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Sunday, December 21, 2014

What Is Going On In Russia Today

Many of us have been watching Russia lately because their Ruble was trashed and their Internal Interests Rates have gone as high as 18% - so what is happening in the mighty Bear?

(((Please pray that Russian Leadership wakes up and does as GOD has asked them to do)))

Is the Russian Economy really tumbling?

Here is what is going on in Russia Today.

First  - when the Soviet Union collapsed the IMF (UK/US) went into Russia and established the Central Bank and took ALL mineral Rights from Russia in exchange for cash.

This means that all the gas, iron, etc mined from Russia had most of their profits stolen by the Rothchilds (Bouery Boys, Frankfurt)

President Putin has spent the last 12 years taking back all of Russia's Mineral Rights from these thieves run by the Vatican.

Second - the Ukrainian Take Over by the UK/US showed the world that those Oligarcs - The REally Rich Guys - that cooperated with the US were then killed when the US took out the Ukrainian President.

In other words - if you cooperate with the UK/US and they take over your nation, you will be killed along with your family. Dead.

Third   - the Central  Banks own all Currencies worldwide. This means that the Ruble does not belong to Russia but is owned by the IMF in London. This means the IMF (Controls the Central Banks) can do anything it wants to with the Ruble, interest Rates, price of Gold and SIlver, etc. 

For the last 3 years the Dumas has been identifying all those loyal to the UK/US and is ready now to publish this list. These Traitors will then have to leave Russia.

This Purging of Traitors is not new in Russia but will more that shock the world.

Forth - in order to stop this the UK/US has been illegally seizing accounts for those who are working on this list because the leadership of the UK/US is filled with Gay Cowards - this is not meant as a Joke - they are Gay Cowards. 

Fifth - Russia is preparing a set of New Laws and a Court Case to take back it's Ruble - to Nationalize it and throw the Central Russian Bank out of Russia.

This action will set off a set of reactions around the world that will allow other nations to follow immediately and the fun should begin in late January.

Of course - if the Russians do as GOD directed them to do yesterday it will make this road very easy on them But....Russia likes to do things the hard way - so be it.
So - What is the US Reaction to all this?

1) The US has now given he orders to trash the Central Russian Computer to destroy their ability to even function. In a few days they will begin to experience Internet Viruses in mass quantities sent by the US DOD. Those who are sending these viruses ti Russia are form Central Maryland and Obama is aware of this coming Act Of War against the Russian Federation and will not intervene to stop it.

The Russia Traitor looks about 35 years old (Was Married) and is a former soldier form the Afghanistan Frontier and is now a low level computer programmer for the Russian Budget Office. He could be a contractor, but not sure. 

2) The US will respond to China by targeting it - a few nights ago John Kerry met with the New Secretary of Defense Ashley and began exploring ways to shut China down completely. These are ongoing meetings and have as yet yielded little.

DOD Ashley is a Yes Man but will double cross Kerry at the drop of the hat - something about him being a "Lilly Livered Dumb Coward."

3) The Queen of England has had a series of strokes and is unlikely to recover so it will not be long until Prince WIlliam Mount takes office as King.
Be careful Russia - Watch Putin's Back this week very hard.

CIA=Blackwater=Blackstone=100 other names.

Monsanto owns Blackwater and Blackstone.
For The Video: Pope Francis Declares Himself the Anti Christ and Lucifer his Father and the Father of Jesus:

Pope Francis Declares Himself the Antichrist and Lucifer "the Father" - YouTube

And All The People Sang: "Amen"

Lucifer, who will never be defeated, is the Father of Jesus. All hail Lucifer:


So please tell me Russia - how is this going to work for you without GOD and your Manle Feoo blessing form GOD?

The News You Need To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

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