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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Cure For Autism Update 14

Here is another case of parents who absolutely refuse to admit their child has arrested development and is therefor Autistic.

Please pray with me - really visualize - that parents all across the world read this and take steps to reverse theuir child's Autism.

Autism: Disorder where a person has a difficult time relating to others and has a limited language ability.

Case 14: Two Military  parents with three children.

As in all cases of military children all of the children have had severe health issues. The first two were Preemies and hte last had severe heart problems.

The first two children (12, 10) were able to work out hteir health problems although some clumsyness still remains. This is likely to be worked out through sports activities and both children have adjusted well since they school on a military base with children with similar stories.

The third child (5, Male) was born with severe heart problems and was not expected to live. After a series of operations his health is on the mend.Unfortunately he cannot yet speak.

The 5 year old has entered school with the inability to speak ---- here is where it gets strange. The Military doctors say this is normal and he may, or may not, speak and this arrested development is related to his heart operation..

According to the dictionary this is a classic symptom defined as: Autism.

Either way -- hundreds of of other children of similar age and condition have been walked out of this condition through the change of diet.

Here are the changes needed to rverse these diisabilities:

1) Eliminate Wheat, Dairy, Canola Oil, MSG, and Propylene Glycol.

2) Begin eating Sea Weed - .1 Oz per person per day.

3) Use 15 drops of Immusist per day. A $100 dollar bottle will last around 100 days.


I have spoken to mothers all over the country and they have tired Mud Baths, Special Lotions, Drugs of all sorts, Cold Laser Treatments, Kengan Water, Making the body Basic (Great Idea).

All of these things are really good - but none of them reverse Autism and in no cases have they been shown to help the body regrow damaged brain cells.

Your body is the only thing that can heal itself - we just create an environment where it can heal itself. 

The parents are not stupid - the Husband is retired military and currently getting a degree and has a job offer when his degree is completed, which should be done in about 2 years.

The wife is in the reserves and is also working on a degree while taking care of the children. She also has a job offer when she is done with her degree, which should be done in about 4 years.

Yet not only can they not admit their third child has arrested development they also cannot get themselves to try products that can help heal their child.


They trust the doctors and Big Pharma.

America - out Ignorant Arrogance is what is destroying htis nation.

We are nor being destroyed by the Archons, the Demons, Lucifer, the Ananauki - we are being detroyed by ourselves.

How many of us were too afraid to whare the APFN The Cure For Cancer Update 4 with our neighbor who has cancer of heart disease?

We have ceeded our nations wealth over to Big Pharma and Lawyers out of our own stubbornness.

A bottle of EDTA last a year and cost what - $18?

A Bottle of Immusist is $100 and - at 15 drops per day lasts- 3 months. Many folks use 5 drops per day and then it lasts almost 10 months and they see great results in all sorts of diseases.

A one pound bad of Kelp from the internet -  which contains almost the same surfactants and Immusis (Only at a very low dose) runs what- $30 and adds huge benefits to you and your family?

Yet instead we go to hte doctor to take a pill.

Unbelievable, yet true.

It is we who are destroying America, we who let these ideas of using Drugs into our homes, we who are spending our money to support Big Pharma, and we who have not made this story go viral.

We have not given the FULL MEASURE and now our nation is on the verge of economic collapse and starting Word War 3.

I only hope, and pray, we get our heads out of our own rear ends and wake up before the nukes fly.
For You Intel Geeks:
Next expected False Flag: 15 May Chicago, New York,  - and Obama should cancel his trip to the Far East on this date.
Tell Hague to cancel transporting the nuke into the South Eastern Area of Ukraine near Donetsk near Petrovs'kyi District and detonating it in 12 days (H+288). Everyone will know that, although it is a Dirty Nuke, it came form the US Arsenal.

You Idiots are dimantleing the old Davy Crocket Nukes for Terrorism False Flags - how ingenious Secretary of Defense. Your mind leaks when you get tired/drinking. Cool.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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