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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Atomic Bullet

We all know about atomic Bombs and Atomic (Nuclear) Cruise Missiles but what about hte Atomic (Nuclear) Bullet?

(((Pray that these are never used again - one was just used in Eastern Ukraine by US forces with very a destructive force. It was not an ICBM - it was an Old Atomic Bullet)))

Is it really possible to have a small hand held bullet go Nuclear?

The answer is yes. A New Element was recovered from our Nuclear Reactors and it was named Californium 252 - a highly reactive element.

Way back in the 1960s, when the United States was moving forward, the folks at our Nuclear Facilities began to play around with a fairly new element called Californium - created in nuclear reactors.

It turns out that at only 1.8 Grams (28 Grams - per ounce) you can create a Nuclear Explosion. The impact creates the energy to cause the explosion - something the Japanese could never master in 1945 during their Nuclear Tests.

(((Hitler actually torched off a Nuke in February 1945 that killed 6 POWs, one was an American. This is why the Allies bombed Germany into oblivion - to stop their atomic Bomb program but that is Ancient History except that the Third Reich is still in Argentina and the Antarctica and the leaders of Russia and the Red Dragon Families will allow them to remain - Perpetual War.)))

From these tests came the "Atomic Hand Grenade," Atomic Frisbee," "Briefcase nuke'" and a host of other very powerful weapons like the "Atomic Bullet."

Tests using larger caliber bullets with californium 252 clearly showed that 3-4 bullets from a 45 Caliber Pistol could bring down a sky scraper.

To put it in a political bases - three bullets from a rifle could make the White House, or Kremlin,  go away.

News quickly spread about this new element and it's potential - no longer would war be necessary if one man with a 45 Caliber pistol could destroy a tank with one shot - or take out a B-52 with a Sniper rifle.

Both the Soviets and Americans created this Bullet and actually armed their engineers with Machine Guns carrying these bullets.

While the Soviets stopped their production of such weapons the Americans moved forward with their development - adding Nuclear "Accelerants," such as Lithium 6 to enhance, their power.

There are 28.5 grams per ounce, 15 grains per gram. Thus a 230 Gram bullet can weigh around 16 Grams. These Rifle and Machine Gun Bullets made using Californium are currently made in a 30 Caliber Round  - a 30/30, a 30-06, 303 British..... - all capable of firing this weapon.

Ever wonder why a car can simply explode with no trace as the CIA of FBI drives away?

So you  make a Californium core using 5 Grams, line it with 5 grams of Lithium 6, coat it with copper and then lead and it looks like any other Bullet. You fire on a building from 1 mile away and it simply goes away - a blast unlike a conventional Nuke. It just vanishes. Temperatures in excess of 4 million degrees - Poof!

Today - in the 12 E Inventory - the American Military stores in very cold refrigerators Bullets that could take out a Sky Scraper - just one Bullet.

Is it possible these were used on 9/11 - absolutely Possible - and it is also possible that the Fascist Pigs in the white House will again RE-DEPOLY these weapons .

Hitler: The end Justifies he Mean.
The News You Need To Survive

Dr William B. Mount

Thank You Pravda for resurfacing this old weapon - it may be old but is still plenty powerful.

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  1. "You fire on a building from 1 mile away and it simply goes away - a blast unlike a conventional Nuke. It just vanishes." No. You put a hole in the building. Use several bullets that damage enough structural supports, it may collapse, but I assure you, it does not simply 'vanish'.