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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dear President Obama;

Dear President Obama (CIA Handlers);

This is a message to all the Obama Doubles and their CIA Handlers who sign the bills ad call the shots:

Your Protege' and Savior has now been in office for about 6 years and has done more harm to America than all the Presidents in the past, including the Bush's and Clinton's.

Today the US is running a Deficit of around $4 Trillion Dollars a year with another $4 Trillion being spent by this insane US Corporation - thus the real GNP is not $16 Trillion but around $8 Trillion.

While Gold is selling for around $1,200/ounce in America real gold is selling for around $2,400 an ounce in the rest of the world - if you can find it. In other words when the Dollar falls it will fall to about 50% of it's current value and the Bankstas who run the Western Banking System will be rounded up and arrested. The US, and it's allies, will then experience a great economic change - a huge fall.

In addition, your Gay Fascist Freaks who run the White House have started more wars in the last 6 years than all US Corporate President's since the Corporation took over the united states of America in 1871 and openly killed, or bribed, it's leaders, and for these ambitions you were given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Better the Nobel Prize had been given to a Rat than a Fascist Pig. 

You have also allowed the VA to sell military records around the world and compromised US Security beyond belief - with traitors every where in the Corporations like the CIA and FBI. Traitors.

You have openly killed a US Ambassador for taking Hillary Clinton's Arms Sales Commission of Arms sold to the Muhujadeen Al Kaleek (MEK). The seciond Ambassador Steven was dead the State department (Run By Hillary) took the MEK off the Terrorist Watch List and transported 400 tons of weapons to these murders - and Hillary got the commission on these Arms sales.

OK- So you are only following the Directives put out by the US State Department Office of Population (Control) and killing people to reduce populations as approved by the President (CIA Handlers). You Freaks are still murders.

For some reason GOD has allowed me to spare your life Mr President well over 6 dozen times - with NO thank you, just a hearty balling out by the Secret Service, FBI Freaks, and the US Marshals as these US FBI Freaks who stole my home and savings. For these crimes you will be stripped of your wealth and nation - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come. 

Recently one of your Destroyers in the Black Sea was disabled by one tiny old rusty Russian Destroyer named the Vargus - all your High tech Gear from Aegis - shut down in a matter of seconds.It limped to a port in Romania.

Over the weekend you, Mr President and Handlers,  reached a new low as you launched three Nuclear SBML missiles from submarines at Saudi Arabia because the Saudis  no longer listen to your White House handlers in the CIA.

You see Mr Obama (and Handlers) - as you recall the Rockefellars and the like sold their Oil Stocks and then drove the price of oil down and you got angry - being the Stupid CIA handlers you are - you forgot about these actions taken only a few short weeks ago. The purpose  of selling their Oil stocks was to "Short Them" and force the price of oil down and make billions.

Unfortunately the White House Pukes and Handlers forgot to sell their stock because you have an entire staff made up of Liberal Idiots - Fascist Pigs.You and your handlers, Mr Obama, are loosing Billions of US Dollars and it spells the END of your Empire. 

Fascist Pigs and Liberals are never know for their intelligence, they are however know  for their Evil.

So over this weekend somebody in the White House ordered three Nuclear Launches on Saudi Arabi by US Submarines.

Stupid Move CIA (Mr Obama) - Stupid Move.

These Submarine Nuke Missiles were neutralized a few seconds after take off.

About 3 years ago a Pyramid sent off a signal near Bimini Florida - an SOS signal - we did that and they are here. Their technology dwarfs that of your your "Allies" and "Friends."

You can no longer launch a Nuclear Attack through the air and your pre-positioned 876 Nukes in large cities across the world are being identified and neutralized - along with your  ICBMs.

It will not take long to neutralize your freezers full of Atomic Hand Grenades and Bullets and your old Davy Crocketts and Nuclear Artillery Shells.

Remember CIA Handlers - you denied my US Supreme Court Case to plug the leak and now YOU are paying for it by being unable to start a Nuclear War - best you plug the leak and run my case though the courts "Voluntarily" before you are made to do it.

I am not sure you in the CIA are smart enough to take Pre-Emptive actions to prevent what is coming --- you may be that stupid and arrogant so maybe I will simply burn the copies of my Supreme Court Case and ensure your empire falls and you go away permanently.

Your underground "Hide Outs" are being Neutralized.

Your "Off World" bases are being neutralized.

Lockheed Martins Blue Origin (See You Tube) can no longer go off world - too bad, so sad, Touche'.

Your Lockheed Martin's Ships are also being severely restricted in their travels and your Space Junk "Shield" will not shield you from what is coming.

Now you will have to wait and see what is coming next - may I highly suggest you do as you have been asked to do by this messenger on all fronts since it costs you nothing and may save your lives - or face what is coming. You have little choice in this matter, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
Blue Origin Anti Gravity Craft using Magnetic Drive at a Vibrational Frequency of 10 to the 14 HTZ in their engines:

Joint US/Russian landing on Mars, 1962:

Three Nuke Launched on Saudi Arabia:

Joint Nuke Launch on Saudi Arabia:

Oil Prices driving the wars - created by the Rockefellars:

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