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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Message To The Dragon Families

In a few hours the decision will have been made by the Red Dragon Family NOT to follow the Living GOD and do as HE has directed.

Whoever they follow, whoever they bow to, has convinced these Dragon Family Members that either GOD is dead or a wimp and they can ignore what HE has to say.

Well - there are allot of Dead Western Bankers since 12 June including Lady Rothchilds and David Rothchilds Son.

So in a few short hours the Living GOD will also turn HIS head against the Red Dragon Family.

Russia lost GOD's blessings 7 years ago by not listening to the Living GOD and now they are in constant war and their economy has not recovered.

Israel lost GOD's  Blessings 4 years ago by ignoring the messages from the Living GOD - we announced it on TV, and they have been at constant war ever since.

Now in a very few hours the Red Dragon Family, after coming so far and actually taking control of the IMF, will loose GOD's Blessings. They have already decided - but their time is not up yet so I pray they still may change their mind.

Still - I feel they do not care and they will ignore GOD at every level despite the shake up HE has given them already. Their Gagillion Dollars are absolutely meaningless to GOD.

If they ignore GOD then things will remain as they were - except there will be allot of Dead Red Dragon Family Members coming up dead VERY Soon, so GOD has said it, so it shall be.

If the Red Dragon Dragon Family chooses to Ignore GOD then: 

The US will continue to print more debt and this time sell it to the African Nations it is currently toppling. Just kill a few president's, put in a few "Pro-US Leaders", they buy our debt and trade in dollars to sell African resources in Federal reserve Notes.

The US will find countries all over the world with essential resources, kill their leaders, and then rebuild them using Federal Federal Reserve debt.

The $45 Billion Dollar trade Debt the US Corporation made with China this month was never meant to be paid back.

The bonds currently being created by US Corporations, like City Muni Bonds and Schools bonds, were never meant to be paid back. The School bonds due today all over California will be paid in 2054 after you are dead - with no interest on them between now and then.

The interest on your investments is now zero as the real Rate of Inflation is about 15% per year.

You cannot stop the US War Machine without the Living GOD red Dragon Families. It will just go on, and on, and on.

If the Red Dragon Family Leaders do not do as GOD has directed it is over in terms of World Economic Stabilization.

All YOU can do is take care of your families and keep them out of the US Hospital Death Traps and try and save money in something that will not vanish - like Gold or even Dimes and Quarters.

The Rothchilds may artificially keep the Stock market up - but it is about to be gutted. The 30 DOW Jones Stocks may be kept high n value but the stocks will pay no dividends as the Corporate CEOs working for the Rothchilds gut these companies.

The rich will get richer, the Middle Class will go away, and the streets will be filled with the poor - this is Lucifer's way.

Do not blame GOD - as you turn on your TV Sets and bring in the Gay, the Murders, the Child Molesters right into your homes teaching you children the morals of the GUTTER SNIPES.

So the next few hours should be very telling in terms of the direction this planet will head over  the next century.

Will it be Anarchy or Peace?

More economic and environmental troubles or a New Age?

The decision rests with the leaders of the Red Dragon Family this very night., and so will het consequences.

Choose Wisely Red Dragon family. Your very lives depend on this.
A Message for the Living GOD directly your family leaders.

Dr William B. Mount

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