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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Feeling Sick In The Pacific Northwest - You Were Sprayed Agian

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest lately?

Fevers, chills, achey all over - dizzy?

On the 7th of December 2014 the 60th Airwing decided to spray hte Entire Pacoific Northwest with a type of Chemical that simulates the Flu.

A 73rd year anniversary present for Pearl Harbor Day - this is when the United States Corporation officially declares war on the world. Let us see what the world does about it.

(((Please pray that those Cowards who gave the orders to spray are  completely, and permanently, immobolized for the rest of their lives)))

This spraying was done in honor of Pearl Harbor - so call it the US Corporate Pearl Harbor Flu and they are still spraying even as you read this. I can smell the chemical on my Dog and Cats when they come in.

Recently - to cover this up - Various Departments (Like the Department of Agriculture for Washington State) claim this is a New Strain of a Virus. H5N2, or maybe some other name they decide to give us in their various lies.

Well - New Virus Strains can be smelled on the coat of a Malamute dog nor can these chemicals be washed off in the Bath Tub.

Strains of Virus are supposed to be inside the body, not outside - right?

So how can I wash these New VIruses off my dog?

Yeah - maybe we are being lied to again and the Obama Administration is trying to Kill Us again, ya think?

So what can you do about the attempts to kill you by President Obama and his staff?

Stay clean and realize that whatever any Department states is a complete lie and the only way to shut them down is to cut off their funding.

Red Dragon Family: You Cannot Negotiate With Evil - these people must be contained or killed.
The New You Absolutely Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

ALERT! Bird Flu, H5N2, found in wild birds in the Pacific Northwest. Don’t worry says the Gov’t… But just a few hundred miles north, they are killing the birds…. | InvestmentWatch

The Big Lie and Big Liars:

Bird flu found in wild birds in Washington state: USDA - Yahoo News

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