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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hemp - The Crop Of The Future

There is a very strong and valid argument to start growing Hemp in America today.

((((Please pray - visualize - that the US Corporation goes away and is replaced with our Republic Immediately))))

Today there is a very strong argument to begin now only using existing crops of Hemp (Canibis Sativas) in America for industrial uses.

We are not talking about the Dope that make you a Dope - with THC components as high as 33%

We are discussing the original Hemp, averaging .5% THC

Here are the arguments in favor of this:

1) It would employ thousands of Americans.

Why should we in America be forced to buy foreign made Hemp rather than growing it here employing Americans.

Jobs that would be, if fully utilized, in excess of 50,000 directly invloved in hte trade.

2) The crop grows naturally and would not destroy the Ecology of the land.

When I lived in Kansas I noticed it grew every where as thick as Blackberries and over 7 feet tall. It is a weed that a farmer simply must tolerate.

3) It comes back over and over again - thus avoiding the need for replanting.

4) Hemp os a Pioneer Plant - It is easy to grow no marginal land - thus allowing farmers to grow crops in areas that other crops will not grow.

5) Hemp can be made into all sorts of products, such as:
    a) Cloth, almost equal in quality to cotton.
    b) Animal Feed - containing a complete animal protein for cattle, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats.
    c) Paper - being of superior quality than many woods and not needing as much bleaching in the process.
    d) Oil for running auto,mobiles.
    e) Rope.
     f) Thousands of other uses.

6) Obstacles to legalizing Hemp today:

The biggest obstacle to legalizing Hemp for commercial use comes form both the CIA and FBI.

The CIA imports illegal drugs and funds it's Black Ops Programs (Murders, political pay-ofs, and Underground Base Construction) with the profits and the FBI runs Fusion Centers to sell the drugs all across America.

If the CIA and FBI leadership was not so stupid they would realize that growing large Hemp Fields (.5% THC) across America would cross breed (Cross Pollinate) with the Illegal Hemp (10-22% THC) and make them worthless to the local illegal Dope Buyers.

 In fact - is these Brain Dead FBI and CIA Directors really had any brains they would get the US Corporation to not only to pay to genetically modify Hemp to have no THC (HEMPTY) they would plant these crops all across America.

No locally grown Hemp means more income for the CIA and  FBI, more dead America's and more money for the Sandanista Drug Lords (Obama Allies) in Mexico, and more rifle and pistol sale to the Mexican Drug Lords by US Corporate Attorney General Eric Holder.

FBI - think about it. You would not have to send in FBI Snipers into China to kill Chinese Soldiers - you could pay off Chinese to kill Chinese soldiers.

CIA - rather than trying to kill Putin by small bribes to key people in the "third tier" under his Russian DOD, you could pay off key leaders to do the killing themselves.

Vodka and Caviar for every one.
Let the Declaration of Independence stand on it's own merits - it was written on paper made of Hemp ---- outlawed by the English Owned US Corporation.

Please pray - visualize - that the US Corporation is abandoned and our Republic returns.

A message to Chinese and Japanese Intelligence: When I see Immusist and Kelp being used in Chinese and Japanese hospitals in mass quantities then I will know you tell the truth. Until then - all you say to me is pure garbage and you only passify me with your talk.

English: You Lie,
Japanese:  "Uso Tsuku, "
Chinese: "Luangtong."
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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