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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Red Dragon Leader Speaks at Davos, the War Is On

A few hours ago the Premier of China Li Keqiang, a representative of both the Red and Golden Dragon Families, spoke at the current Economic COnference in Davos, Switzerland. He was polite and gave a pretty standard speech proclaiming peace and economic prosperity in the future.

Behind closed doors he was also cordial and said very little - a credit to his Masters and Handlers. He is a good representative and can be trusted.

((Please pray that those hurting Planet Earth and Humans become violently sick while within 1 Million miles of the planet)))

Quietly and peacefully Li Keqiang left the stage.

What is happening behind the scenes is the US Economy is collapsing, as can be seen by the following stories:

1) Obama Proposes Tax on 529 College Savings Accounts

2) US Steel To Idle Two Oil, Gas Pipe Plants, laying off 756 .

3) Milgard Windows Business Slows and all of hte worlers were just laid off  - this came to me from an Employee.

4) 2,000 jobs threatened as United mulls outsourcing at US Airports.

5) Schulmberger to cut 9,000 jobs on Oil-Price plunge

6) Baker Hughes Inc, A Huge Oil Company, to lay off 7,000

7) Ebay to lay off 2,400 and could split from Paypal.

8) Macy's to close 14 stores this month

9) American Express to cut more than 4,000 jobs before year's end.

10 Sears filing for Bankruptcy

11) GMO Cows will be used to vaccinate humans against E-Boli

12) There is Blood On The street, Obama Economy In "Recovery"? Banks just cut 50,000 jobs. Bank revenues lowest in 8 decades - since Great Depression."

13) A Credit Card Manager just told me that Credit Card Use in in the toilet nation wide.

OK - Too Much Information.
It gets worse.

I am getting call after call from Military Veterans that are being targeting by the IRS for total destruction. Some are being jailed for IRS Debt, some are having their homes seized for no reason and one poor Retired Master Sergeant has a $253 Billion Dollar Bill from the IRS so they have seized everything he owns. Yup - $253 Billion and even his lawyer cannot find out why.



Either the Red Dragon Family will do as GOD has directed this very night of there will be a shooting war between the Family Heads and I promise you - the Rothchilds are vicious and Evil to the core.

My guess is that since these Red Dragons have been conquered for almost 300 years they will not act in accordance with GOD and choose death -and the smoking Section of Valhalah.

Major Ed Dames Remote Viewed into the future and talked about what he saw on Coast To Coast. He saw China as a Nuclear Induced Hole In The Ground.

What happens at this point is a choice by hte Red Dragon Elders. Will they do as GOD has directed them to do or fall into the Dust Bin of History.

OK - Enough

The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B Mount
Focus on how to protect your family and pray.

Good News: You can stay healthy during this mess pretty cheaply:

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