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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Protesters Give Seattle Cops Great Christmas Present

The protesters around the nation gave back to their local police departments by providing them with Great Christmas Presents.

Let us take Seattle for example:

Over the last few nights a few hundred protesters - mostly young kids with no jobs or homeless people - led by a few paid Agitators to march down the street and yell and scream and block traffic all over a man named Mike Brown from Furgeson Missouri who never even existed.

We played the original 911 tapes - there was no shooting. The picture og Mike Brown was of a dead man who died 6 months earlier. 

As you recall - the FBI just announced that Sandi Hook was a False Flag - FAKE.

So while these protesters were being led to make trouble the Seattle Police were working on overtime getting paid time and a half.

Here is their pay schedule without raises:

Year 1: $50,000/YR - $24.25/Hr.

Year 5 : $90,000/YR - $43.43/Hr

So suppose you are a Seattle Cop who has been around 10 years bringing in about  $70/Hr and you volunteer to take on these misfits and protestors - you only work 150 days of the year any way -  so you get to work for 6 nights overtime.

You go out and do your thing for 6 nights and you get a GREAT Christmas present - an extra $70 at time and a half for 60 hours - or a take home of around $5,000 after taxes.

"Yes Sureee Boberoonie"... the very people you are protesting against you just gave a huge bonus to.

Your Protesting Brains have gone Caddywompus, over the top, you are three bricks shy of a full load, your elevator does not go all the way up, you have Octal Rectalitis With A Cranial Inversion, you are following a DOD Agent Saboture, an Army Agitator paid out of the CIA acting school in Pima Arizona - wake up.

So - there were what - 5 protests this year - so you brought your local Police Officers an extra $25,000 per Cop as take home pay - enough to buy a new car.

Good job protesters.

So keep protesting - and if you are a Police Officer who is actually attacked by these misfits please beat the daylights out of your aggressor and this will ensure lots of paper work and over time and will greatly discourage anyone form ever assaulting you again. The public is behind you if they are stupid enough to attack you.

Ron and Don from KIRO Radio in Seattle - thank you for the Heads Up on this story - it is now going viral. You have done more for Police welfare than any other Talk Show Host in this nation. The Seattle PD needs to thank you and do more to work with you guys.

(((Please pray - Visualize - that these protesters have their minds opened to the truth and the DOD Agitators  sent out of Pima Arizona are Neutralized. Fascist Pigs need to be exterminated)))
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Dr William B. Mount

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