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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Russian Intel Please Listen Up

Please listen up those of you left in Russia who are still loyal to Mighty Mother Russia. There are forces around the world that wish to destroy Moscow and break up Mother Russia into a dozen little Mini Russia's and then pit you against each other and make you slaves of those in the DC Corporation.

The DC flag has three stars on it:

1) US corporate Military
2) London/Frankfurt Bankers - Merkel may very well be Hitler's Daughter
3) Lucifer Himself - the Lovable Pope in Rome.

The Third Reich Lives On In Washington, DC, London, Frankfurt, and Rome.

The Fact that no one in Russia jumped on the Address from where I purchased my Bond in Argentina tells me at this point in time no one much carers about Zeig Heiling in Moscow, but I will try this one more time.
 as you recall - about 4 years ago the US Embassies purchased local currencies from around the world for US Federal Reserve  notes - or should we say: London/US/German/Roman Federal Reserve Notes.

These forces think nothing of killing 30, 50, or even a thousand Russians in South Western Russia for fun - it is a game to them. Haa Haa, Funny, Funny. They are sick and perverted.

The game now os to destroy Russia and to this end they are spending Billions to discredit Russia both in your own press and around the world where Russia has a strong presence.

This increase in funding to destroy Mother Russia stems from a conversation you had with a man who threatened to turn Moscow into an Ashtray and now controls the US Corporation. He is completely insane and demon Possessed and without your Mantle Feoo in place you can be "duped" by his agents. You are like little children in a big puddle with people pulling on you every where.

Look what the press is doing to President Putin - they are being paid to turn against him by this man - massive amounts of cash now flowing into Moscow to make him look stupid, dumb, greedy, and even Anti-Russian. This man destroying Putin is again insane and wished a full scale Nuclear War and has, on You Tube, promised his chief Rabbis Nuclear War. He is Anti-Israelite and Anti-GOD.

On 28 February 2015 - 1 March 2015 there is an Anti-Nuclear War conference in New York City.

Just as every time the Ukraine has a Pipe Line Security Conference in Kiev there is a "Mysterious" pipeline Explosion, so to there must be a Nuclear Explosion a week or so before this conference. It is being put on by a "Foundation." well - ALL foundations lead to the Rockefellars, which leads to Us Corporate Funding, which leads to London, Frankfurt and Master Lucifer in the Vatican.

We have already discussed 17 December but look towards Boston for 17 January - look for a Lone Briefcase near Boston Commons - easily spotted on Horse Back.  It will be small and black in color and up high. I believe it will just be a dirty Bomb - again, red gas - weird early US Briefcase Nuke. Serial Number BK289143.....dirty and worn out after that.

The next one will be a bomb under Moscow.

I am sure by now you have fond the three Nukes under Moscow - but this one is not a Nuke but a Screw - Type compressed titanium (Silver Color) rod that has a bubble in it. I see it at the end of an access tunnel that is partially blocked off ---- a one light security light at the end of the tunnel. The power has long since been turned off --- but --- somebody reconnected the power. It is now running at 72Volts DC (?) and you can find it be looking ever so closely at each and every old security light - some of the screws have been recently turned to the area around the screw is free of rust.

Do not remove it as there are booby traps in it and it is set to go off 17 January. You must find a 72 volt Dc power source (Germany) and hook it up to the two lead wires and then disconnect it from the original power source.The Emergency Light Box is Dark White/Gray and covered with dust - except were they recently worked on it. They did a good job - they are both Master electricians and both Hate Russians - yet they have been imbedded in Russia for at least 20 years. They both have ID cards identifying them as contractors but get paid through an Embassy in - outside Russia, a Satellite nation I believe. It is a "Foreign" contractor.

find out who has been sending frequencies through my phone to make me deathly ill and you will be able to trace back who is planning this mess - start by examining who intercepts my signals ---- Goto Network May Be Monitored" and start with Deutch Bank, GTE and Wells Fargo.

Somebody has tried really hard to prevent you from getting this message.

There is a Maintenance worker that if you treat very well (torture will make him forget) and bring him into your confidence will show you where every thing is. He ofter times can be seen at night bringing in food for the homeless who lives in these tunnels. He is a good man, loyal to Russia and will believe in your cause.

About 6 months ago he was asked for a key and given several hundred rubles to give another US CIA "Russian Maintenance Man" another key and these two men are slowly bringing in debris and rocks to seal off this tunnel.

A sealed Tunnel - big explosion - but they world buy night and go one rock at a time.

If this thing detonates - it may go poof, or Moscow may disappear. The X-37B can always follow up with dropped titanium rods and Directed Lasers --- there are now two of them in orbit with 4 more planned in the next 6 months. Thgey really want a Nuclear war here in DC, London, Frankfurt and the Vatican.

If the Internal UN broadcasts are correct the Harmonics of the 2nd Harmonics should begin to filter in to our Harmonics and it is all over for these rats in DC - Fascist Pigs will be destroyed. These NAZIs feel this may be their last chance to destroy Humanity.

An Ashtray - Moscow.

More like a big hole in the ground.

A little more about the Maintenance worker - he is not that bright and if you work with him you will learn all sorts of information. Become his friend and protect him well because he knows much you need to know about what exactly is under your city, where all the extra tunnels lead to, and just how to protect your coty.

This is a guess - but there is a huge palace in Moscow - is there an access tunnel for the OLD subways running under this Palace - it is huge. Your palaces make those in Europe look tiny.

A note for the Neanderthals in the FBI/CIA - the Patriot Act says if I know of a threat to a US City or a Politician I am required to Sing Out Like A Bird. Since you refuse to work with me I have chosen to tell the world. So sorry it makes you look like living fools. After what - 100 Nuclear False flags - maybe you Cave Men should reconsider?

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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