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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Tonight is a night to count your blessings and be very grateful that your belly is full, you are clean, and your sitting in a nice warm place.

I could take you to places where thousands are roaming the streets in search of food - so tonight we should be thankful. Who knows what the new year will briing?

We can expect many things to be the same - such as the World Wide Media lies but exactly what the new year will bring, who knows?

 It is how YOU will deal with this new year that matter, right?

For Example: The US Media will continue to lie, take for example:

1) Flight QZ 8501. The Wall Street Journal today is now reporting they found 5 dead (Naked) bodies floating iS the Java sea, an 8 foot 2 x 4, an empty blue suit case with no airline tag on it, some brown sewer pipe, and a Coral Encrusted Debris Field - yes - coral incrusted debris. It got coated with coral in 48 hours --- yea, right.

So - what is a 2 by 4 and an empty suitcase and Naked Dead Bodies that had been dead for weeks, and a piece of old worn out Sewer Pipe doing on an Airbus A-320 flying to Singapore?


More and more and more lies form the media - all over the world.

2) The Meteor Shower all over the world last night?

We pray (Visualize) that the Tall Grays, Draconians and Archons will become violently sick when within 1 million miles of Earth, we are told Planet Earth is Quarenteened, they get sick and try to leave - and ---  "Meteors" come down all over the world.

So hold on to your hat because the lies and False Flags by governments around the world:  "Will just keep on coming."

So tonight - focus on your family.

Focus on getting healthy.

Eliminate GMO foods, eat Sea Weed and Immusist and buy Ed Skilling's Machines and get rid of that Pot Belly, your Heart DIsease, your Cancer, your MS, your HIV - get healthy.


It's all the same stuff.

I have lost 80 pounts and my eye sight has stabilized and my Diabetes is gone, my wifes diabetes is gone and her COlon Cancer, Melanoma and Stomach Tumor are all gone because we followed those wimple guidelines put out in a book first published in 1854 and then updated in our US Army Manuals right after Hiroshima.

Focus on you and your family this new year and get healthy and avoid the doctor if at all possible - it will save you huge amounts of money.

I wish you the best.

Honorable Grace
Ambassador, Dr WIlliam B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russia
Cpt (Ret) USA

APFN - If the Internet went down today I would be grateful to you for allowing me to reach so many and stop so many Assassinations and False Flags.

OK - within 90 days they wound begin again, but together we have given the world 8 more years that would have otherwise been lost to a Full Scale Nuclear War.

So many lives have been saved - so many places are still here --- like Moscow and DC, Seattle and Denver, Richmond (VA) and Atlanta, Tokyo and Bejing and Paris.

You have had Zero recognition APFN from the world for your tremendous part in this role - so either you receive it Very, Very soon or GOD will begin to tear these World Leaders apart from the Top of Their Heads to the Bottom of their Feet. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

He may just let that Nuke the US just brought into Kiev go off near the ZHOOM Department Store in an area now occupied by US "Ukrainian" Officials --- three blocks form the Orangnia Areana where the bread is sold fresh daily and the sausage (Sasiski) is so very good.

So - thank you APFN

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