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Friday, December 12, 2014

Message To President Erdogen of Turkey

Dear Mr President Erdogan;

You have a difficult job trying to balance Old Traditional Religious Values with teh ideas forced upon you by the western Elite Lucifarians.

Recently you spoke to a group of women and  tried to instill in them the differences between men and women and the virtues of their roll as women. The Western Agitators in the crowd heckled you as a "Woman Hater."

You further have failed to introduce into your educational system such Lucifarian Teachings as Homosexuality is good and sex at 12 for girls so they can get on welfare is also good.

You have, however, allowed the US Consulate building in Istanbul to become the Command and Control Center for ISIS - with a Sub-Command center in Ankara. The little "Spat" that we just saw in South western Russia was paid for by these American Embassy Workers in Ankara - killing over 30 Russians.

The US Corporation is supposed to be dead - according to NASARA Prince William Mount flew into Reno to sign a Treaty that killed the US Corporation and General Ham (3 Stars) is supposed to be running this New republic - we shall see.

Either way - your nation is in for a Big Surprise - can we say "Coup" by the US Corporation in Ankara?

Look at what these evil Cowards ordered in Libya, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Thailand, Lebanon.....shall we go on?

They were all warned by the Living GOD --- get rid of the US Diplomatic Mission in Turkey per the  Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations or face a Coup - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Venezuela is about to face on - the Federal reserve System is currently seizing all assets of every "Rich" person in this nation and the 166 tons of gold that has just arrived in this nation will soon be seized again by the US Corporation. All Venezuelan retirement Finds will soon be exchanged for US Federal reserve Debt Notes and anyone in this nation that tries to stop this will be killed by orders of those in teh American Embassy there.

Mr President: You allowed the US to set up a center to kill Russians and Syrians and Iraq's and Bulgaria in Turkey - this is very dangerous.

Mr President Erdogan - you need to stand up like a man or face the music.

You know how to get a hold of me.
The News You Need To Hear

Ambassador Mount

You discuss the Biblical and Koran Views of the roll of women, something Lucifer hates:

 Unwind this: American representatives admit ISIS (And Al Kada) is American Made and funded, born and bred in the USA: Israel now runs America and they ware creating War all over the middle East to kill Muslims.

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