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Thursday, November 13, 2014

US Debt Is Sustainable Forever

The US debt Level is sustainable forever, unlike many economists state.

(Please pray (Visualize) for those in charge to either fix the mess or die immediately.)

Unlike what most economists state, the US debt is fully sustainable for centuries to come.

There are three types of debts:

1) National debts. This is where a nation has a Trade deficit. The current US trade Deficit is around $400 Billion per year. This was designed by the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 to send US Dollars Worldwide to make the Federal reserve Dollar  the World wide Currency.

This means that about 2% of the economy goes away per year.

At the stroke of a pen the US could produce enough Cheap Oil to run the entire world for 2oo years - see Baken Oil reserves, Gull Island Oil reserves, Oil Reserves Thunderhorse. The US could under cut the Middle East by 50% and fuel the world.

Further - the US as the capacity to out produce the world in Iron, Chrome (I know where the deposits are), and a host of other metals in one year. This we could simply outsell every other nation on the planet.

Finally - if the leaders of Monsanto and other GMO producing corporations were killed, we could grow enough non-GMO foods to feed the world -but again, Monsanto, Dupont and a host of other Corporate Presidents would have to die first.

2) Budget deficits: The US corporation will have a budget Deficit of around 41.5 Trillion Dollars this year. This could be eliminate in one day of the US Corporation funded only what was Constitutional Needs - 1789 Constitution, not THE 1871 Organic Constitution.

So consider the fact that 2% on $300 trillion is about 46 Trillion Dollars a year. The US Treasury could sustain a $1.5 Trillion Dollar Yearly Loss yearly indefinitely, right?

3) Personal debts. These could be eliminated in one day. Since all debt eventually leads to the IMF, put a gun to their heads and make them cancel all of it. Voila - no debt.

Unfortunately - it is not about sustaining the deficits but about destroying America. 
We have no MEN at the top willing to fix the problems.

Envision with me - visualize - pray - that the current leadership of planet Earth is pushed off the planet and a new leadership comes that will do as GOD directs immediately.

For You Intel Geeks and freaks:

1) Again, USAF One - Main Compass - stop banging the Dash Board. Go out and buy a $5 compass and use this to fly the plane. Please adjust for the 15 Degree Offset. Oh - and good luck on finding the loose window and wheel nut. No data - you find it. You will have to pressure test and inspect each window on all 3 Air Force 1 jets.

Hey - it is not my but on the line. A Wheel falls off, a window falls out at 40,000 feet - Air Force One flies in circles - oh well. It is only a Presidential Staff.

2) If someone in Norfolk and Langley jointly order the downing of Putin's Plane GOD will allow the Russians to send a Nuke up your proboscus with NO consequences. Do I make myself perfectly clear you CIA/Naval freaks?

3) The cook who is now poisoning Putin's Staff with GMO foods is now openly doing this. He has a "Friend" who is form the NSA and. This is how the whereabouts of Putin is determined - Loose Lips Sink Ships and one of your cooks has really loose lips.

I am sorry Pres Putin and your Intel Staff that your Mantle Feoo is not in Russia - not my fault. If your plane goes down look in the mirror and say: "I did not do as Antonoio Valadiko told me to, I love ME more that Russia, And now I must pay for it"

GOD did state that if the Red Dragon Family did not do as GOD directed them to do by 6 November then it is Open Season on red Dragon Leaders, right?

Were you not told this Red Dragon Leaders: IE Leaders of Russia, China, and India?

Is not Shaballa being torn up until you do as GOD directed you to do by 6 Nov 2014?

So is it really surprising to you that someone from the US Navy conspiring with the CIA Murderers are planning to kill you as you fly to the G-20 Summit?

Could you not put the pieces together President Putin and staff?

Are you not next PM Medvedev!

I give up on you, let the Living GOD now speak in words you will never forget, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Putin - DO NOT shake Obama 's Hand - it could be deadly. Not kidding.

One last note - the FBI finally admitted Sandy Hook was completely fake.

You FBI Freaks, Gay Boys, Cross Dressers, Human Sacrificing Creeps,  and Pedaphiles, and Cowards - you steal money, murder people, and now collect money to help Sandy Hook Victims. You are lying Thieves and Murders. GOD says your days are numbered.

Someday I will tell you haw I really feel about you.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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