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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Message to US Secretary Of Defense

This message is intended for the US Secretary of Defense, of the one who is acting Secretary of Defense in this case since the current one is out of action - Chuck Hagel.

(Please pray that the Evil that pervades this US Corporation is terminated immediately)

The Secretary of Defense (SecDef) is the Chief Executive Officer - The CEO - of the United States Department of Defense Corporation, which according to USC 5, Sec 103 is no longer controlled by the White House but by the IMF.

The IMF is now controlled by the Red Dragoon Family as of 13 days ago. You have new masters.

The incident concerning the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea a few months back is not an isolated incident. This has happened several times but it has not been reported.

So here is why this happened: Way back under President Clinton the VA Corporation began selling Military records for grant moneys. This continues to this day - which is why we know you are currently out of action.

Many military members in US Intelligence Offices left the DOD and defected to China and Russia - bringing with them the Mathematical Algorythms to break into ALL US Corporate computers, to include CIA, NSA, DOD, FBI, along with most US and English Corporations.

Further - The  Idiots in contracting subcontracted the Top Secret Wiring Harnesses for our most sophisticated aircraft - X33 Auroras, x44s, Blue Origin, etc, to nations like China and they re-subcontracted to companies in places like Cambodia.

Do you think Mr Secretary that there might be an information leak in Chinese, Cambodian, or Vietnamese electrical Sub Contractors paying their people 42 a day in wages?

As a result there are now 14 computers around the world that store this top secret info and it can be accessed 24/7 from these locations. There is one in China just south and west of their capitol, one in Russia South and East of Moscow quite a ways, one in Finland, and 11 other places - but I will not bore you with.

Every time you develop a Top Secret diagram the entire contents are sent to these computers and since your operators are not smart enough to redesign the Auto Batch Files this will continue forever.

Now Mr Secretary - when a boat is sinking the first thing you do is plug the hole, right?

If this concept is foreign to you Mr Secretary read no more - you are also an idiot.

All the Bilge Pumps in the world will not work until you plug the hole.

So until you stop the Records leak and the Information leaks you are just treading water - the system will remain a mess - a Charlie Foxtrot created by a traitor - You.

May I suggest you take my Us Supreme Court Case back to the devils in D.C. and force this issue - or continue to be a traitor against the US Corporation. It is your choice.

I promise you this - the Red Dragon Family does not appreciate Traitors, if you catch my drift.

 The Entire US Fleet, and all their electronic munitions, are completely compromised.

May I also be bold enough to suggest you consider putting WW2 Era ships back into the water as our entire electronics system is compromised. Consider the destroyed Turner Joy, the Air Craft Carriers Enterprise and coral Sea.

The leaks are so bad, the electronics so integrated, and your staff is so Arrogant and Stupid, that at the flip of a switch there could be a Nuclear Melt down on any ship - a Carrier, a submarine, a destroyer......

The Super Duper top Secret 10Htz Communications System (Morse Code) for the US Submarines below 7,000 feet has been hacked and if desired the Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Indians... could sink all 100 Deep Water Subs based off of Katchikan, Alaska. 

The entire Off World Fleet could literally fall out of the sky with the flip of a switch.

Every thing has a Transponder - even our modern cars and they have ALL been compromised. 

You staff has been trying to fix this for 7 years ever since we  alerted them - and have apparently failed.

Either your entire staff is stupid or they have been sold out at the highest levels - and my gut says that both are happening.

How much Money - Chuck Hagel. How much money was your staff paid to sell out the American Military?

How Much?

Your Entire Naval fleet, Your ICBMs, your fighters, your bombers, your transport craft, your top secret fleet out of Norfolk, your precious NSA computer system, your entire Aegis Missile Defense System, your Off World Aircraft - all compromised.

Even your tactical nukes - compromised.

All you have left is your Ancient Artillery Nukes, your old Davey Crocket Nukes, your Nuclear Hand Grenades, some rifles and pistols and hand held rocket launchers.

So all you can do is send in men and rifles to places like Iraq to kill ans stir up more trouble.

Even your tanks and troop Carriers and trucks can be shut down by satellite.

Trillions of Dollars - now useless - - - a completely useless fleet of useless toys barely good enough for scrapping.

Your navy is even too scared to enter the Australian Sea at this time where a couple of small Russian destroyers are.

Just the Varyag alone, a 31 year old rusty 600 foot long Russian destroyer, 11,500 tons, which carries a twin 5 inch gun, scares the entire US fleet.

The entire US fleet - Carriers, Jets, Submarines - all scared of a very old Russian Ship which is consistent with the Private Communique I received a few days ago.

See Sorcha Faal, or my story yesterday.

It could be fixed - but again my gut tells me you are a traitor or you would have been here by now.

Thank GOD my security Clearance is higher than yours Mr Secretary.

Mr Secretary - Plug the hole you or face the Red Dragon Family representatives and the living GOD says it will not be pretty for any traitors.

Thank you for your time

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian
Cpt (Ret) USA

Our Brand New Carrier Fleet - afraid to approach a 31 year Rusty Old Russian Destroyer - uttely disgusting.

Look up Mr Secretary - and realize my help comes form above and your entire Mars Base System, and your Nevada Bases, are being terminated.  There is a better way.

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