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Friday, December 12, 2014

UN Broadcasts 4-6 Dec 2014

Following are a remarkable set of broadcasts on 4th - 6th of  December 2014.
Perhaps a little explanation: The Theosophical Society was created in 1875, an offshoot was the Lucifer Trust which then formed the League of Nations. Within a year it was renamed the Lucis Trust.

In 1944 the Lucis Trust was moved to San Francisco to run the newly formed: United Nations and then moved to New York City to run the UN.

Their philosophy is that Lucifer and the other Ascended Masters (Like Christ, St Germain) are Human Like beings from the 3rd or 4th Harmonics from Venus that have come back to cause us pain so we can grow through these experiences.

In their eyes there is no god and we, as a combined Human race, are the true god - we are our own gods. How we think is what actually occurs here on this planet.
Broadcast 4 Dec: Who were the Essenes:

The Essense were a group of people that decided to follow GOD.  The lived communally, ate simply, dressed simply, generally worked at fairly minor jobs, and shared everything, and were extremely loyal.

The Essences as a group began around 200 BC and continued until around 200 AD.

Their numbers in Jerusalem never exceeded 10,000 so as a religions sect they remains small.

These "Profits" would make predictions that - for the most part - came true. Because they predicted that King Herod would lead Israel, they were given 3 seats on the Sanhedran (Israeli Congress) out of 70 seats.

The Essenes were also represented very heavily in the courts of Jerusalem and, after assisting the roman Emperors, in the courts of Rome.

The one remarkable thing about these people is that their age often times exceeded 100 years and this is a remarkable fact for those in the Theosophical and Arcane and Lucis trust societies.

Maybe they should read more of what I write?

Broadcasts 5/6 December: These broadcasts were remarkable in that they brought people together to learn.

The purpose of these broadcasts is to create a "Unified Field" - a "Morphic Field," and "Energetic Matrix," that can be manipulated to create an outcome.

Our thoughts actually "Crystallize" in the Astral Plain and then form a type of life and this life then runs around trying to help you achieve your goals.

So during the Full Moon of Sagittarius, when the Energy is vibrating at it's highest, they teach us to come together and Crystallize out thoughts to create certain goals to be achieved here on Earth.

So we fire an arrow into the air and it returns with the wisdom to accomplish this goal.

For Example; No matter how much I visualize my Apple Trees being trimmed this year I must visualize how I am going to trim the trees and then go do it.
Visualize with me - please pray - that US Corporate Funding of the killings in Western China stops immediately.
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Dr William B. Mount

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