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Monday, December 8, 2014

Two More Veterans Screwed By VA

Over the week end I attended the Victorian Christmas fair and helped a friend with a booth. It is a pretty normal event in most communities and filled with shows and hundreds of little booths filled with everything from Chocolate to toys.

During the event I ran into to tow stories from veterans that you need to hear.

(((Please pray that the VA Hospitals are shut down and replaced with REAL medical clinics that help HEAL diseases, not use vets for Guinea Pigs to make money on.)))

1) The First Veteran is a male about 60 years old and was sent to the hospital the during the first day of the show because he felt very, very tired.

Rather than working with the veteran to eat organic food, sea weed and a surfactant they just gave him Chemicals to treat his cancer. Several years later, after testing their poisons on him, he found himself in the VA hospital with internal bleeding.

The Chemicals he is currently taking to "Treat" the cancer cause your internal cells to die. It apparently takes 36 months to kill some one with these new "Cancer" drugs. This data will be transferred to three bases under Washington DC and added into our US Chemical Warfare Data Base.

If the US Military needs to kill an entire population in 36 months we will simply put this chemical in their water supply.

This this is crazy, right?  I recently broke a shower head and when I replaced it I found dead rat hairs and Human Pubic Hairs in my shower head so anything is possible.

The gal I spoke with about this veteran was in tears when she found out we published the CURE FOR CANCER in our US Army Manuals way back in 1950 and the VA has chosen to kill our Veterans rather than teach them to cure their own cancer.

If he lives it will be a real miracle - this is how the VA treats vets.
2) The second veteran is still working.

This veteran is about 45 now and went to the second Gulf War. 

He was driving in am M-88 Army Recovery Vehicle (Big Tow Truck on tracks)  and his platoon was hit by Mustard Gas in Iraq. Every one in his platoon died during the next year from the lingering effects of the Mustard Gas except him.

Rather than using Kelp and a Surfactant and Ion Cleanse Foot Bath to treat the Soldiers successfully the Military let them die in hospital beds  slow and miserable deaths - gagging, puking, pooping their brains out testing Chemical Weapons on each and every one of them until they were all dead but him.

Now this veteran is working 40 hours a week but he is beginning to break out with cancer throughout his body.

He now know that the Sea Weed will treat his cancer and and that Immusist - 5 drops per day - will begin to detoxify his body and eliminate the allergic reactions he is still having tot he Mustard Gas.

He will eat 2 ounces of Kelp a week, ingest 5 drops of Immusist per day (1 Bottle lasts about 1 year) and avoid GMO Wheat like the plague.

Within a year his cancers will subside and much of the Mustard Gas should begin to leave his body, and he has a number to call in case he  needs to call me.

As for the PTSD - that is burned into his brain. The only way to stop the Horrible Demonic Dreams is to play HARP music in your bedroom 24/7.  Go to the store and buy a small CD player for $30 and a Harp Music CD. Play it on a low volume 24.7. These CD players last 6 months to a year, then buy another and keep that music going. You will barely hear it and your Night Mares will stop the first night.

Demons HATE Harp Music.

Those who say Sadam Hussein had no weapons of Mass Destruction are liars and need to face me personally. I saw Chemical, Nuclear and Biological Weapons in mass quantities in Iraq in films and Captain Joyce Riley sells the videos of these bunkers we blew - over 100 bunkers filled with these NBC Weapons - yes - Nuclear Weapons as well --- hundreds of them.

Senator Reigle clearly published several US Senate Reports on the Nuclear,  Biological, and Chemical Weapons  Hillary Clinton sold Iraq through the La Farge Company. We have done several stories on this.

So there you have it -  the orders through the VA and Military Hospitals are to test new drugs out on your sick soldiers and veterans but do not cure them - if they get injured then help them die.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) Keep Obama's Doubles Clones Heads Down around the 17th (+- 4 days) . You have already been told. If you did not mess with my computer so badly today I might tell you more. Ask General Ham.

2) There are 3 Air Force Ones. Why and I still seeing a loose bolt on the front wheel hub and a blown front left tire very soon if you do not do some very much needed maintenance on these planes?

US Air Force - did you bring some worthless "Affirmative Action Hiree" in as  crew chief for the Maintenance Crew?

Stupid Move US Air Force. Promote based on qualifications, not race  - stupid move.

Do you have any idea what a blown Left Front Wheel on a large jet means?

3) To write this minor story required restarting my computer 5 times. US Army Intel - the Living GOD is about to rip you and your contractors a New Rear End - do I make myself Chrystal Clear boys and girls and Cowards?

Hold on to your hats Pretty Boys, this one is coming from GOD. You may not believe in any GOD but Lucifer believes in you. 

4) As for ORBS - go out and purchase US Army Class 3 Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and you will see lots and lots of ORBS.  They generally vibrate at a higher frequency than us and are visible in these High Quality NVGs. They are alive and here to watch.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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