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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Red Dragon Family Financial Plan For America

As it stand today the Red Dragon Family is simply going along with the Financial Plan for the United States today. I managed to pull out of a source working with the Secret Service that what we have said is going to happen to America is 100% correct.

(((Please pray - Visualize -  that those wishing to harm America and Planet Earth are made violently sick this very moment and remain so until they are out of this solar system)))
(((A)))So here is what will happen:

1) The New US Treasury "Shist" Dollar (See Jim Willie) is printed and has a date on the new bills of 2015.

2) The Treasury dollar is planned for release sometime after April, perhaps as far out as September. At first there will be a 1/1 trade in value, then 90/100, then 80/100, etc so trade them suckers in early.

3) From the start the Treasury Dollar will look strong but fall by over 80% in value as compared to other currencies within a year.

4) Rumors are wild about the revaluation about the Iraq Dollar.

5) As the dollar falls Gold and Silver will go up in proportion.

6) No Chip on your arm - no dollar exchange. Worship Lucifer or die.

7) The US economy will be allowed to collapse and KILLER WHEAT will be available to all that are chipped. Either you eat the GMO KILLER WHEAT or you die.

8) The US Economy will collapse and the New World Order Dollar will be issued to replace it. If you worship Lucifer in this New World Religion being preached by the United Nations you will be given food and not hauled off to the FEMA camps.

9) The Red Dragon Family Leaders are too calcified in the brain to stop this. Since they have not been smart enough to do as GOD has directed them to do then do not expect them to be smart enough to counter the Rothchilds/Frankfurt Banks/ Roman Pope. 

10) These Red Dragon Family Members will be slaughtered starting immediately. They have been in slavery to the West for 300 years now and will remain so. 

Many western Bankstas will also be slaughtered in this Covert War now going on. 

This will continue until the Red Dragon Family Enders ignore GOD's Requests: So HE has said it, so it shall be.
(((B)))  So here is the False Flag about to occur:

1) As you remember the Secret Service shot up VP Biden's House pretty good a few days ago thinking Obama was there - but Obama remained underground as he was instructed by GOD 3 months ago. He got pretty shaken when a man just walked into the White House ann into the room he was in - the man was Black, as are most of the shooters after Obama. 

2) The Next attempt will also be by a shooter on 17 February. 

3) The shooting  may be proceeded by the following events:

4) 15 Feb a Red "Bucket" containing a Nuclear Weapon will be detonated just Due South of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

5) An attempt ot detonate a Nuke outside the Rockeffellar Building in New York 16 Feb. The mayor was stupid enough to disarm the population so no one really has the power to stop these CIA Terrorists. Idiot New York Governor and NYC Mayor.

6) One outside the White House - but I do not see clearly where it will be placed simply becuase I live in hte wrong area. FBI - you stole my money - if I am wrong and one goes off - you and your little Freaky Feebies are to be blamed, although I do not think it will matter much when the US launched 65,000 Nukes simultaneously.

Chew on that for a while Red Dragon Grandfathers.

Please pray - visualize - that they eat Immusist and they begin to think clearly and do what they are called to do and eliminate those who wish to harm them. They really do have a good heart and need to wake up out of their long slumber.
(((C))) Who Killed The King of Saudia Arabia:

1) The king was a very old man, being born in 1925. He lived to the ripe old age of 90 and had several strokes before he died.

2) If he had done what we preach on "William Mount THE CURE FOR CANCER" on You Tube he would have lived another 100 years at least and his stroke damage would have been reversed within 3 months.

3)  Unfortunately a member of his own staff was feeding him a White Powder that assisted him in dying, and had been doing so for about 10 years.

4) The powder was provided by a member working for/with the CIA out of the US Embassy in their capitol and came through by Diplomatic Bag to the US Embassy and was picked up in the market weekly by one of the King's Food Buyers. The powder comes form some Snake and is widely used by CIA Snakes.

5) His Nightmares were horrible and he has chosen the Smoking Section of the after Death Experience.

6) His younger brother, who now rules, will be given the same food as his brother and begin to fall ill very soon due to  "Exhaustion" caused by the White Powder - which is completely undetectable by all testing standards available to the Saudi Family.
(((D))) The NEW GMO Cows Used To Breed The New Ebola Vaccinations:

The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Do your best to bugger this article up US Cyber Command - maybe no one will read it and you can have your Full Scale Nuclear War after all.

Bucket, Get the hint?

PS = Watch the Video 15 Year Old Malamute and you will realize we have exceeded the Red Dragon Anti-Aging Formula. 

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