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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A New Al Kada (CIA) Terrorist Threat

Please keep in mind that on 12 August we wrote a story exposing that ISIS was American Made, and the Calif was Jewish.

So now, having their wings clipped by neutralizing the 876 Nuke pre-planted across the planet (3 Under Moscow) under every major city over 100,000 in population (Actually, only a few have been neutralized so far) the CIA is absolutely desperate to kill.

(((Please pray- Visualize - at this Evil on our planet is neutralized immediately.)))

Please also keep in mind that the US Funds Al Kada and that they use US supplied weapons and that Al Kada is the name of the :Doorway" the US guards guards on top of Mount Hermon, Lucifer's First temple on Earth. See

"Tel-Dan" on the net.

So, like the Ferguson Shooting where the Shooting Victim was created by the CIA, they are now sending in agents to take down 6 planes 18 December 2014.

So here is what I do know about the CIA/FBI/DHS plot: One plane is already set to go down in Antwerp in the evening and fly into a very large building in the city.

A Second Plane is supposed to hit Air Force One somewhere over Europe on an Obama clone trip to middle Europe for some Satanic Worship Sacrifice on, or around, the 20th so the plane needs escorts between the 18th and 27th. Just keep the Obama Clones grounded and out of Sniper range while he golfs.

A third plane, coming from Europe to DC leaves out of Spain and will crash into a large building - perhaps the Pentagon - but exactly where I do not know.

The planes will be controlled remotely and calls will be made from the Pentagon - 7th floor underground - claiming it is "Muslim Terrorists."

If you wish to stop th em then shut down their remote Control capability.

Rememebr - you cannot negotiate with Evil, it must be removed or destroyed.

Before the incident there will be several "scary" incidents involving Muslims (CIA Operatives) on Commercial Airlines. They will be paid to "Storm" the cockpit in a Seemingly Pre-Arranged event. They will not be arrested and Cell Phones filming the incident will be seized by the FBI.

(((((If you do film an incident then send it to a friend - film it under "Texting" and they can post it on the net Facebook and twitter. Once there the CIA/FBI/DHA cannot eliminate it. The faces of these terrorists (CIA Agents) can then be matched up by BRIC Intelligence Officers for elimination.)))

This will allow more Perverts to be employed by Homeland Security at airports around the world.

As you recall - we did a story about a US congressional Report exposing the fact that exposing Child Molesters and Perverts now being hired out of Prison t for Homeland Security (SS) at a starting salary of around $120,000 a year plus over time.

Consider also the fact that Homeland Security routinely releases Illegal Aliens who are murders and Child Molester by order of those in the White House and then uses many of them to do their dirty work.

So these same "Demon Possessed " people who lead the FBI/CIA/DHS  are now planning to fly half a dozen plnase into buildings in Europe and the US -- Moscow may be also under consideration as well as Beijing.

Merry Christmas form our US Corporation.

Gota Go - my last story apparently angered those "Woosez" at out US Army Intel HQ.

Any time General Dempsy, 24/7, you and me - Mono E Mono.

This is my planet - get your Demon Possessed rear off of it.

The NSA Master Computer runs the GSR 11 Microchip remote control devices - they all run through their computer. 
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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