA camps with Blacks and other dark colored minorities by September in mass. Expect allot of "White Cops shooting Blacks" to be broadcast all over CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS.........

The 550 murders last year in Detroit where 95% were Black On Black do not count.

Since guns kill people we all know that no one ever makes it out of a gun show alive, right?
10) The storms on the Sun and Earth will increase, so HE has said it so it shall be. That begins NOW. Any questions?
11) The sale of GMO corps will fall in hte US so the farmers will set fire to many of their crosp to collect on US Corporate sponsored insurance programs.
12) Grain being sent around the world  - especially China - will be spiked with GMO grain to destroy their people and crops.  The Carlisle Group came up with this one so the CIA/FBI (SS) will do these dirty little deeds.

Again - kill the Government Inspectors or face bankruptcy.
13) By the years end only 20% of all people in the US will decide GMO crops are poison as the CIA controlled Media will continue to pump out lies.

The only way to stop it is to kill all Jesuits (Per the Jesuit General 4/15/2000) and buy all American Media outlets and begin telling the truth.
14) Unless I get assistance there will be several Nuclear Detonations by June - specifically to create a Permanent War the American People will swallow. Kill the Jesuits and the Detonations stop.

I am not sure living in Tacoma I can keep up with the False Flags the CIA/FBI have set up. They really demand a Full Scale Nuclear War as their underground bases are now completed.
15) By June we will see another huge set of Layoffs from areas in the economy targeted for shut down by the White House as the US Corporation Grows.

The hiring of illegal Aliens to displace Blacks in government Agencies will accelerate. As these untrained  minorities displace trained and hard working whites, they will now be displaced by those who speak very little English and have criminal records.

Discrimination of any kind always leads to a very bitter end.
16) We are now seeing the New GMO Rice DNA modifying Human DNA. This use of Human Modifying DNA imbedded in grains to kill Humans will accelerate in this nation until most Americans are permanently sick, both mentally and physically, unless the Red Dragon Family begins to kill these Jesuits.

This is called Murder but most Americans will welcome it with Open Arms.

Just watch the sale of White Bread at your local grocery store - most Americans are now clueless about anything but what is on TV.

(((Please pray - Visualize - the Red Dragon Family destroys those who are creating GMO foods Very Soon)))
17) We will see an increase of local power outages - created by both the sun and the SS (CIA/FBI Pigs).
18) Earthquakes will increase as the Sun and Earth begin to enlarge ever so slightly. Large ones, however, will be created by the same old Fascist Pigs - the CIA and NASA.
19) George Noory has improved as an interviewer beyond anyone I have ever heard - he is great. Unfortunately - many of his guests are sort of - well, not so very good, So we shall see advertisers begin to pull away form Coast to Coast as his numbers have already gone form 15 Million to under a million listeners.

Please pray that -visualize - that those he interviews become ever more interesting and that George continues to be a great host of Coast to Coast. George  really is a cool person and we really do pray for his success.
The NEws You Need

Honorable Grace
Ambassador, Dr WIlliam B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian Passport aa-00029, Mantle Feoo
Captain (Ret) US Army Combat Engineer



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