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Friday, May 9, 2014

When Heart Disease Comes Home

For many of you this story will ring true and touch off a series of emotional responses any where form really happy to very angry so bear with me.

Last night at about 6PM I got a frantic call room a very good friend (66 years old) : "Help, I just hit 4 cars. I blacked out and my Pace Maker went off while I was driving."

((((Please pray - Visualize - that you really read this, understand it, and apply it to your own life.))))

We had been running a detox clinic earlier that day where folks come over and we make coffee, let them use the ION CLEANSE machine and a Sauna and we all use about 50 drops Immusist and some Iodine (No charge to anyone, all free) and then we have a great old time. Allot of times I go out, get some eggs, and I cook breakfast. Today we had Gluten Free Pizza for lunch. We live life to the fullest.

When we got the call we immediately left the fun we were having to go to the scene of the Accident. Our Friend (We will call him Jack) was already in the ambulence and as a credit to the Tacoma Police Department the accident was already cleared and no one was hurt. In fact - he had just scraped the fenders of 4 cars and we drove his brand new BMW home.

After 4 hours in the emergency room (I fed him well) he was released to go home. Jack has been banned from driving or using the Kitchen (Happy Wife) for 6 months, and he is not allowed to drive his 40 foot boat any more either - she is a Bute....

His wife (Jackie, 62 years old) had been given a series of Blood Thinners and Anti depressants (LSD Derivative) and had  thrown them all away two days ago and was coming down off of a year long "Trip" so she was in no condition to drive. She made the decision to live and began using Immusist and Iodine and Vitamin about 6 months ago.

We will be over at their house allot this week I suppose - but that's OK. Friends do not abandon friends when they get sick.

What you are reading is very typical for those reaching up into their 60s. One decides to live, one listens to the doctors and dies very quickly.

The sad part is that by the time the medical community gets done with you your memory is shot, you can barely get out of bed, you are broke and when you die either the lawyers or doctors get very dime you have ever saved and the wide is left destitute and either moves into a rest home, lives with the kids, or moves into Public Housing.

Sound Familiar?

Every friend I have that is over 60 years old has had Open Heart Surgery and most of them now display symptoms of cancer. They also have a protruding GMO Wheat Belly - no chest, just big gut caused by an allergic reaction to the New Wheat.

Every friend I have over 60 who does not do what we do is retired because they can not remember anything. They display early stages of Alzheimers and I totally expect them to be drooling into a bag sitting in a wheel chair in about 10 years.

Do you really want to end up this way, a burden to your family?

Those that do as we do get better very fast.
So what do we do:

Do not eat:

1) Wheat
2) Dairy
3) Canola Oil
4) GMO Corn or Soy
5) MSG
6) Propylene Glycol - found in most Salad Dressings, it's a cattle fatner.
7) No Artificial Sweetner - especially not Aspertane - only organic Cane Sugar  and Zylatol as a sweetner - it hardens your teeth..

We Eat:
1) At least 5 drops of Immusist per day
2) A $1 pack of sea weed for your family every day
3) Buy an Ion Cleanse for $140 and use it weekly - you will need a new coil every month.
4) I would begin using EDTA once a week, no more. Begin with about 250 Mg every Saturday, and slowly we have upped it to 1,000Mg every Saturday.
5) I also put Cinnamon on my coffee every morning - it helps me allot.
6) I use Eden Foods Bifa 15 as a probiotic once a month. There are others and we ue them but start with this one as it is only $15-$20.

All of this you can but at a local health food store - even a great probiotic - except Immusist so here is the web link.

Guys -  do not be like Jack - when he dies it will destroy his wife. We will spend years picking up the pieces, arguing with lawyers, screaming at hospitals, going to a funeral ----- choose to live.

When you are retired and over 60 your life should be fun - shopping, eating new foods (Like Gluten Free French Bread), traveling to the beach, going to Pearl Harbor and seeing Wikiki.

Life should be fun after 60 - but once you have had Open Heart Surgery it can be a nightmare.

Choose to live and have fun.

You either pay to eat right or pay the doctor. One is fun and the other is horrible.

Turn off the TV and live, I mean really live.


It's Your Choice - do it before they outlaw these products and bring this insane desire for WW3 home.

You Heard This First here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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