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Friday, May 23, 2014

Almost All American's Have Parasites - Here is the Cure

Almost all American's have been exposed to Parasites and a new study shows that about 80% of American's tested clearly have parasites in their stool.

(((((Pray (Visualize) that your minds is opened by GOD.)))))

What that means is that you feel tired, worn out, and eat and drink coffee to stay awake throughout the day.

Sound Familiar?

Who cares how you got the parasites. Just look up at the Chemical Trails being created by the 60th Air WIng out of Fairchild Air Force Base. There are other Air Wings around the world doing this. The NEW USAF Refuelers are now fitted with Chemical Sprayers --- look around.

The point is - you have them.

The idea is to CURE Parasite infections - which means--- create an environment whereby your body heals itself.

So what are your options?

1) Ed Skilling's Photon Genius. This puppy will boost your immune system so the parasites go away.

His Machine is the Best Rife Technology you can buy.

Costs start at $3,500 and sun up to $16,000 for their premier machine.

Every Doctor's Office should have one.They would get allot of repeat customers.

 "Fish On."
2) Drink Bitter Wormwood Tea - Artemesia Annua. Use about 1 Teaspoon a day for a month and then back off to only 4-5 days a week.

This tea is used all over the world for parasites except the US, Canada, and England.

I mix this tea with Burdoch Root, Marshmallow and Dandy Lyon Root to help my kidneys and Liver Lobes and help clean my blood stream.

Like everything we use here at my house - - - start with small amounts and work up. Some folks have so many parasites I have seen people get very sick with a large cup of this tea.

Cost here is about $50 per year.

Many people take the Bitter Wood in tablets -- but start slow or you will spend weeks on yotr back like I did after I got Malaria and tried this in a tablet form.

Since I started eating IMMUSIT I have not had much Bittier Wormwood Tea.

Regular Tea reduces balding - yup, the Bad Testosterone is reduced by 70-90% using Green Tea Daily and thus reduces balding so I drink Green Tea - occasionally with the Bitter Wood in it.
3) Go to the doctor and destroy you r liver lobes and kidneys form Flagil and dozens of other drugs they will give you. Every time to retake another batch you will do more and more damage to your insides.

Cost here to go to your doctor is huge, considering the side effects of the drugs they will give you.
4) Baking Soda. There are folks who swear by this - eat one teaspoon of Baking Soda per day and all diseases go away.

Ever since I have been using Baking Soda (WIthout ALuminum) in by brushing my face has begun to clear up, my Geographic Tongue has gone away, my gums are no longer receding and my overall mouth health has improved allot.

Cost here is a few dollars.
4) IMMUSIST. We see children as young as 2 years old using 3 drops of Immusist per day kicking out parasites in their stool - allot of parasites.

A $100 bottle of Immusist at 5 drops a day will last almost a year.
The News YOU are not supposed to see.

Dr William B. Mount

▶ 80% of Americans Are Infected With Common Parasite That Causes Death, and Are Completely Unaware! - YouTube

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