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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why The Indonesian Plane Shot Down This Morning

Early this morning a flight from Indonesia to SIngapore (Flight QZ8501) disappeared form the Flight Map and is assumed all are lost today.

(((Please pray that ALL Draconians, Tall Whites and Archon, and Fallen Angels os Lucifer become violently sick when within 1 Million Mile of Earth)))

Since no one used their cell ophones to call for help the only assumption that can be made is it was shot down - but why. Why QZ8501?

Several Reasons:

1) The Indonesian Political Leaders are trying to take back their mineral rights form a Private US Based Corporation that runs the Largest Gold Mine  in the world.

The Gold Mine is way out there in the sticks and has managed to pollute all the local water supplies and is heavily guarded by US Special Forces. Yup US Special Forces being paid by YOU,  the American tax payer, to guard US Corporate Interest overseas.

Can we Zeig Heil yet?

Next to the Gold Mine in Indonesia  there are local running around in Loin Cloths (Or Naked) and eating Bug and Monkeys raw that they stun with Blow Darts while the Gold Mine Executives live in absolute luxury.

Indonesia political leadership- in their terrible greed - would like to share the wealth with those who actually live on the land and give them such things as shirts and pants, shoes, food, dental care, etc but the US Corporation will have nothing to do with this.

Please note that the Indonesian Dollar tanked after it informed the US Corporation it wanted it's mineral rights back a few days ago. This means foreign Goods are now harder to import into this nation of around 260 Million people.

2) The man who boarded first onto Flight QZ8501 (Zoe Man Choi) is the Managing Director of Alstrom Power, which has Oil and Coal Powered Plants in Indonesia, CHina, etc.

Zoe Man Choi just made the decision to buy Oil and Coal in Yuans instead of US Dollars and suddenly he is killed in a "Planse Accident in the middle of a storm?"

How Convenient?

Since it happened in the middle of the Ocean in the middle of a storm it is unlikely you will find witnesses except on large fishing boats located in local ports - look for large Red Whaling Boats in ports just North East of the crash site. One of these fishing boats is now in Singapore - but if they tell the truth they are likely to "Vanish."

Since US Radar tracks all planes world wide the US DOD knows exactly where it went down.
The US Submarine responsible is a large one named after a fish, Fishing Town in Alaska near Ketcikan. It is not clear since the name has been partially worn off on the hull. The antenna array is rather odd - too many antennas - capable of changing the weather rather instantly. It can make a storm in about 1 hour.

In Nam I spoke with a guy who had a Submarine pull up and change the weather in about 1 hour - they just point High Frequency Arrays straight up and the Adiabatic Heat draws air up really fast and Viola - Rain Storm with high winds and thunder and lightning. If a plane flies through the middle of the heat plume - "POOF - - it literally turns to Metal Dust and Human DNA blowing in the wind.

Basic Physics Holmes, Basic Physics.

So "The answer, my friend" (to Flight QZ8501)  "is Blowing In The Wind."

The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind

The Submarine I see the letter "OH" on it, the rest of the numbers are worn off - something about being at 5,000 feet under water for months in a really salty area. It looks like an Ohio Class Submarine without upper fins but the "OH" may refer to the Fish or FIshing Village named after a fish in Alaska.

Yup  -  the CIA/US DOD at their finest.
The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount


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