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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Message For Pres Putin And The Orthodox Church

Dear President Putin;

You know I do not lie and have no reason to mislead you or your staff. My job has been to prevent major leader assassinations and prevent this coming Nuclear War and have do so to the best of my ability.

You are aware of the Nukes found under Moscow ready for detonation I located for the sole purpose of stopping this coming war and are also aware of the many alerts I have published to save your life.

I come before the world now to once again help you, and Russia, in your struggles against the Fascist Pigs we now find populating the US Corporate Leadership. As an American I assure you I am more than disgusted with these traitors we now find leading America as a Corporation.

I have in my possession a valid Bond from Russia from 2 March 1902 at a face value of 181,959,000 Rubles with a valid interest rate of 4%.

Using the 4% interest rate promised in 1902 and a 3 cent Ruble this gives the Current value of the bond at somewhere around $551,391,000 - or half a Billion US Dollars.

Since it is now public knowledge that Russia still exists in Saint Petersburg, I would like to cash this bond in immediately. we all know that the money is simply generated on a computer so giving this to the church is merely a Computer Transfer.

I would also like to give this as a gift to the Russian Orthodox church in Saint Petersburgh for the purpose of rebuilding the church - something a Bishop of this church would do.

This would ensure enormous amounts of positive free publicity world wide for You (President Putin) if you made this happen and would more than make your next re-election a sure thing.

It would also silence the negativity you might receive as you could rightfully claim you made this happen for the good of Russia and it's people.

Further - the rebuilding of the church would absolutely ensure a greater loyalty to the Russian Federation all across your nation. and would make US efforts to split your nation up into 10 regions almost impossible.

If you hold these funds from your Holy Orthodox Church and keep them from receiving them not only will there be emnity between you and your church leaders but GOD will be forced to act in a way negative to hte current leadership of Russia, so HE has said it so it shall be.

I would not wait very long as other interests would love to get a hold of this document and use it to either Black Mail or help destroy you and Russia - entities like the US DOD, CIA, NSA, etc.

May the Living GOD lead you to your decision.

You have my number.

Dr William B. Mount

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