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Monday, November 10, 2014

Prepare For What Is Coming

Please prepare your family for what is coming.

Please pray - visualize - that you and your family are prepare for what is coming upon us in the near future. So here is what is going on right now Title 40 Raw Intel Data:

1) The sun is sending us strange energy - more on this later.

2) It was just announced through US Bank (I Believe) that there 100 times the number of Silver Certificates issued tan there is Physical Gold. The Gold Market may be even higher.

As you recall this is the signal for the US Stock Market to drop.

3) As of Monday the US Treasury Bonds will no longer be purchased by the Federal Reserve Banks or System and the US Corporation is now forbidden to purchase US Stocks. No more propping up the Markets.

4) I see huge waves of energy emanating from the Chicago. I believe with the introduction of GMO Potatoes and GMO Rice that kill you the foreign markets for US/Canadian produce will fall - destroying farms across America.

5) There is a huge amount of confusion out there in the ether - as if a war is going on. What this means is since most US/UK leaders are completely Demon Possessed there is confusion there as well.

6) This is an angry confusion and the Assassinations among the leaders will accelerate. This is why my lack of Data to warn Putin, Medvedev, Obama, etc is so very critical. A story like this is almost no data but to look at data and pictures to determine just exactly who is poisoning you - requires data. I do not work for any agency or government - nor do I get paid to do this. I do this to stop the destruction of people and Planet Earth.

7) As you read this many of Putin's Staff have stomach upsets due to the Poison now being fed at his home and headquarters but I am out of Data so your staff will have to be sick. Sorry Russian President and PM and PM Secretary. Chinese and Indian Leadership is next. A Russian consulate is 30 miles North of me, as is a Chinese Consulate. So why are they not helping this Ambassador?

8) The Bank Audits by the US will increase as they attempt to seize  Russian and Chinese assets to hold their Corporation together through Murder and Black mail and Bribery with Paper Dollars.

9) Do not think Eric Holder is done as of today. This Criminal ran over 10,000 AK47s, Machine Guns and Pistols to Mexico and countless arms to Western Brazil and most of South America to stir up as much trouble as he could. he is a very busy murderer.

10) If you listen to the Governor of Texas (Rick Perry) he recently stated that the Illegal Aliens murdered 3,000 Texans in the last 90 days, along with countless rapes. So while Obama is trying to steal your gun the FBI is currently Gun Running  pistols into the hands of the Illegal alines so they can run their precious illegal drugs. Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela are their current targets down there as well as a few in the Caribbean.

11) Expect people to go crazy on the freeway and expect crazy people to go insane - this is the energy now reaching this planet. we have ignored GOD too long and now he is turning our Self Righteousness back upon us. The weather is also going bonkers. It is currently about -6F degrees in White fish Montana in November - We just got a call from a friend!

12) As for the earthquakes in Nevada - Another swarm of US Corporate Bases are being destroyed - systematically and in sequence. It will continue all over the planet - especially in the US where huge numbers of bases are. The Rothchids missed the 12 June deadline and now they must be completely killed and their bases uttely destroyed.

13) As for the Red Dragon Family - their bases will also be destroyed soon since they missed the 6 November deadline. It is now Open Season on the Rothchilds and the Red Dragon Family members, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

14) This Open Season between the East and West family members will cease when they terminate their Octal Rectalitis with a Cranial Inversion So bad They Have to Polish Their Bellies Just to See."

In other words - get their heads out of their "Probocus" and do as GOD has directed. Unilt then the killing will continue. So GOD has stated, so it shall be.

It will be fun to watch form my perspective - to watch you fight over the Glamour of this material world.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Never Give Up

Expect allot of spelling errors - these Lucifarians never give up.

There is a way out - just walk away and devote your life to GOD. It is that easy. You do not have to hurt any one else.

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