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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

American and English NAZIs soon to be arrested?

I am not sure of the legitimacy of the following report but the Henenghan Report clearly states that those who run the US Corporation are about to be arrested and our republic restored.

What I see is that in January we shall see allot of posturing but in February we shall see allot more real actions taking place. Just exactly goes on depends on how clean of a sweep the Red Dragon makes it.

If they do as GOD has directed it should go smoothly - if not there will be allot of bumps in hte road.

Before we go into the Heneghan Report we will have our Intel Geek Report:

1) The Obama #2 Body is breaking down as he now has cancer surging through his body and they are really too stupid to use Sea Weed and Immusist and Ed Skilling's Machine so expect a NEW Obama soon.

2) The Take Down of the North Korean Computer is a test of the Chinese Computer. Apparently PM Abe of Japan is pushing for a United Japan/Manchuria and needs to destroy the Chinese Computer to try this little play - so the first trial was on North Korea.

The Perpetrators of the attack work through an Art Museum near Fredrick, Maryland - these are the New hiding places for the UNITED STATES CYBER COMMAND - USCC.

Muslims hide arms and murderers in Mosques, the US Corporation hides hackers and Muderers in Art Museums and Chaplan's Units- a perfect fit. 

It was the USCC that easily took down North Korea as they are partnered with Microsoft and Apple at the point of a Gun - the Computer Hackers do not have the Guts to Shoot Back at USCC representative. Besides - they have unlimited funds to pay people off to Hack Computers World Wide.

3) The following nations need to run internal communications to form "Internal Defense and Budgeting Internats" or face complete destruction of your files by the USCC - you have NO choice; China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, India Germany, Belarus, Moldov and Serbia. You will be hacked very badly very soon so get to work.

Maybe you need to go back to accounting the Old Fashon Way - by hand. A type writer cannot be hacked either, notr can a computer that is not on the internet.

India is not capable of bypassing the internet ans their engineers would not b capable of doing this with the current state of affairs in India concerning Power Lines.

Also - the Swiss and Israeli Survaylence needs to be contained if any nation is to be independent and not fear internet viruses.
Now the Heneghan Report:

It can now be reported that the Department of the U.S. Treasury and a major Military Grand Jury operating in Charlotte, North Carolina will soon order the arrest of the entire Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and the forced detention of puppet stooge Bush-Clinton Crime Family enabler, bank stooge Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro.

Secret intelligence and documents previously illegally classified by the U.S. Justice Department have now been made available to the Department of the U.S. Treasury, the Military Grand Jury and the American People

You may go to the files to read the rest of the file as it does not wish to be copied into this file:


Some Odd News - But Consistent With Benjamin Fulford's Reports

I find Benjamin refreshing and truthful but very closed lips to me between his stories.One thing is clear - this latest attempt on Obama last week - which is why he went to the Doctor and stayed home, had really set the World on fire, so says the I Am That I Am.  

This makes about 80 since he took office - 80 Assassination Attempts and the Secret Service is too inept to sit down with me and ask me about the one 17 February of next year.

The US Secret Service - the Entire NAZI Corp at the top of the US Corporation has become completely inept - suffering from a New Disease: Idiotitis:

IDIOTITIS: The Brain Stops but their lips just keep on a moving.
The News You Need:

Dr William B. Mount

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