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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Obama's Staff Is Loaded With Traitors

Obama's Staff is loaded with traitors and the Red Dragon Family has given them an ultimatum: Surrender or Die.

Their official response was to carry out a False Flag operation in Paris and spit in the eyes of the Red Dragon Family telling them to: "Go To Hell, You Do Not Have The Guts You Cowards."

The story just gets worse day by day ans the Alternate Media folks understand how fake the shooing was and and the TV watchers drool into their beers and say how horrible hte shooting was.

The only option for the BRIC Nations, and the Red Dragon Family, is to make good on their threats or go down in history as another John Kerry":" Do Not Cross This Line Or Else"

Either way - if the Rusians, Rothchoilds and Red Dragon Family continues to move forward there will be CAOS - GOD will not let either win until one side, or the other, does as GOD has directed, so HE has said it, so it shall be.


In a sign of his Traitorous Acts the President's Staff personally go involved in a trial of a US Second Lieutentant who shot at 3 men approaching his platoon in Afghanistan and was charged,, and convicted, of murder.

Apparently in 2012 Lt Clint Lorance of the 82nd Airborne was on routine patrols to protect the CIA Opium Fields there when he was warned over the radio by helicopter patrols to watch out for 3 Motorcycle Riders - they were the enemy and a threat..

Shortly this after 3 men on motorcycles headed straight towards them and he had his platoon open fire on them, killing 2 and wounding 1.

Rather than awarding him a commendation for his highly accurate assessment of the situation President Obama ordered him to go to jail for Murder. These actions make President Obama, and his staff, traitors in accordance with the United States Codes.

I spent a hour with a Marine who just got out and what you read here is very typical of the right now in Afghanistan.  This policy is part of the  "Rules of Engagement" the Obama Administration just signed while he was not in the White House.

May I remind you President Obama and your Gay Cowards in the White House: The Red Dragons do not like traitors and if this is true and you do not Pardon this 82nd Airborne LT, they will deal with you. You may be out of office soon. I am only a messenger but I can see the hand writing on the wall.



His Handlers are assigned by the Committee Of 300. They need to be contained or die.

(((Please pray - visualize - that the Committee of 300 is completely immobilized from this day forward and forever.)))

The real question is: Is there any general in these Chain of Command who is MAN enough to arrest these Traitors in the White House or is the US Military filled with Gay Drug Users that do not care?

Are there and MEN left in the Pentagon, is John Ashcroft another Wimpy Little Gay Boy like President Obama?

(((Pray (Visualize) that these Gay Cowards in the White House and Pentagon wish to kill and destroy become so violently sick they cannot stand up when within 1 million miles of Planet Earth)))

(((Pray (Visualize) that all those involved in prosecuting Lt Lorence become so violently sick they cannot even stand up until they reverse these false  charges and place him back on Active Duty)))

We are winning.

(((I also wish to pray that the Red Dragon Family, Putin's Handlers and the Rothchilds do as GOD has directed here on APFN or become so violently sick they can never stand again)))
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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