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Friday, January 30, 2015

Will The Red Dragons Stop the Rothchilds?

If past actions are any indication of future events then the Red Dragon Family will do nothing to stop the coming economic downfall.

(((Please pray - visualize - that those destroying humans and this planet become violently sick when within 1 millions miles of the planet.)))

So why are they stepping up to the plate - do they want their gold back?

It is not about Gold or silver. These can be grown in a controlled environment. In the following article how Gold is grown is described in detail:

Wayback Water Explained - Dan Nelson - at Life Enthusiast

Further - Senator Jack Metcalf here in Washington learned how to grow gold back in 1961.

It is not about money or wealth. It is about creating Pain the demons can feed off of and creating a race of slaves to work for them.

So what must you do to prepare for this coming event.

Microsoft made it very clear today that their new $29 Smart Phone is not allowed allowed to be sold in the USA. Our economy is planned to tank.

The auto companies sell cars that get 300 MPG and they clearly state on the sticker: Not For Sale In The United States.

This economy is going down - how hard we hit is anyones guess.

Stock up on the essentials, which include 3 months of:

1) - Food.

a) Pack 50 pounds of rice in 2  - 5 gallon buckets and stir in some Diatamatious Earth to keep the bugs out. A 50 pound bag of Diatamatious Earth runs $30 and a 50 pound bag of rice costs about $20.

b) Some Balsamic Vinegar and salt for flavor.

c) Immusist - I keep 3 bottle on my shelves - 3 months worth.

d) Sea Weed. Dry sea weed stores very well.

e) Oregano Oil for rashes.

f) Uncle Harry's Breathing Oil if you have athesma, I keep 2 one ounce bottles on hand just in case.

2) Water - 1 gallon per day per person. Remember - you have a hot water tank. Turn the power off at the Panel and you have emergency water.

3) Toilet Paper - OK, we did a cute article about it shrinking - but keep allot on hand as life without it is rough.

4) Ammo. One pistol per person is fine, with extra rounds.

5) Heat. You live in a cold area have alternate heat. If your building is Gas Heated have a few electric heaters on hand. I have an electric furnace and I have a wood stove and a Mr Heater in case the electricity goes out.

6) Communications. Find a  way to get help if you need it. Maybe a bell, a battery powered radio - 2 tin cans with a string attached.  If an emergency happens find a way to band together with your neighbors if you need help.

In New Orleans the neighborhoods that patrolled their streets were not damaged by the Roving Gangs of by the DOD snipers. They went after easy targets.

If you live in an apartment and do not need your neighbors - block your front door. If you have windows like mine that slide open I went to Home Depot and they cut some "one by ones"  (Or one by twos) long enough for me to place behind my window so they could not be pried open.

When my Grandfather farmed these things just came naturally. Occasionally the road would wash out for weeks, or the power would go out and it might stay out for week on end. You had to make due.

The sun comes up, the sun goes down.

Just be ready.

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