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Monday, November 3, 2014

Eastern Ukraine Has Voted To Break Away

As you read this the vote tally is in - 95% have voted to break away from the Ukraine and form their own nation, or perhaps rejoin Mother Russia. In his latest speech the Russian Federation President seems to prefer them as an independent nation but the economy may force them to rejoin Russia.

(((Please continue to pray (Visualize) for Continual Gentle Rains in the American Southwest, and for those who serve Lucifer to become absolutely inept while on Planet Earth)))
As for Air FOrce One:

A Hearty Thank You APFN and Pravda - as you recall we reported on problems with the current Air Force One. After an exhaustive check it was ground that some of the Wing Flaps did not work. This is the 5th time we have reported mechanical, or structural, problems with Air Force One in 3 years and each time they were dead on and the plane was grounded.

Further - the president's planned travels to Asia have been modified so to avoid any shooters.

So - thank you APFN and Pravda for allowing me to post, in detail, exactly what is wrong with the President's Plane. No dead Obama Double this month.

What really surprises me is that after 5 times of grounding Air Force One the US Air Force has not contacted me. If I laid hands on the plane I would give them a more In Depth Analysis of what is wrong with each of the three planes but I do not believe they are smart enough to connect the dots. It required thinking.

By the way - the New Obama Double has heart problems - his arteries are cracking. May I suggest you begin feeding him 1,500 milligrams of EDTA once a week along with a Centrum VItamin three times a week, You have too much invested in this double to let this one have a stroke like the last one did. He plays this role very well.

If this one finds out what I just said, and you DO NOT do this, then he could cause some real damage.

 Your Presidential Doctor ain't with the powder to blow him (Actually Her) to He.. with.


Let us hope the Secret Service, FBI, and US Marshals do not scream at me again, steal my money, put someone in my house, and hand cuff me and steal all my property for saving Obama this time - or try to poison me, shoot me, or stab me for doing this. I only wish that were a joke but they all seem dumber than a rock and lazy as a rug.

I have 3 passports. When my other President's tell this New Obama what is really going on soon - what do you psychopaths think will happen?  President Putin may just do that to Upset the Apple Cart.
One last note: Christine Legarde of the IMF (She is a he, he has an Adam's Apple) has just stated that the IMF expects to devalue the dollar hard very soon.

See the story: "IMF Warns of Dollar Devaluation and Hyper Inflation"
See the story: "The IMF Just Talked it Over - They're Worried About Global Economy"
Today, about three hours ago, someone reset my phone - going down to the root directory and copying everything from my phone to their data base - shutting my phone down for several hours.

This was done while the phone was turned off and they used allot of my data.

Never buy a cell phone you where you cannot take the battery out.

You jerks who did this are so going to get your Butt kicked by the Living GOD, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Do you idiots in US Intel think this is some kind of a game?

Have you idiots in the US Intel been exposed to the New US Stupid Virus?

Would you Idiots like me to forget the next time someone tries to bring a Nuke into Langley?

Since you never responded to me I suppose the answer is YES to all of the above. You are stupid enough not to assist me.


BRIC Nations - you are dealing with Idiotic Maniacs who have a real death wish,. They should be pretty easy to tackle. Oodachie.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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