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Sunday, December 28, 2014

APFN We Need Your Prayers Now

Earlier this morning the largest of 15 Nuclear Reactors in the Ukraine was shut down due to a major short.

(((Please continue to pray (VIsualize That)
1) Gentle Rains in teh South Western USA, Especially West Texas
1) All Draconians, Tall Grays and Archons that are within 1 Million Miles of Earth get violently sick
3) All Clones on, or within 1 Million Miles of Planet Earth, fail permanently.)))

When US Corporate Forces went in to the Ukraine to Kill they went in with the "Scorched Earth" policy. This means that they full intend to kill everyone in the Ukraine because they sided against the NAZIs in WW2. It's called Pay-Back.

One of the policies they implemented is to force all Ukrainian Reactors to use very highly charged US Nuclear Rods made by Westinghouse instead of the ones made in Russia. Now these rods have been banned since 2012 because they caused shorting out of the Electrical Wiring in these Nuclear Plants.

So this morning the largest Nuclear Plant shorted out after installing these Westing House Nuclear Rods.

In fact - since this policy began there have been many "Emergency Shutdowns" in Ukrainian Nuke Plants over the past few months that have gone unreported and it appears that these Power Plants may have a systemic failure due to these US Rods forced upon them ---- a set up for a complete Power Grid Failure ---- Scorched Earth Ukraine caused by the owners of the CIA (Queen of England) and the DOD (IMF, REd Dragon Controlled).

In addition, many of the Coal Fired Power Plant in the Ukraine are running at low capacity simply because the New US/UK/Ukrainian (NAZI) Government refuses to buy coal from the Donetsk Region of their own nation..

Today, at the start of the winter, the Ukrainian/US/UK Government has begun rolling Black Outs.

In fact - this has occurred several times since the US ordered the US Westing House Nuclear Rods to be used in these reactors instead of Russian Made Rods.

Russia has agreed to supply the Ukrainian People Free Natural Gas for now.

The situation is critical as this may lead to the elimination of Electrical Power by mid-January when temperatures are extremely cold.

This will be Genocide on a large scale basis by orders of the Roman Pope to the Frankfurt Banks (Bauery Boys) to the Rothchilds and through the Queen of England (CIA) and the US DOD (IMF).

(((Please continue to pray that the Evil on this planet becomes violently sick when within 1 Million Miles near Planet Earth))).

Pray that the Ukrainian People fix these Nuclear Short quickly and efficiently.

We are winning.

So Now You Know The rest Of The story

Dr William B. Mount

See: Emergency Shut Down Of At Ukraine's Largest Nuclear Plant

Emergency shutdown at Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant

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