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Monday, December 22, 2014

What The US Corporate DOD Planning For 2015

You are probably wondering what teh DOD is planning for 2015 - other than the usual attempts on an Obama Double and a few Nuclear False Flags - starting 17 Feb 2015.

Here is the overall plan being put forth by Ashton Carter (Ashley) for the coming year with his newly begotten $100 Billion Dollars of YOUR money thanks to the White House at least this is what is on hte books today.

1) A huge push for a US Naval Base in Riga - be it by hook or by killing more leaders in Latvia - the US Corporation will base it's Nuclear Cruisers near St Petersburg, Russia and threaten this city.

The US Will have a Nuclear Armed Fleet based a few seconds form St Petersburg. If the UK/US cannot have the documents that clearly show Russia is the HQ of the Roman Empire then they plan to destroy the city.

Too bad the Russians do not know where the documents really are.  The Mantle Feoo knows.

2) Cities now in the EU will buy more and more Worthless US Bonds - as it issues duplicates for every dollar borrowed - yup, duplicate bonds. They do not intend to pay htem back.

3) Nations in Europa that are not part of the EU - Belarus, Moldov, Serbia, etc will have either riots or their leaders pushed in  to joining the EU or they will be flat out killed. No more games - the US is out for blood.

Your nations will join the European Nation or die - you have no choice. Leaders in nations like Moldov, or Belarus, do not have the guts to shoot back.

Look how England pushed Norway into ceding several very productive oil wells to their nation just by sending in several shooters a few years ago into this nation --- and Norway buckled under within a few days rather than fighting back, Their leaders are Cowards.

The leadership in Serbia, Croatia, etc will buckle under and capitulate as well. They will not fight back. They are like little children and will refuse to stand up like men and kill the UK/US murdering Hit Men. It is who they are.They do not have the guts to kill the Jesuits.

It took what - a month - for Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to buckle under and join hte EU a decade ago - they are like scared children.

4) Watch as the economy in Belarus tumbles. This will be the New Ukraine as the UK/US sends in their Jesuit (CIA) Hit men to kill those who refuse to become slaves to the EU. A revolution in Belarus would be great if the UK/US could pull it off. We shall see.

Remember - the EU is owned by the Rothchilds - the Bauery Boys from Frankfurt.Control them and you hold the monetary source for the Vatican.

Also keep in mind that the Money for all of this is coming from the IMF - which is now controlled by the Red Dragon Family. So - either the Red Dragon Family cuts off the Purse Strings of the UK/US Jesuits or they support it.

5) Massive war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Venezuela complete with more killings of both Civilians and those leaders who oppose the UK/US because the leaders of Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan and Venezuela are Cowards and refuse to kill the Jesuits (CIA). 
A final thing to consider. I have a friend who holds $500 Billion in uncashed bonds. Apparently bonds are issued not to be cashed - look at the 17 Billion Ruble Bond I have sitting in Deutch Bank in Jacksonville Florida that Russia has not honored - and I hold a Russian Royalty Passport given to me by Putin's Staff.

The bond I have actually have clearly states both in German and in English states it can be cashed by Deutch Bank or at the Bank of England for  Pound Sterlings. The amount would be equal to 183 Million Rubles with an interest rate of 4% per year until cashed - yet it sits at Deutch Bank until Russia decides to honor it's own bond to it's own citizen - to roll it over to a New Russian Bond.

The bond would then be used to help fund the schools in Russia - but it remains uncashable.

Even Russian Bonds are not redeemable by Russians

They are apparently issued NOT to be redeemed all over the world.

However - consider the consequences of the US DOD actually doing something good and rolling these $500 Billion Dollars of  bonds over into Chinese and Russian Bonds - the UK/US Corporation could force China and Russia to pay for their wars in perpetuity.

Since the Central Banks currently own the National Currencies the Chinese and Russians would be forced to honor these bonds. 

A 50/50 split would yield $50 Billion Dollars for the US DOD to create wars world wide forever paid out in Russian Rubles and Chinese Yuans. 

The destruction of China and Russia would then come from their own purses - they would fund their own destruction.

Even if they Nationalized their currencies - if the US DOD acted swiftly these respected nations would be forced to pay the interest on these bonds.

Please keep in mind that under USC 2, Sec 286 and USC 5, Sec 101-105 the DOD ins now formally owned and controlled by the IMF - the Red Dragon Family. 

We shall see if the US DOD has any brain cells left over the next few days and follows through with this plan - which I highly doubt. Money and power they have, brain cells they do not have.

It is also doubtful that the IMF will move any time soon to order the US Corporate DOD to stand down - but we shall see. Stranger miracles have happened.
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Dr William B. Mount

Ashton Carter - your mind leaks. You actually are pretty smart so your thoughts are very large and it leaks horribly.

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