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Friday, November 21, 2014

Does Putin Really Want Perpetual War

Does the President of Russia really want perpetual war?

Yesterday President Putin stated that the Ukrainian troops were wearing NAZI symbols - and this is true.

As Putin said - no civilized Nation on Earth wants NAZIs in their governments.

The purpose of a National Socialist government (NAZI) is to support the State Corporation - now keep in mind that the United States is a Corporation and by definition NAZI so the purpose of the United States is to support it's military Industrial Complex and create "Perpetual War."

John Shapiro, Assistant Sec of State of the United States1 June 2012: The Purpose of the US State Department is to sell weapons."

So what are the real goals of Russia - to work with the United States Corporation and support more war?

One must ask this question.

Yesterday I presented to Deutch Bank a Russian Bond worth well over half a Billion Dollars. The place I purchased it from is in Argentina. Now that Deutch has a copy of the Bond and they know I own it stealing it, or forging it, would be impossible because there is a Paper Trail on it's ownership.

It is a Bear Bond and is true and honest.

If President Putin approved the Bond I would go to the Nearest Deutch Bank and there a representative of his Government would take the address from whence the bond came and seize the assets of what is left of the Third Reich - right?

Hitler's dream woudl doe with the seizing of the assets - right?

No money, no Third Reich - right?

Would not any civilized government wish to seize these assets and put to bed the last of the NAZI party and their moneys?

Would it not take just two or three agents to shut down the last of the Hitlers Moneys?

Those of you reading this know that I have the eyes and ears of many Presidents around the world and since we once again saved President Putin's Life three days ago would he not have someone monitoring me?

So you must ask the question - why did no one from his office call the Russian Central Bank to approve the bond roll over and get the address of Hitler's Last Funding Source?

Why would any president of any civilized nation not want to terminate the Third Reich once and for all?

Is this all a ruse to make you think they care about you?

Are the current president's not really concerned and just actors on a stage?

One must ask these questions and then act accordingly.

In another couple of days I am sure those in Argentina will read this and pack up their bags and leave, looking for a better unknown outpost to work for - so why is Russian not acting immediately based on what President Putin said?

If these NAZIs are allowed to run and hide again then this World War that is now going on will continue in perpetuity. Perpetual War.

Since the Red Dragon Family now owns the IMF - and since over 50 Million Chinese were killed or displaced from 1933 through 1950 - would they not wish to terminate these NAZI rats in Argentina?

If this is the case why am I told that the White Dragon Family must consider paying on this bond first?

Did thy not loose enough in World War 2?

Do they really want more war, a perpetual state of war?

Is the real goal of this Red and White Dragon Families (And their Gods) then not Perpetual War as well?

Does not delay guarantee this scenario?

So perhaps there is another agenda than Peace and Harmony here on Earth by these political leaders?

Perhaps there Spirit Guides are more interested in War and strife than peace?

(Each Dragon Family has a different God and Putin spoke to a Great White Spirit at the Valaam Monastary north of St Petersburg, as you recall). See Wikipedia and Sorcha Faal.

These world leaders "Sound" sincere when they speak, do they not?

So - why the delays?

You must ask yourself this question.

Perhaps we need to look, listen and learn.

If there are a few more days of delay then these NAZIs in Argentina finding these wars will move and their funding source shall remain for a century.

Perpetual War - a Fascist's Dream.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

((Then we need to pray that these War Mongering Spirits are destroyed immediately.))

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