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Sunday, October 25, 2015

HAARP Arrays All Around Us Controlling Us?

Are there really Antenna Arrays all around us that can control the weather?

Can they really control the weather, our emotions, and change the way we think?

There are 6 HAARP (High Frequency Actual Auroral Research Program) Antenna Arrays around the world and tens of thousands of smaller antennas tied into the CIA HQ in Langley.

There are also tens of thousands of antenna arrays that can be used to do anything from Weather Modifications to to controlling the emotions of an entire population in any are or even to control the emotions of an Individual.

For Example: The Mass Hysteria we saw after the Fake Furgeson Missouri Shooting (10 Aug 2015) was completely HAARP driven through smaller antennas and through Antenna GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network)  Units and like we showed earlier the CIA Actors were there to stir up trouble and one of them made it to the front cover of the Wall Street Journal.

((If you watch closely there are not that many Trained CIA Actors from Pima Arizona and they show up at every Government Planned Shooting, Riot, Etc. ))

Ever wonder why every one is angry while driving on certain days?

The HAARP Antenna Arrays.

Ever wonder why everyone feels so tired other days?

The HAARP Antenna Arrays.

Ever wonder why a seemingly normal person can "SNAP"?

The HAARP Arrays can can send out  YOUR DNA Frequencies and send carrier waves along with it to make you do almost anything.

Current uses may further include DNA modification of both plants and animals - including Humans.

Watch the video to learn how to recognize these arrays so as to avoid them.

VIDEO0295 - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

GWEN Towers - Total Control

What Is HAARP? - How It Looks And Sounds!


  1. Does that make 100 channels? Or just 1.

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