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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

42% Of congress Are Pedaphiles

The FBI determined that 20 years ago 39% of all of the 535 members of Congress were Pedophiles.

What this means is that they Rape and Torture children.

Today the FBI has concluded that this  number has risen to 42% of Congressional Members with a cross dressing Gay First Lady in the White House and a man who bends over for other men as the President.

An 89% disapproval rating and a 97% reelection rate?

To be blunt: Your Gay Congressmen (And Women)  is raping your children, bending them over and having sex with children as young as 6 months old.

The FBI feeds them the children and keeps records and tapes of the incidents and controls congress with these records. I was invited into 5 of these cults now and offered incredible positions - alas - I belong to GOD and would tear them up rather than do what they asked me to do.

This is why my $551 Million bond was denied  - I refused to join. Problem is the Russian Orthodox Church looses 218 Million Rubles a month forever based on their decision. We shall see what Putin and the Orthodox Church does about this one - maybe nothing, maybe every thing.

Evil cannot be negotiated with - it must be purged, either rounded up and put in a FEMA camp or killed.

Fascist Pig Pedophiles must be purged.

(((Pray that these Pigs are removed form Planet Earth immediately)))

Any questions Red Dragon Family?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS: I cannot confirm the Nuking of a city in Pennsylvania except that when the Nuclear exchange is supposed to occur most of the Cities in America will be nuked by Jesuits in America using old Soviet Nukes. This is what Evil does.

Hanz Kovlenback, Chief General of Jesuits: Apr 15, 2000: "You want your country back, you want your money back kill all the Jesuits. World leaders are afraid to do this, especially Wimpy Gimpy Putin."


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