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Friday, November 14, 2014

Over $420 Million In Weapons go Missing In Afghanistan

Remember that story you read about 6 months ago we did about US troops being ordered to sell US Weapons to the highest bidder, and remember that story about a C-5 that crashed in India that was loaded with $100 bills?

(Please pray your mind is opened as to the truth and pray that those who did this are removed from Planet Earth Immediately and with Prejudice)

The US entered Afghanistan well over 20 years ago to sell Opium and sell weapons to the locals.

The story we did alerteed teh US Army Logistics Command and they began investigating why these reports from htis Ambassador.

The task was then given to the 401st army field Support Brigade and they investigates two bases in Bangram and Kandahar Afghanistan.  What they found was 174,000 missing pieces of equipment - enough weaponry to outfit 20 combat divisions. These missing weapons include; M-16s, Stinger rocket Launchers, 9mm Pistols, sniper rifles, enough ammo to conduct a prolonged war, etc.


1) Who has the US Made, and paid for by US Taxpayer, weapons?

2) Where did the money come from to buy these weapons - who in the US Air Force has been transporting these plane loads of $100?

3) Where did the money go once the weapons were purchased?

4) Why so many weapons?

5) Is General ED Dempsey, Commander and Chief Coward of the US Military, going to find out and prosecute those who are guilty and return the money to the US Treasury?

Consider this: No Leader in Asia is now safe, not the leaders of regions in Mongolia who refuse Nuclear Power, not the Premier of China, not the president of Kazakhstan, or the Prime Minister of any nation there.

Thanks to the likes of General ED Dempsey and Eric Holder Asia is now filled with US Made weapons.

So while they are taking away your rights to own weapons the US is still sending weapons into the hands of Drug Dealers and murders in: Central Asia, Mexico, Western Brazil, Peru, 35 nations in Africa, Dagastan Russia, Northern Sibera near Archangel through Finland, Kamchatka Peninsula Russia, Northern Canada, an island off of Fiji, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Northern Thailand.

Again, please visualize (pray) - that the US Corporate Leadership is immediately destroyed and that the Red Dragon Society (And their Masters) are shaken hard until they do as GOD has directed them to do.

For You Intel Geeks

There was a Fly By of USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea a while back where one little Russian Jet shut the entire destroyed down, remember?

The story you are telling is a lie - an entire group of Russian Jets flew by this destroyer and all Aegis Systems on the US ship shut down.

In fact - this has now happened several times - not just once - but again the Pentagon "Spokesman" lied. go figure?

How much has that cost the US Tax Payer and how many soldiers left after each and every incident?

We have been talking about the US Selling Military records around the world for money and as a result many US Military Members left and defected to China with our CIA. FBI, DOD Algorythms that allows Foreign Entities to break into our computers- do you recall?

Further - the Top Secret Wiring diagrams of our ships, planes, submarines and Off world Aircraft are sub contracted out to countries like China, Cambodia, Malaysia where security may be a problem?

Remember USC 18 - the Espionage Clause, Sec 793, 794, 796...?

All they have to do is fly over any US Ship and the ship ceases to function. In fact - this may be down by satellite.

Since the US Joint Chiefs of Cowards (Dempsey, etc) are cowards and traitors, Visualize, Pray, that the first set of Bombs that fall in this coming war hit the bases where these traitors live.

Now your US Air Force and Naval Planes  are experimenting with their own EMP devices in the mountains of Western Washington with EMP pulses strong enough to kill local folks in this area, not to mention the Birds, deer, bear, elk, etc?

Where else have you been testing these devices?

We know about Western China, Northern Russia, Hills of Kentucky, Northern Norway, Northern Canada, and under the waters of Southern California and in various places in the Middle East. where else US Joint chiefs of Staff Pigs?

Your Goal is to kill and test your EMP devices out on both Chinese and Russian Ships - a Tit For Tat game?

There will now be retribution against the US Corporation, and their leaders, for these murders they are now conducting in a large manner starting today, this very hours, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Ask yourself: General Dempsey has plenty of money, so whoy would he accept more money to sell out the military - one more Bon Bon?

Because he is Evil to the core.

Fascist Pigs like Dempsey, Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reed, Biden, the Rothchilds, the Brazinskis and Rockefellars, etc and their staffs, are Evil and Evil cannot be negotiated with - it simply must be rounded up and contained or terminated.

There is no other way.
I hope  the US Air force checked out all of the "Porcelain wiring" on all 3 Jets and seriously looked at the Compass on the currently downed Air force One replacements. Until then - but your pilots a hand held compass and consider Declination - not kidding US Air Force Ones.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Over 100,000 weapons - missing form one main base in central Asia ----------

US Navy testing EMP and Radiation Emitting devices over Western Washington:

Navy Environmental Plan  (Environmental Impact Statement) to sterilize the Olympic Penninsula: Murder is OK as long as it is in an Environmental Impact Statement - not kidding. I learned this when I wrote my first EIS 25 years ago.

PS - Putin, Medvedev, you are still being slowly poisoned. Sorry. US Dollars Talk, BS Walks.

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