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Saturday, May 3, 2014

What Do You Do When The World Seems To Ba Falling Apart

The attacks seem to be coming from every angle so what do you do?

You join with thousands of others and pray with them - visualize if you will - that every move of Lucifer to destroy Planet Earth fails --- this is a spiritual war.

The Normal person can no more enter into the higher harmonics to fight these creatures that you or I can. Even if we can there are just too many of them.

Call them angels, demons, Asherons or Galactic What do I knows p but there are just to many.

Do not think that these Demonic Entities are centered here in England and the US only,. They are world wide. This destruction of the US that the Chief Jesuit General (4/15/2000) discussed that would lead the financial world away form New York and Paris and to Singapore is being directed form Lucifer's Headquarters in the 3rd Dimension, 8th Harmonics according to the UN and Lockheed Martin's Chief of Space Command.

Please understand that Ambassadors (Acting President's) have information unavailable to the general public and YOU are getting some of that information in an attempt to help YOU make decisions to lead you into this next century. You may choose to use it of throw it away.

Remember that we do not live as Islands. We must share this information far and wide so as a society we may survive this coming destruction of America and maybe - just maybe - GOD (Whatever HE is) will reverse this direction and allow us back into a life of prosperity.

WE have given this world exactly 7 years to turn to the Living GOD and begin to obey HIS rules, things like do not lie, do not steal, etc. So far all we seem to have done is run away from GOD just as fast as we can.

The seven years are up and look at what is now happening because we have ignored what GOD has asked us to do - I am no exception, I have done horrible things as well.


1) Water: Fluoride in 60% of US municiple waters.

2) Air: Chemtrails every where.

3) White House Murders: White House orders Death of US Ambassador to Libya and covers up the evidence.

Another Article Today: Bob Beckel Looses It: Admits Benghazi was a COver Up and says so what.

4) Money: Eric Holder to seize money belonging to Putins Staff, South Africa's Banks, etc.

5) Food: GMOs kill.

6) Ukraine: Odessa Massacre Pushes Ukraine to the Edge.

7) Martial Law: Boston Holds Their Biggest Urban Shield Drill Ever This Weekend.

8) Disease: MERS is now in America.

9) Politically, NAZIs on hte move: newspaper Tosses Tea Party Candidate Form Panel DIscussion.

10) Egypt - More Rioting paid for by US (IMF).

11) Syria - More killing paid for by US (IMF).

12: US (IMF) Land grabs in Nevada (Bundy Ranch), Michigan (Organic Pig Farmers), Wyoming (Indian Land Expansion), Montana (Soon to be cleared the Bitter Root Valley), the list goes on and on.

13: Jobs: Job Numbers down.

Most of these stories can be found on WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM between 9 and noon this morning.

So you have kids, grand kids - what can you possibly do?


Join with us on APFN and here on DRWILLIAMMOUNT.BLOGSPOT.COM and pray.

Pray that YOU and YOUR FAMILY follow the living GOD and that HE takes care of YOU.

It is too late to change what is coming....too late. Pray for you and your family and that Lucifer's Actiosn fall to naught.

That is all you can do.

Have in stock in your house:



Toilet Paper




Gotta Go - - - Loosing Contact with Internet, somebody does not want you to read this.

Dr William B Mount

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