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Saturday, December 27, 2014

They Are Listening APFN

The World Leaders are listening APFn to the truth in the stories we are putting out.

(((Please continue to pray (Visualize that) :
1) All clones across the planet are shut down - that their programming is completely erased
2) That the Tall Grays , Draconians and Archons get violently sick when they are within 1 Million Miles of planet Earth.)))

The evidence we are making a difference is as follows:

1) We all know that the Sony Pictures "Hacking Job" was an inside job so that the CIA can have an excuse to try and crash the North Korean's Computers and then do the same to China.

In the process of the attack the US Corporate Sponsored Central Intelligence Agency Corporation managed to damage a North Korean Owned power plant.

If the orders to retaliate came form the Obama Administration - now in Hawaii vacationing and hiding out from yet another attempt on the President (20th of December) this is again another ACT OF WAR perpetrated against a nation.

The North Korean President/Dictator responded stating: "Obama always goes reckless in word and deed, like a Monkey in a tropical forest."

Good for Kim for having the guts to utter words of truth.


Obama is currently vacationing in Hawaii and his health is very poor. They need a shooting in January (6th or 17th, or 17 FEb along with three Nukes in a False Flag. Location has not been decided yet but may be in the mid-Atlantic for Maximum Death)) to bring in his New Clone - who is actually very flawed but will do in limited engagements.

2) This morning three shiploads  of GMO Corn pawned off by US representatives as No-GMO corn were found to contain GMO DNA and were destroyed before they could enter the Chinese food Chain.

Apparently the US has tried to ship many GMO products into China recently and the CHinese simply test the crops and then destroy them.

Those participating in hte manufacturing and distribution of GMO products muet be contained or destroyed as soon as possible.


Breaking News: China Destroys 3 US Shipments of GM Corn

A ship headed for China with KILLER CORN form the US COrporation

North Koreans Cheering their Internet Back On:

Does it work yet? Kim Jong Un, pictured surrounded by military commanders, lashed out at Barack Obama, calling him a 'monkey' in a racist tirade following several internet outages

North Korea blames US for shutting internet and calls President Obama a MONKEY | Daily Mail Online

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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