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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Christmas Story

Forget about the fact that the Ney Sayers are saying the world is going to end today,  or that the economy is falling apart. Only GOD know the when of these events.

We know Jesus (Yeshua) was born around 4 April 4 AD, while the snow was still on the mountains.

Just focus on what the Living GOD did about 2,000 years go when HE sent HIS #1 SON to this planet to help Man Kind.

We know what the Bible Story Tells us.

We also know that in Spiritual Warfare the Name of Yeshua scares the Demons. Mohammed does not, Alla does not, Buddha does not - only Yeshua and Yeshu Raha Yeshu (I Am That I Am) scares these punk demons to the bone.
So here here again is the True Story of Christmas from the stand point of the Three Kings: Balthassar, Melchior and Gaspar:

For a thousand years the books of the Old Testament told of the coming of Yeshua.

In Isaiah 49.1 and many other places the "English" translation changed this name to hide the real fact. It was the coming of Yeshua, servant of the Living GOD, Yeshu Raha Yeshu, I AM that I AM. "A" meaning servant of.

So for 1,000 years people across the world waited and waited and waited.

Early around  the year 0 (Zero) each of the three Kings were contacted by a "Star." These kings were told that the time had come for the birth of Yeshua and they will lead the way.

The first was Casper (Gasper) the King of Egypt. He was told to bring Frankincense - for in many areas this was the money of his empire.

The Second was Melchoir - he was the King of the region of Tarshus - Modern day Turkey. He was rich beyond belief and he was told to bring Gold.

The Third was Bsathassar. He was the Mighty King of the Mighty Persian Empire Rival to Rome and the Chinese Empires - stretching form Eastern Turkey through most of India. This Great King was told by hte STAR to bring Myhr - for that was very important in these times and very valuable in his empire.

The three left their homes with these gifts and followed the "Stars." Just out side of Jerusalem they met and decided to enter Jerusalem alone and leave their guards outside the gates and ask the King of Judea where is the great profit to be born?

The Guards, seeing the significance of 3 mighty Kings visiting Jerusalem, immediately escorted the three men to King Harrod. To his surprise, and delight, these three Kings bowed to King Harrod and asked: "Where is the Profit to be born."

Herrod Thought: "The Kings of Turkey, Egypt and Persia bowing to me"?

After much searching the Roman Religious Experts agreed that he was to be born 12 miles West in a tiny town called Bethlehem.

They gave King Harrod a few gifts and then went to Bethlehem.

There in Bethlehem, in a dirty old Animal Stall, the "Stars" bowed down to this tiny little baby boy. The Stars were Angels - sons of the Living GOD. The Three Mighty and Rich Kings gave the father of this Tiny Baby Boy larges amounts of gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Mhyr - they bestowed upon this Carpenter huge amounts of wealth as only Kings could do.

These three kings then went back to their kingdoms, sold all they had, and began preaching about this Yeshua, Number one Son Of GOD.

About 100 years later (Yes, 100 years) these three kings actually met in Jerusalem  by chance and one of them was buried in the Whaling Wall in Jerusalem - which is actually part of a Roman Castle, not the wall of Jerusalem.

As you recall - the Cousin of Yeshua was John the Baptist, son of the High Priest of all of Israel.

The folks tending their sheep nearby heard the heavens singing praise and joy in the heavens over this birth.

The Date was as predicted - in the Beginning of the new year - 6 April year about 4AD to 6AD. About 1,000 years after King David took the thrown of Israel.

Who this new Profit was is up to you. Some say he was a Profit, other say he was the Savior of this world. Even today in Bethlehem local residents call him: Yeshu Mesha. Mesha meaning Messiah.

His name was changed in your Bible to Jesus, meaning Light -- Lucifer thought that if he changed his name he would get the worship as the god of light or Zeus (Mars, Allah, etc), not Yeshua.

Lucifer could not be more incorrect as GOD reads the thoughts and minds of men.

Do not worry - Lucifer is a Putz and his kingdom is scattering into the four winds starting yesterday - so says the I Am That I Am. It's GOD's time now.

Just remember one thing - GOD is a whole lot more loving than most preachers say - and your relationship is between you and GOD.

So now you know the real story behind the 3 Kings.

The day Yeshhua was born the King of the Roman Empire declared Peace throughout the land.

The day Yeshua died Israel lost it's independence and became a state of Rome. Even today, Israel is still only a state of the United Nations, the UN owned by the IMF, controlled by David Rothchild's, who bows to the current Roman King - the Pope - Lucifer Incarnate. So you see - Israel is still not an independent nation even today.

The News You Need Today

 Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Russian Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

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