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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

US Corporation Continues To Push For WW3

These handlers who run those in the White House continue to push for World War 3 in every way they can possibly think of.

(((Please continue to focus - Pray - that those who wish to harm other humans or harm Planet Earth become violently sick for the rest of their lives while here on this planet.)))

These Cowardly War Mongers stand up and beat their chests and stamp their feet, all the while ordering US made weapons and cash into the hands of those who will do their dirty work.

These are the current ways this Depraved group of Perverts are forcing the world into a Nuclear Confrontation:
1) S & P Downgrades Russian Bonds to Junk Bonds.

Way back in August of 2009, just after Obama recklessly eliminated a budget, the S & P realized that the US Corporation was in trouble. You cannot withdraw $10 trillion every year form the US Treasury and only put $3 Trillion back - a practice that has continued since this time.  So the S & P downgraded long term US Corporate Bonds and Obama's Handlers went ballistic.

This would mean that Obama's Deficit is around $6.5 Trillion every year, or about $32.5 trillion since taking office, not $9 Trillion as the Wall Street Journal states. This $32.5 Trillion is not simply to help "Stabilize" the operation of the US Treasury. The currency is stashed all around the world to help start wars.

That's $32,500,000,000,000.

The Corporation of the S & P is now entirely run by the SS - Department of Homeland Security. Thus it has become a Weapon of War and the White House Handlers can taste WW3 they want it so badly.

So this week the US Corporation downgraded Russia's S & P rating to strike at their budget, as if the US Corporate seizing Russian Oligarchs Accounts was not enough.
2) It was discovered a few day ago that US Troops were found dead in the rubble of the Donetsk Airport the United States shelled with both Conventional and Nerve Gas Agents. I suppose a Train Wreck does not dispose of these deadly chemicals fast enough, now they  are openly shelling Russians and Ukrainians with these deadly chemicals for fun.

When a person goes into the military the VA is able to acquire their records. These records are then sold around the world for Grant Moneys.

When a Soldier then joins a US Corporate Killing Agency like Blackwater when they are killed their finger prints, DNA, SOcial Security Number, etc is available worldwide by any government that gives the VA a little chump change.

So when a NATO Uniformed Soldier is killed their US Dog Tags and DNA are used to identify htem and it is then matched with their current military record.

Thus when it is announced in Russia that US Service Men were in the Donetsk Region with US Made Weapons transporting them to Terrorist to kill Russians - it is a pretty good bet that it is true.

The White House Handlers allow this violation of the Espionage act to - of course - kill more Americans, especially those conducting Clandestine Operations. They have been sold out by the White House Handlers.

Since those in the White House are pretty stupid right now - allowing a drone to crash on the White House Lawn - the only possible way to stop this leak of Information and stop the killing of CIA Agents is to push my Legal Case through the Supreme Court ----- or, let more Black Water and CIA Agents die.
3) In order for PLAN C to be implemented we must have Nuclear War,. This plan would give the US DOD complete Control of everything in this nation - even the food in your pantry. It would be Adolf Hitlers Greatest Dream: Al unstoppable NAZI Pig Nation with "Permanent War."

Try HQ-66-19009, 19012, 19016, 19017, 19018
4) The US FBI apparently broke up a "Russian Spy Ring" in New York City. What they really did was arrest those who have assisted in stopping New York City from being nuked.

Of Course they were communicating with the SVR is Russia - Duh. How do you think htey were able to stop the last 50 Nuclear False Flags in America?

The VA sells military records around the world and you do nothing about this - a blatant violation of hte Espionage Act - so why arrest these Russians?

To stir up trouble that's why.

FBI - you are idiots.

These are the only people who can stop the Rockefellars from being nuked you simpletons. Do you not have the brains even of a moron?

FBI - are you suicidal or just plain stupid?

You take away the right to keep and bear arms so no one can stop these Terrorists and now you arrest the only people who can help stop this destruction of New York City?

You do not think Brazinski and the Rockefallars and Morgans are not going to go Ballistic when they find out you are trying to kill them?

Maybe these terrorists should divert their attention instead from the Rockefellar Center on 16 February to the FBI Headquarters, or maybe one of the air Shafts along the river near Langley?

Remember why you closed the Denver Airport - the old "Nuke Down The Airshaft Trick"?


If we have a Nuclear Terrorist Attack it will be because the FBI wanted one.

5) This one takes the Cake: President Putin is soon to visit Israel and the US Corporation is currently setting up his assassination using several folks in the CIA who they have promised the US Corporate Presidency to. Sound familiar George Bush Senior?

This time with a special weapon that can be concealed and cause a Heart Attack at 100 yards. Pretty sophisticated stuff, but pretty archaic as well.

Same O Same O. Same thing, different day.

Avoid Israel President Putin. If you go - be prepared. You have been warned.
On a personal Note: When the FBI put a family in my home and stole my money to print up Fake Bonds (Dumbest Thing They Ever Did) I investigated them as a Retired Federal Officer and when I stated what I stated above - I was understating their intelligence and desire for WW3. Their leaders are powerful and evil to the core yet dumb as a rock.

Their leaders wish this Nuclear War - for fun. It is a game to them and you are worthless pawn in their game. They openly publish things like Operation devolution just to scare you - for fun.

Pray - visualize - that the Corporation of Homeland Security needs to go away and is not replaced with any other entity to take their place.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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